Last Friday until FRIDAY THE 13TH

Fans around the world, today is the final friday before the restart of what has become the most legendary horror series ever. There are some of you who remember it when it all began, some of you who were born in the middle of the saga, and there are some of you who were born in the generation where the first films released after you were born were Jason X and Freddy vs Jason.

We all have our fond memories of the series. I remember back in my grade school days that I used to dress up as Jason nearly every year. There are many memories that the original series brought us. We all remember the most silliest things, and we remember every kill.

Friday the 13th: The one that started it all. This film helped paved the way for newcomer Kevin Bacon to become a mainstream star. This film introduced the series’ legendary setting, Camp Crystal Lake. What was supposed to be a stand alone film, ignited a phenomenon that would last forever. The birth of Jason Voorhees.

Friday the 13th part 2: With the conclusion of the first film, fans enjoyed the film and wanted another sequel. The thought of Jason Voorhees being alive was a theory that produced many scenarios. We were brought back to Crystal Lake 5 years after the previous films events. We learned more about Jason through campfire stories and urban legends, only to find out that he was only a legend in the making.

Friday the 13th part 3: The film that continued the story that Jason was now the killer. We were treated with 3-D effects in this entry. We experienced every kill scene as if it were actually happening to the audience. We saw a new style of characters. Everything from bikers to a pregnant camper, and to a goofy prankster. This film gave birth to Jason Voorhees prized trademark, the hockey mask!

Friday the 13th part 4: The final chapter: This film, like others to follow, was supposed to conclude the series. The film introduced future stars such as Corey Feldman and Crispin Glover. In this installment, the darkest side of Jason was explored. We seen the introduction of twins in the series. The ending proved to be a key factor in the next two films, and marked the last on-screen appearance of human-Jason.

Friday the 13th 5: A new beginning: The film that left many fans disappointed. This film was supposed to follow in a newer direction. Except for a few hallucinations and a flashback sequence, we were treated with an imposter Jason, born from the vengeance of the father of a homicide victim. The ending left many fans wondering if Jason was truly dead after all!!

Friday the 13th 6 Jason Lives: The long anticipated return of Jason Voorhees. We were introduced to the newly resurrected zombie Jason. Jason returns to a newer generation of kids. We are treated with a soundtrack made exclusively for the film by Alice Cooper. There are new kills, and dialogue. This film gave to fans, what they felt was taken from them in the previous film.

Friday the 13th part 7 The new blood: This film gave Jason a distinct portrayer in Kane Hodder. We were introduced to an even darker side of Jason. His appearance now even more distorted than ever. We also saw a theoretical ‘Jason vs Carrie’ plotline.

Friday the 13th part 8 Jason takes Manhattan: Once again, we are given another chance to see our favorite slasher, Jason Voorhees on the killin’ again…or should I say, the cruisin!!

We see for the very first time, Jason in a whole new setting. We see newer killings and whole new people. Instead of campers, we are treated to high school seniors on a trip, and hoodlums in New York. This film remains a favorite amongst fans.

Jason goes to hell The final friday: This film opens a cliff hanger that is still to this day, not understood by some fans. We see the unexplained return of Jason Voorhees, plus the unordinary early demise. We are taken back to Crystal Lake and introduced to Jason’s family, and home. We learn more revelations about his character, and are left with another cliff hanger of a ending.

Jason X: The long and very much anticipated sequel. The ending of the previous film left fans wondering about a possible confrontation with another cinema slasher, Freddy Krueger. Instead, we are yet again left with another unexplained sequel. Instead of having a normal present day Camp Crystal Lake setting, we are shuffled 400 years into the future with Jason slashing up space explorers. We are also introduced to another version of Jason in this film, the upgraded Uber Jason. We are left with an ending that gives the impression that there would be a follow up…but there wasn’t.

Freddy vs Jason: The long-awaited showdown ten years in the making was finally here. We saw the short-lived return of Pamela Voorhees, and a flashback to the young Jason. We seen two horror film icons finally battle it out, only to be left in total confusion. This film took Jasons character to a more softer level. We seen a fearful side of Jason, and what happens when you let Ronni Yu make a Jason movie. I don’t know about you guys, but this wasn’t the kind of showdown I expected. This film was like one more Scooby-Doo adventure.

Friday the 13th (2009): In one week, we will be reintroduced to the most terrifying spectres in American horror cinema. The name that has become a household name, will finally be heard once again. Everything that we have known, will reminded to us in a whole new fashion. We will re-witness the carnage. We will see Jason walking past cadillac escilades, and we will witness the retelling of his story. What we thought was the end, was the reinvention…of a legend.

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Hardcore fan of horror films. I show interest mainly in the slasher genre of horror. Among my favorites are Friday the 13th, of course! I also enjoy the Sleepaway Camp movies, Halloween, and many others

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  1. I discovered Friday the 13th around 1989/1990 when Cinemax had shown 4 and 5 back to back on a Friday the 13th. I had that on tape and watched them many times. I eventually caught the others on those good old USA Network and TNT marathons. They were edited, but it was fun. Always looked forward to Friday the 13th as a kid, checking the calender for the next one and then checking the TV listings in the paper. When the DVD’s came out, I finally bought official copies of the films, except 7 and 8, cause I found out about the box set before getting them. I sold my 1-6 singles and got the box set when it came out. I then got the the New Line films as well. I got the 1-3 deluxe editions (the picture quality alone sold me…no debates here please), and I plan to get 4-8. Guess I’m a sucker.

  2. I remember the USA network back in the day and the ads for the movies on that channel! :-) That was back when the USA network was actually cool! :-)

  3. the first time I saw Friday the 13th was around 85, my brother rented it, I was banned from the living room because I was too young. I snuck in and sat in the doorway, seeing Alice trying to get the gun cabinet open, and screaming her ass off, then my brother saw me, and made me leave. Fast forward to 93, USA would show part 7 and 8 over and over, on up all night, I watched them everytime. Then came TNT saturday nitro, part 1-6 all night, thank god for video stores, I hunted each film down and spent my teen years watching them. The series has been a huge part of my life, as a kid I was obsessed with the hockey mask, still am. It’s still there, I feel so happy I found this site, because people have told me so manny times that loving these films is sick and that I am not mentally stable. Two years ago, I met my wife, she had never seen any of the films, so we bonded through Jason and Mrs Vorheese, and are both now hardcore fans.

  4. I think I was about ten or eleven years old when I first watched a Friday the 13th movie. It was PartII on the USA channel, but at that time there weren’t DVDs and VHS of the movies weren’t found anywhere here in my country (Brazil). But four years ago I finnaly found the first film of the serie in a shop near my house and bought it, and after that I bought the others parts, but I couldn’t find parts 7 or 8 on DVD because Paramount Brazil didn’t release them here.

  5. And since that day (when I bought and watched Part 1): Jason has always been the monster under my bed! =) =) ( I think I read this phrase somewhere on the web, but i can’t remember where)

  6. I was born in 1982, the year Friday the 13th Part 2 was released. I witnessed Friday the 13th at a young and tender age of 7 and fell in love with the franchise ever since. I was both hooked and terrified when I watched Friday the 13th part 3, that was one of the most terrifying and yet my most favorite Friday the 13th movie. I then saw the sequels and the original and fell in love once more with the stories that were presented to me. At school I would draw pictures of Jason killing people, yet I would show no one my drawings. I even went ahead and made foil hockey masks, and foil action figures of Jason, I didn’t have any access to paint or anything otherwise I would have painted the figures. I even drew my own version of Friday the 13th comic strips featuring Jason killing yet more people. Then I began writing short stories about my favorite hockey mask wearing slasher. I was a devoted fan who was able to see Friday the 13th Part 8 Jason takes Manhattan on the big screen for the very first time with my father. I was young back then and I remember it clearly, that was one hell of a child hood that I actually enjoyed. I always wanted to own a Friday the 13th action figure to put on my shelf, yet I do not have any because my budget is tight, I can only afford to buy His Name was Jason, buy the shirts and then buy the ticket to see the reimaging of my favorite slasher. Plus the new Friday the 13th remake figure costs an arm and a leg over at Hot Topic, close to twenty bucks. A little bit expensive. I know the 18″ Jason action figure from Part 7 costs close to fifty bucks. So that’s my little story of how I grew up on Friday the 13th and became a hardcore fan of Jason Voorhees and his beloved mother Pamela Voorhees and all of the victims that Jason had slaughtered in the film series.

  7. I remember when the original came out, though I was too young to see it in theaters. I remember my babysitter telling us all about it. I remember Siskel & Ebert (in the SNEAK PREVIEWS days) reviewing and railing against it. I remember hearing about what a runaway hit it was. I remember ads for the sadly forgotten SILENT SCREAM promising that that film was “Scarier than ‘Friday the 13th’” It wasn’t until a couple years later, when the film finally played on network TV, that I was able to watch it. I haven’t been the same since.

    I saw Part 2 on TV as well, then chickened out of seeing Part 3 (which held a special terror for me, after many a night staying up late and seeing the absolutely horrifying commercials) on cable. I would eventually see Part 3 on VHS, but only after seeing Part 4 in theaters on opening night. After weeks of hearing how “Friday, April 13th is Jason’s unlucky day!”, there was no way my dad was going to get out of taking my sisters and I to see THE FINAL CHAPTER. I even carved a tombstone for Jason out of sandstone in art class that week! Not only did that movie cement my status as a die-hard F13 fan for life, but it holds a special place in my heart for being the final film I saw with my dad before he passed away.

    I couldn’t see Part 5 in theaters, but I remember seeing it on the marquee of the local drive-in and wishing like crazy that I was a couple years older. Then came Part 6, with the Alice Cooper song and video and the Simon Hawke novelization. By the time Part 7 hit theaters, I was so addicted that I can remember running home from school (rocking out to Poison’s DON’T NEED NOTHIN’ BUT A GOOD TIME!) on opening day so I could get ready to go to the theater. The crowd on that opening night was absolutely wild. They literally stood up and cheered for the sleeping bag kill.

    Saw Part 8 in D.C., and it remains the only time I’ve ever left a F13 film disappointed. JGTH was a blast on opening night… especially after seeing the Cinemafantastique shots of the tent kill a couple weeks before the release date! Saw JASON X four times in theaters, and FVJ five times.

    It’s been a wild ride so far, and it’s just about to start up again. I thank God for this remake, because F13 films are part of who I am. This isn’t a remake or a reimagining; it’s a reunion, with a near and dear old friend who I have sorely missed. Welcome back, Jason!

  8. For those on the East coast (do you remember the Channel 11 “SHOCKtober”? That was aired Early Early 1990’s?) I watched them regularly on there-I can’t recollect my very 1st time and there are too many good memories to post-Just know I have always believed in Jason voorhees! (He is MY superhero)

  9. Just wanted to share with everyone that I sent an email in last week for the screening in Charlotte NC for Monday, 2/9. Today I got 8 tickets in the mail! The sad thing about it is that Charlotte is about 6 hours away from me and none of my friends are willing to go with me (and my wife HATES horror movies, and can no way miss work on Monday). I guess I will be making the trek alone.

    Pics of my tickets are linked below:

  10. I was born in 1979, a year before the Friday the 13th series was born. My first movie that introduced me to the series was part 6, I couldnt sleep one night, turned on the local channel on my TV, and watched that movie in the dark alone. I then went to the local video store, and even watched the movies when they were on USA!!!!!!! I then purchased every one and watched them back to back. I remember my younger brothers wanting to see part 8, and remember seeing the trailer when I was in the third grade for part 7. I also remember being excited for Jason Goes to Hell, only to be really disappointed in the movie. It seemed that every movie after part 8 sucked, including Freddy vs. Jason, which I agree was VERY Scooby Doo-like. I am so excited for this reboot, although I was skeptical at first, the trailers alone have erased those concerns. I cant wait till next week!!!

  11. Off-topic a bit but MTV has a “review” of the new film up at

    “Spoilers” are limited to number of deaths, drug scenes, and nudity/sex scenes. (I’m not liking the info about how many deaths are the result of one particular weapon.)

  12. I was born in 1985 & introduced to Friday the 13th from my older brother. We spent so many Friday nights watching endless Friday the 13th sequels. By the time I was 8 years old (true story) I had become a novice; seeing all the first 8 Fridays numerous times.

    I still remember seeing the trailer for Jason Goes To Hell in 1993 (again I was 8 at the time & by that time a veteran of the series) wishing my brother & I were old enough to go to the theater to see it, cuz god Knows our parents wouldn’t take us to see it!

    Anyways my brother (13 at the time) scored us some tickets & there I was watching Jason Goes To Hell in ‘93 at the theatre at the age of 8!

    People think that it was sickening for a young 8 year old boy to see that kind of movie in the theater at that young of an age, but I am so proud whenever I tell that story!!!!!!!!!!

    In 6 days I will proudly walk into a theater to celebrate a day that I thought would never happen: The Remake to my FAVORITE MOVIE IN HISTORY!!!!!!!!!


  13. I exactly exist in the 80’s, so I did get to see the films in the glory days, but I’ve been a big fan for over five years, thanks to my mom.
    But now, I will finally be able to witness the resurrection of a legend, and I get to be a part of history.
    In officially one week, Camp Blood is open and Jason means business.

  14. This movie will be vry successful. I predict a #1 box office slot, which is rare for Horror films. For those of us born in the 70\’s and grew up in the 80\’s this is our 80\’s Jason the killing machine in the 21st Century. Sorry Uber Jason.

  15. What do you guys think of this :

    pretty cool, huh?

  16. In my honest opinion, I think that this film will do much better than Rob Zombie’s Halloween remake from 2024. The Friday the 13th series has always been the most popular horror film series in my eyes. There is no horror series that is as long as Friday the 13th. There are 12 films (including Freddy Vs Jason).

    If Platinum Dunes plan to do a sequel or not depends on the box office performance. I hope so, because Rob Zombie is planning on coming out with a sequel to Halloween, H2.

  17. My introduction to Friday the 13th came when they started showing Part 2 on HBO in the early 80’s. I was about 8 years old then, and I was hooked. The first one I saw in the theater was Part 4 with my sister, which is still today one of the most awesome movie going experiences I ever had. When Jason’s mask was lopped off and they show his face, the whole theater went nuts! Part 4 holds a special place in my heart, and is my favorite of the series.

    My parents divorced when I was very young, and I lived with my dad, who wouldn’t let me watch anything that was rated R. Fortunately, my mom would though, so I’d get to catch the newest Friday films when I’d go and visit her. In fact, she would get really annoyed because every time we went to the video store, the only thing I wanted to rent was Friday the 13th :)

    I actually saw Part 8 in the theater before I had a chance to see 7, and a couple of kids in the front row got me up to speed on what had happened in Part 7 before the mmovie started :) Since then, I have seen all the subsequent Fridays in the theater.

    Now I am in my mid-30’s and have pretty much lost interest in the horror genre (torture porn just isn’t my thing), but I sitll love the Friday films! I have the ‘Ultimate’ box set on DVD, and I found out a couple of days ago that they just re-released the first 3.

    I’ll be at the theater opening night this Friday!

  18. eXile,

    I didn’t find the numbers regarding a certain killing implement that disturbing, really. After all, there are a lot of ways you can use said implement to maim, dismember, and otherwise mutilate a nubile teenage body. Plus, if things are broken up accordingly, with said implement not used for several consecutive murders, there will still be plenty of variety.

    In all, I thought that article (it can hardly be called a “review”) was pretty encouraging. The phrase “sexier, druggier, less-gimmicky reinvention” alone seems to back up most of the promises made by Brad Fuller and company in interviews, blogs, etc. Combined with all the trailers, TV spots, B-roll footage, etc. this article gives me hope that what we’ll see in six days will be a genuine, old school FRIDAY THE 13TH film.

  19. YES! im gonna burst into tears of happiness
    im seeing it the minute it comes out!

  20. I’d be joining those who were born when jason x and freddy vs jason were the newer movies. But i had picked up on the films when i was really young. Seen the first 9 by the time i was 10. loved them ever since. Im a 17year old hardcore fan, i mean im talking i want jason inked on my skin.

    and these last 6 days of waiting for a film ive been waiting on for nearly 3 years. i got a question to ask myself after i leave the theater next friday. Was it worth the wait?

  21. Well thats the million dollar question, is it worth the wait ?

    It could be like Return to Sleepaway Camp, get made and then take 6 years to release, and by the time it gets released, the burnout has already settled in.

  22. I remember goin to see 7 & 8 in the theatre and tryin to remember how many victims there were as the movie went along. This is going to be the longest week ever.

  23. Hey, if ya’ll want a chance to win the new Deluxe Edition’s of the first rhee films, then sign up at, and go to the new contest and make a post telling them about your favorite instalment of the series and why, they’ll pick the best one before the up coming Friday the 13th date.

    I signed up as Captain_Brandon once again, and made my post on this page:

  24. i watched my first 13th when there was a marathon and i remember like right before commercials Jason running a race track and he cut of a man arm lol good times

  25. i just got free advance screening tickets for tommorrow (tuesday) !!!

    fucking awesome i’ll let you guys know the good news!

  26. I was born before the whole thing started ..hehe. I’ve seen the whole series though, whether it was in the theatre or on VHS. I think the first one I saw in the cinema is maybe Part 3.

    I just saw 1 and 2 again earlier this week on FearNet. Parts 3-8 is coming on HDnet Movies on Friday starting at 9:30pm if anybody has the channel.

    The only ones I didn’t like was 5, 8, 9, and 10. They just weren’t that great to me.

    It would be great if they brought back Kane Hodder for the new one. I hope that the new Jason, Derek Mears (I think that’s his name), does do well.

    Also, I saw the F13 documentary, “His name was Jason”, over the weekend. I really enjoyed it. If you haven’t seen it, I would recommend renting it or downloading it before Friday. One idea that was mentioned in it was a reunion of the survivors from the old films against Jason. That would be great.. if it ever happens.

  27. I just found this after my last post..

    It’s a pretty cool viral. You put your name and email and then the name and email of the person its going to see. You see a vidoe of a girl being killed by Jason. Then, a message comes up .. (friend’s name), your nexxt.

  28. In the winter of 1998, I watched a movie called ‘Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers’. And I loved it. As a 12 year old does, I became obssessed with the franchise.

    After a year of exploring the Michael Myers mythos, I decided that I needed to explore another slasher staple: Jason Voorhees. So, at the age of 13(how suitable) I begged my mother to buy me a Friday th 13th movie. After many “we’ll see”s and other teases, she eventually bought me ‘Jason Takes Manhattan’(it had the coolest boxart) on VHS. And a new love affair began. Slowly but surely, my collection built: videos, dvds, action figure, t-shirts and even a snowglobe. My Jason collection swiftly overtook my Halloween collection.

    Now, at the age of 23, after seeing two Jason movies on the cinema(X and Freddy Vs), I am very excited to be part of the rebirth of a movie legend.

  29. In the fall of 82 or 83 i was 13 (ha) years old. I watched a totally butcher Friday the 13 on cable t.v. and it freaked me out. I loved the way my heart raced during the last act with Alice and Pamela. Then to top it all off, behind our house there was a bridge that had iced over and a few cars crashed. My father saw the flashing lights and said “let’s go see”.To get there we went thru our backyard and about 200 yards of small forest.My head was on a swivel the whole time waiting for Pamela to strike. I have been hooked every since and even had parts 1 thru 7 on BETA! Taking my teenagers on Friday so they can have cool memories too! Friday Fans Rock!!

  30. Door to the Dead, Friday Feb 13th, 10pm on TruTV

    Hey everyone - so I know this is a little off of the Friday the 13th vein, but there’s this new show airing on True that looks cool. I just watched the trailer. Check it out!

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