Friday Sequel Shooting Now – WTF?

tim_sylviaFormer UFC heavyweight champion “Maine-iac” Tim Sylvia is currently in Boston playing horror film icon Jason Vorhees in the yet-to-be-titled “Friday the 13th” sequel, has confirmed with a source close to the fighter.

…Sylvia is one of the actors standing-in as the hockey mask-mugged serial killer in the movie franchise began in 1980 and spanning 12 volumes.

While filming in Boston, Sylvia is training at Sityodtong USA.

What the!? This is the first I’ve heard of FRIDAY THE 13TH 2 filming. It’s quite possible they could be confusing it with another slasher. Platinum Dunes are tied up with A NIGHTMARE ON ELM ST currently. But anyway, do you think he’d make a good Jason? Sylvia is 6′8 and weighs 260. What do you think?


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120 Responses to “ Friday Sequel Shooting Now – WTF? ”

  1. Wow. He has to go around with those tribal tatts for the rest of his life.

    This has to be wrong.

  2. Wow, I thought mears was good, why did they ditch him?… oh well. I can give this guy a chance.

  3. No frickin way!! I think you’re right, Dusk. I know I was just reading about an MMA fighter playing a killer in a movie, but not Jason. I need to find that story and I bet it’s Sylvia.

  4. I have no idea… But off topic, I lost five hundred bucks on that Sylvia/Arlovski fight. Sylvia’s not that good a fighter. I know damn well that Arlovski took a dive. And if I ever run into Arlovski or Dana White, I’ll fuckin’ shoot em’ on general principle.

  5. On Sylvia’s blog at his official website he does mention he is in Boston right now and that he is town until the 11th and then leaving to go to a fight. He doesn’t mention anything about filming a movie, though.


  7. Even though the remake sucked, I thought Mears did a pretty good job… But then again, the old Fridays had a different actor playing Jason each time, which worked out great. Maybe they should start doin’ it that way again.

  8. But I know one thing for sure, they need to hire different writers!

  9. YES AND A DIFFERENT director

  10. And a different fan website! Err, wait..

  11. All bullshit aside, does anyone really think the writers of FVJ and the remake, did a good job? Hell, I could’ve wrote a better movie than those two fuck ups.

  12. Rob Zombie would’ve done a way better job. While I didn’t care much for his Halloween remake, it was alot better than the Friday one. At least Zombie’s remake seemed realistic.

  13. This is not fact and until it is i wouldnt worry, nispel is not returning as director which is fact and thats good, i think we are stuck with the same writers and thats bad, i think this guy could play jason so thats not a big deal to me what bothers me is, there rushing into it to quick, they need to sit down and do a good movie id rather wait 2 yrs then have some crap thrown at me.

  14. Who will be dirrect this movie?

  15. Maybe this is supposed to be the Halloween 3 that has already been greenlit? Zombie’s gone, and it was announced they are releasing a 3D one next year…

    Halloween 3?

  16. I was going to say, the guy who played Mikey in Zombies 1 and 2 was about the same size wasn\’t he?

  17. This is retarded!! He is a goofy fat douchebag. I’m pissed if this is true. I loved the remake. I will not see this.

  18. I really don’t know what to say but, i wanna say horrible things. This will kill the franchise almost as bad as part 9.

  19. if they keep on the same writing team they will most likely bring in samuel bayer for part 2 wich is pretty damn rad! I say hang nispel up by his toes! and not just because of his attention span regarding the direction he took the remake but for all of his other massacres as well!
    I like bayers work and am actually quite pumped for the nightmre flick due out in april.
    I imagine it will turn out as a mistake with the mma fighter, I just doubt that news that big would get by everyone who runs this site, they seem to be pretty much on the ball for all the current news!

  20. what do they mean ’standing in’? Like, Jason is the same but the actors are all different? Or that he’s a double for another actor? he will probably most resemble the paint ball jason. I guess that’s fine. i don’t so much care who plays jason. I just don’t want jason living in some “mineshaft” ala TCM II. Although that was a theme park tunnel, but you know what i mean. Rip off. And I don’t like all this jason has a personality sh*t. Bring back the pimpin hunchback from part 3 with a nice wind dried set of duds.

  21. I agree with Dave, the remake sucked. They really should hire new writers. Shannon and Swift are talentless hacks. The characters in the remake weren’t believable at all. Rob Zombie would do a much, much better job than those two losers. His remake was dark and the characters were realistic. While the one’s from the new Friday were just horror stereotypes. The characters in the older friday films came off like real people… The only thing wrong with Zombie’s Halloween, was that he spent too much time on the Michael back story and the end was too similar to the original. If you haven’t seen Friday the 13th (2009), don’t read my next sentence… “Say hi to mommy in hell”, I can’t believe they actually wrote that line into the movie. How lame is that? In real, life and death situations, people don’t come off with quick smart-ass comments. Remember Part 2, when Ginny was so scared that she pissed her self, that was realistic. In real life, people would react like Ginny from Part 2 or Chris from Part 3. Not some Rambo-like character, that some people would like to think they’re like. And not to sound mean (or racist, as liberals would say), the casting of the black and asian guys, killed the realism as well. In the real world, the vast majority of people’s group of friends are not racially balanced. That’d be like a group made up of teens and senior citizens… IMO, the only way the sequel has a chance of turning out good, is if they hire all new people and take a completely different direction from what they did last time.

  22. Bring back Joe Zito!

  23. Ashley, I couldn’t have said it better my self.

  24. There are alot of MMA fighters who are starting to act in movies. Liddell’s been in a few. And I think Arlovski is supposed to be in the new Universal Soldier, with Van Damme and Lundgren. So the Sylvia/Jason rumor is possible. Not sure how I feel about it though.

  25. This can’t be true, it has to be a mistake. I hate Tim Sylvia, this will ruin the whole Friday the 13th franchise. It would disgrace everything.

  26. I’m calling bullshit on this one! Last I heard, the next film was still in the discussion stages. It hadn’t even been officially greenlit. It is HIGHLY unlikely that it is already filming.

  27. Ashley

    I’m liberal leaning, but i don’t think that’s racist at all. I agree. The reboot seemed like it was made from a checklist and not from someone’s imagination. Even the “logo” looked like a windows vista icon with a little bit of “grunge” put on it (also a very trendy overused look). But guess what? The movie made money. That’s what the movie industry is these days. If all the friday fans go to see it and hate it, and a bunch of regular folks go to it and think it’s ok, then- to the studio -that’s a lot better than just the friday fans seeing it and loving it.

    Also, I don’t understand people being mad that a certain person plays Jason. it makes no difference. I thought Kane Hodder was great in 7, but was he so great in 8, when John Beuchler wasn’t doing the effects? What aspect of Derek Mears’ performance made his Jason good? It’s just a large guy in a mask to me.

  28. this is going to be part 13. i hope they do something special

  29. What happened to Kane Hodder. By everything Ive read he loved playing the jason role and really got into character. He also started a couple things that became Jason trademark characteristics. Is he totally out of the picture now? The man got kill tatooed on the inside of his lip. I think he deserves the part..

  30. I honestly think that this will turn out not to be true.

  31. i live in boston (well west roxbury) but the main boston is a friggin city it better not be like part 8 ok. so if they r goinbg to shoot there what the hell is going to be the plot????????!!!!!!!!!!??!?!?!?!?!.

  32. I think this news will turn out to be fake. Think about it: Every single guy that has ever been casted as Jason – except the young Jasons & Dick Wieand as unmasked Roy – have been professional and experienced stuntmen. A strong physique alone won’t do.

  33. bullshit. this is probably hallowwen 3

  34. I don’t think this is accurate.

  35. WHOPPERS.!!!!

  36. I doubt this is true. I’d like to see Mears back as Jason, Kane would be even better! They already green lit a Halloween 3?! I just saw pt.2 last weekend!! *Caution Spoiler Alert* How the hell is Myers coming back?!



    Its a different movie that has nothing to do with Friday the 13th

  39. It’s probably just a rumor, but I don’t think it matters that much anyway. As for how Jason turns out, it’s mostly about the make up effects. Who the director and writers are is more important to how the movie turns out. But I do hope they do a better job of casting the teens in the sequel. Like a few people before me said, the one’s from the remake were lousy and not very believable or likeable.

  40. I think or at least hope it’s a rumor. I ran into Derek at the Monster Mania convention in NJ a few weeks back & asked him what was going on. He said they want to do a sequel but nothing official cause of the Elm St thing. The movie sucked a lot but Derek is such a great guy and he loves talking to the fans- much like Kane. I hope he comes back. I’d hate to see him get screwed like Kane did. The movie being shitty wasnt his fault.
    I’m also so disappointed Halloween is beating Friday the 13th to the 3D. I was hoping since 3D is having such a huge comeback they’d make another “Friday” movie in 3D. The original is one of my faves of the series. Maybe they’ll be a copycat & do it anyway. I won’t mind. But I agree w/everyone. Different writers & director. The person who said bring Joe Zito back is dead on. I’d love to see him direct another one. I love Miner’s & Zito’s Fridays. It’s funny though how much Miner sucks outside of the Friday series. H20 was terrible.

  41. I hated Halloween H20. It’s still, hard to believe that Miner directed it.

  42. ok ppl its a rumor does any one follow mma?well ido cuz im involved in martial arts.tim sylvia is not the new jason.he was actualy the stunt double for tyler mane in halloween 2,and possibly halloween 3d.check sherdog for references i found out thru a blog thread earlier, so rest easythat his acting career is jinx by dipshit story stealin zombie wannabe horror director.h2 sucked and for rob who bashed friday films why the shit did he steal the i dea of a ghostly or not mama pushing a big serial killer to kill he totaly ripped friday with the whole mama told me to kill thing fuck rob zombie and the rest of the movie didnt make sense,thats why they dropped him from the 3rd movie due out next year,check the official website for halloween flix,and hopefuly the real micheal myers will stand up

  43. oops iwas wrong that part about tim doubling for tyler was a fake ass rumor to

  44. I just hope the sequel turns out better than the remake did.

  45. Everyone,
    What is up with bashing the new movie. Everyone makes it sound like it was the worst film of the year. I have to disagree. Does everyone really want more PG-13 remakes of Japanese horror. The new movie had all of the classic elements of the original movies and everyone agrees that Derek kicked ass as Jason. Yea, nothing is going to fit perfectly the way it use to as the original movies were made over 20 years ago.

    I would just enjoy what we have. I know that some fans feel spited by the new movie and everyone definitely has their opinion, which I resepct. So, in saying that I had to give my take as well.

  46. I think it might actually have been the worst film of the year… The Halloween remake was a hell of alot better. They should get Zombie to do the sequel.

  47. The Ring (which was PG-13), was better than Friday The 13th 2009.

  48. jasonsfurys talkin the truth guys. of course were not gonna get the nostaligia we felt from the classics, but theyre doin the best with the new movies. things have changed they gotta make a movie that will sell, and were not all diehards that are buying these tix. dereks jason was pretty fu*ckin brutal so at least take the good with the bad. props to the ppl that run this site keep up the good work this is the only place i know that gives me every f13 detail i need

  49. The movie it’s self, is not what sales. It’s the previews that sale the movie… So that’s no excuse for them to make a shitty movie. Hell, I could’ve made a better movie than that shit.

  50. Sorry guys, but I gotta side with Glenn on this. IMO, the remake was pretty bad. And “nostaligia” isn’t the reason I didn’t like it. I’m only 16. I like parts 1-4 and 6. Part 7 was ok, the rest I just don’t care for.

  51. I liked the remake! I thought it was a pretty good story besides the weed growing in Jasons back yard! Mears did a great job. I just don’t see Halloween 3D being too good. It will probably be like when Halloween 4 & 5 were released back to back years. Anyways Fridays a better series than Halloween PERIOD!

  52. And I agree with jasonsfury.

  53. The remake flat out sucked… Only the die-hard fans liked it, people who like all of the films in the series.

  54. Hey fellow horror fans! I recently purchased from a studio auction: the two main vans used in Halloween 2. I have the white coroners van that is seen in the first couple mins of the movie; the one that they wheel Michael Myers’ body into on the way to the morgue. I also bought the black “shaggin wagon” seen halfway through the movie. I am going to be listing them on ebay in a week or so but thought I would give “real” horror fans first notice. If ur seriously interested email me. [email protected]

  55. So Peter, I mean Holly, I mean Glenn, I mean S. Wade. Sorry I know it gets confusing when you have to switch names when you’re posting. This stuff gets tiring after awhile. We’ve been through this before haven’t we? See, everybody this person posts this stuff on our website to bait other people into arguments. For some reason they really enjoy it. So, please guy do us a favor and give it up.

    If you want to visit, please do so and enjoy our conversations and contribute your thoughts. But if you are here to just bash these movies and fight with people, then please don’t waste our time. Consider this a warning, spamming = banning. Thank you.

    Edit: I should use a more appropriate term, which is trolling or I guess flaming could also be used in your case.

  56. jasonsfury, I didn’t post under any different names. If you want to ban me, then go ahead. Oh, and how did I spam the website?

  57. jasonsfury, I’m still here… You accused me of things I did NOT do, a response would be appreciated.

  58. Thanks, abkelly. I am glad that you enjoy your visits to the website! Your thanks is appreciated! :)

  59. jasonsfury, I’m not trying to pick a fight with you. I just want to know why you’re accusing me of spamming, trolling, flaming etc…

  60. jasonsfury, let’s ban all those names/i.p. EXCEPT for Peter. If he wasn’t those identities he should have absolutely no problem posting after we do that.

  61. I only posted under ONE name.

  62. I agree, Dusk. He should have no problem then.

  63. I am more excited about the 30 yr reunion than a new Friday movie (even though I really liked the remake)! I just can’t wait to meet all the actors from the movies! Kevin Bacon is even in the works of showing up and pitofhorror is saying chances a great for him to show! It’s also will be cool to meet the true fans and here their thoughts on the movies!

  64. Can one of you at least tell me, why you think I’m posting under names?

  65. All I did, was post ONE comment saying that I think the remake sucked. And I’m automatically responsible for ALL of the comments… So, I guess it’s ok to “contribute your thoughts” as long as they don’t disagree with the opinions of the people who run the website.

  66. Listen, “Peter”. I gave you a warning. You are continuing to prove my point. Let it go now. We know all about you. Trust me.

  67. the remake was fine. i’m psyched to show it my friends who aren’t die hard like me since it has crossover potential. the intro in b&w was genius and the women are hot– i like willa ford personally. my gf liked it a lot more than others i’ve shown, so at least there’s a friday i can throw on with her around.

    my point is that all the Jasons are good. if a guy couldn’t cut it they would’ve axed him, like warrington. give this Tim Sylvia guy a chance! even though this is probably some hoax. a lot have mentioned a great thing about the series is there’s a different take each time. the lack of continuity is a good thing. because the story sure ain’t changin

  68. I won’t even entertain the thought that this is anything other than a b.s. rumor.

  69. Wow I thought everybody like H20!

    And Steve Miner’s Wonder Years episodes are great!

    I was kind of hoping that the rumors about him getting Halloween 3D were true.

    Rob Zombie (who Im no big fan of) did a much better job of writing than the two guys who did the remake (cant remember their names and dont want to) I don’t even like to watch interviews with those guys. They seem smug. Anyway, the Zombie Halloween’s arent bad at all compared to most of the sequels.

    I’d take Miner back for the new part 2. Zito, Mclaughin, any of them. I know you guys mostly hate part 9, but I liked Marcus. I though he did a nice job.

    I’d also like Kane or Derek back for this one. I’d skip out on this guy in the pic.

    Needless to say, Im just thrilled we’re getting a part 2.

  70. crystallakehiker09,
    I’m a fan of Jason Goes To Hell, so I know what you mean.

  71. By the way,

    Brave defense of the remake by those who came to its aid.

    It wasn’t bad at all.

    We got to go see a new Friday in theatres! How bad can that really ever be?

    Month later we’re still talking about it.

    As long as there making them, in my opinion, its a win for all of us.

  72. yikes,

    month should be months

    and there in the last sentence should be they’re


  73. IM HAPPY for a remake but it was not that good it had like 2 good parts i realy a bug fan of 2,3,4,5 I was like 8 when i saw 4 i was like wow that dude was creepy this new movie was mtv jason sorry..ZITO back might be good but it has to be some one who knows how to make a friday the 13th movie the right way…and GOD IF THE LET ME you guys would love the movie id make you shit your shorts hahahaahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PART 3 is the way id base the movie to be like that jason and 4 looks and all ! over and out…..and im glade this site is up i do love it read it every day!..;)

  74. sorry i should spell check lol

  75. As soon I saw this page, I knew it would be fake. No way in hell would they go with this idea. And some think Zombie is a better writer than Shannon & Swift? Are you frickin’ kidding me?!? If Zombie better, why does Halloween 2 got more negative reactions from many than the remake? And why does he add more swearing every seconds than S&S? Exactly.

    And if some fans think they can write better than them too, why they’re not in the Hollywood business? I love to see them trying writing a 151 pages script & make it better, but I doubt it. But I enjoy the remake & Mears was one of the reason. He must return!! ;)

  76. H20 sucked. The Mask suck and the movie was Scream 2 1/2. I really hope Miner doesn’t get H3.

  77. Fuller Talks F13 Sequel

    IGN chats with the producer about the next Jason movie.

    by Christopher Monfette

    June 15, 2009 – IGN recently took a nice, relaxing trip to Elm Street to meet with Freddy Krueger himself — more on that in the coming weeks — and in the process was able to chat up Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th producers Brad Fuller and Andrew Form to discuss the future of the Friday franchise.

    “There’s a nice date coming up next summer that we hope everyone can see another Friday the 13th on,” said Form.”

    When pressed on the status of a script, Fuller replied, “Yes, with Shannon Swift. So, for 2009, I think that it’s this and the sequel to Friday the 13th and then beyond that, I don’t know.”

    Then came the question: “Is it possible that we may see a Friday film in the snow?”

    Fuller smiled, turning, asking, “How’d you hear that?” and after a moment responded, “You know, we were having a blast on the set; we want to have fun. We also want to bring things [audiences] haven’t seen before and one of the things that they haven’t seen before is Jason in the snow.”

    When asked about the recent trend toward 3-D, and the singular 3-D Friday film in the franchise, Fuller was a little less confident. “It’s certainly been talked about. The financial ramifications of doing a movie in 3-D on a budget that size, because it’s not like they’re going to say to us, ‘Yeah, well, why don’t you make a sequel and here’s twice as much money.’ It doesn’t go that way. Our movies are virtually all the exact same budget and I guarantee you if we make that movie it’ll be the same budget as the original. And we’ll say, ‘Hey, do you want to do it in 3-D?’ And they’ll say, ‘Yeah, let’s talk about it.’ And then when they see that it’s six or seven million dollars more they’ll probably opt out unless something that we are not expecting happens. I suspect it will not be in 3-D, although we’d love to make a 3-D horror movie. We’d love to do it; they just don’t throw that money our way.”

    Fuller wrapped the conversation with a note of caution, saying, “Here’s the other problem, we don’t have a release date, we don’t have a green-lit movie. Let me be very clear… Friday the 13th Part 2, we don’t have a script, it’s not green-lit, and we have no idea what’s going to happen. If it gets green-lit and we’re able to mount it in a reasonable amount of time, we would hope the movie would open on August 13, 2010.”

    And it will take place in the snow?

    Fuller laughed, shaking his head.

    “No, I can tell you this, the movie itself will not take place in the snow. I don’t want to sit in Winnipeg with him for two months in the snow. We did that once, I don’t want to do it again.”

  78. Bloody Disgusting on F13 Sequel


    Officially Announced

    Shortly after the closing of the remakes opening weekend, Platinum Dunes Producer Brad Fuller announced that there would most certainly be a sequel to their remake of Friday the 13th.

    “First of all, you can bet your ass that we want to do a sequel”

    -Brad Fuller

    Unlike the sophomore efforts of other franchises, the new “Friday” is expected to be not a sequel so much as a follow-up, those familiar with the project say,” reorts Risky Business Blog “Jason Voorhees will be the villain, of course, but the new picture is expected to use elements of the original franchise more as a jumping-off point than as a template.

    The reason? The reboot drew from the first four pictures in the “Friday” series, and producers are said not to be keen on the plot elements of the half-dozen movies that followed. And Marcus Nispel, who directed the latest film, is a possible but unlikely candidate to helm the “Friday” follow-up; the director is believed to be fielding offers for movies across other genres.”

    UPDATE A recent interview over at Hitfix with Forum and Fuller revealed that they are looking to release a sequel in August of 2010.

    The project is still not green lit but the script is also not done either (via shannon and swift). They did entertain rumors about a possible winter setting, but that is only because everything about the movie is still open. One rumored laid to rest for now is the possibility of 3D. Unless they are granted a larger budget, they would not pursue that avenue.

    They also did mention that they received some backlash over the quality of kills and that it would be a focus point of improvement in the sequel. I’m hoping they follow through as I did find myself becoming board with the kills in the theatrical release.

    There is a lot of room for improvement for the next installment. Let’s hope they can make all the right decisions in order to do so. (cough…lose the jacket!…cough)

    Friday the 13th Part 2
    Production: Platinum Dunes Brad Fuller and Andrew Forum
    Writers: Damian Shannon and Mark Swift
    Starring: Derek Mears (Jason)
    Release: August 13th, 2010 (Est)

  79. Friday the 13th – Part 2 (2010) Movie Interview – SDCC 09: Producer Update

    Important News Link Below!

  80. The last 3 post above especially the video sure clarrified everything! Thanks!!!! :)

  81. Thanks Jomo for posting all of the above info, even the ones with diffrent names than yours. :)

  82. They need to give Jason the classic look from Parts 3 & 4. They’re giving Freddy the classic look, why does everybody feel the need to give Jason their own little spin. Just give him the vintage look. Not to mention the classic score better be in this movie. That is one of the biggest complaints I & many others had. But yet Fuller never touches on that subject. Which tells me they’ll use Jablonsky & his boring score(Or lack there of)

  83. well i hope its true

  84. If Rob Zombie has anything to do with this. it’s doomed.

  85. HEY GUYS!!! It may be true IDK but it’s the leading story right now on yahoo!,187398

  86. please,please ,,,,,,,,i hope someone highup reads this,it wont be right without DEREK MEARS

  87. He IS shooting a horror movie in Boston. It’s 100 percent NOT Friday The 13th.

  88. Ok a couple things. They didnt change the people who played jason every movie. I dont know how many there were but Kane Hodder played him like 5 or 6 times. I dont know why in the world it was necissary to use a different guy in the “remake” or whatever it was. The dude wasnt bad but Hodder was awesome as jason and would have been better. The “remake” in my opinion was not very inspired. It was more about making money offf the name than anything. I wish someone who was a real fan of the series would take hold of it if they are going to try n revive it. I will say one thing for the new one. That chic had stupendous boobies. Gotta give the movie at least one extra star for those hooters.

  89. phew, that’s a relief. just looking at that guy’s picture makes me puke in my mouth a little. wrestlers are more cut out for comedy or action, never slashers…for example, look at the rock’s movies and then look at kane’s “see no evil.”

    it has to be mears. he’s the one thing the fans pretty much unanimously agree was good about the reboot.

    james, hodder played him 4 times…prior to that it was someone different every time. i think they want to get back to keeping it consistent, but they needed someone that resembled human jason a little more, and hodder has gotten way too beefy, especially in the neck.

    i’m okay with mears taking over, though i wish they had kept hodder for FvJ, being that he was jason the entire time that showdown was being rumored.

  90. OMG…I hope this is just a bunch of crap. The actor who played Jason in the 2009 re-boot was awesome. Lets hope this big UFC ape stays away from the Friday 2 set.

  91. First of all id like to say that rob zombie should not direct a another remake of anything ever again because he destroys anything he touches, so for the people who want zombie to be a part of a friday film ARE YOU FREAKING CRAZY as far as steve miner directing that would be fine with me h20 was the only good halloween sequel after part 3 season of the witch which didnt have myers but was a great film h20 was the true sequel to the original part 2 in my opinion, i thought the friday remake was good the dvd version was better then the theatrical and they should have kept the decapitation scene in the remake the original way jason got his mask the only thing i didnt like was the tunnel and jason keeping hostages other then that it was a fine movie, i am very intrested in the sequel cause it will be the first friday thats got a new story since jason x and thats something i cant wait to see, if rob zombie comes aboard i will be absolutly pissed beyond belief and will cry.

  92. You know what’s great about this thread, I post in a lot of different blogs and guys like Peter are all the same. Other posters fall right into the trap. I hope he gets banned.

    As for the remake I thought it was great with only one major major major major compliant.. Where the hell was the chichi ka ka’s? WTF! That was the most disappointing thing in the whole movie. I can deal with the newer music put into the movie, but you can’t just leave the chi chi ka ka’s out. That should have never happened.

  93. CraZRalph, comparing Jason’s classic clothes look to Freddy is like comparing apple to orange. Freddy always has the same sweater look, while Jason always change clothes in all of his films. None are classic as you try to compare to Freddy which is silly. Beside, isn’t the hockey mask look very much like part 3 vintage enough to you? As long he has the old & dirty looking clothes, it should be fine. It not like part 3 & 4 in the remake, but it kinda close. :)

    james41079, actually they did change every actors as Jason before Kane came along. And don’t bring up that “true fan” crap. If that your way of trying to tell you’re a true fan there, then how come you’re incorrect on how many times Kane play Jason? Sound like you’re more of a Kane’s fan than a true Jason’s fan with saying he play the role 5 or 6 times, when it was actually 4. Also, you said it was all about money. That funny, but that what movies is all about: making money!! Oh, Kane being in the remake wouldn’t make the movie better because he would have to follow what he is being told. I don’t know how one guy who just wear a mask can make a movie better, when he can’t.

  94. NW I disagree with this statement: “I don’t know how one guy who just wear a mask can make a movie better, when he can’t.”

    I would say that Rich Brooker def made Friday Part 3 way better. He is one of my favs and honestly I don’t think I could have envisioned a better Jason for part 3. I guess I don’t have concrete proof to back it up other than it was scary as shit and still creeps me out to this day. To me his Jason was the best portrayal of Jason.

    And Kane did make each of his movies better. The famous head tilt was perfect, each kill more brutally preformed. Jason X, not a fan fav around here, had some of the best kill scenes in the series. Preformed by Kane. If they were preformed by lets say Ken, they might have been just as good. But I went to see Jason X due to Kane’s portrayal of Jason. He made those movies better cause he had the passion and felt like it was an honor to play Jason. He took it too the next level and left his legacy on the series.

    I understand the point you were making about the poster thinking he is”such a big fan” and a “true fan”, but to say nobody wearing a mask has made a movie better, well that’s just plan silly dude.

  95. NW,

    I do agree with the clothes statement. I don’t agree with changing clothes as much as they did and to never get an explaination on it sucks. We were to just assume that he upgraded or whatnot maybe through people he killed. I dunno. Freddy’s classic look was the same no comparision. You can’t do it.

    On topic, what is everyones fav look and least fav? It would be awesome to get a poll on this Tony, Jasonfury, Dusk.

    Off topic, Tony, JF, or dusk have you guys thought about expanding just a little to where posters could post related feelings on things like which outfit was cooler, for example. I know that goes back to the old thread days but I am Jonesin to start some very good discussions with some of the posters here. It would be awesome to start a thread by myself with an attached poll on what outfilt, for example, the majority here likes. Think about it cause it gets hard to post in one thread like this one which where we started we are no longer discussing. we have moved on to, for example, discussing other stuff like if one guy can make a movie better wearing a mask.

  96. i’m with crazralph on the clothes. jason wore the same clothes in 3, 4, 6, 7 & 8. granted they look a little different in 6-8, but we see him rise from his grave (dirt or water) each time, so we’re not supposed to think he’s changing them. they just become black & shredded from all the dirt and decay.

    i agree the look of 3 & 4 is his classic look & should be preserved. i’m not a fan of the open jacket…probably because it started with FvJ, which got every other aspect of jason wrong along with it.

  97. YOU KNOW if it is true then we could be getting a PART 3 jason with
    Tim Sylvia playing him I know it might be fake and half of you don’t like it but most of you like the jason ,In part3 and Tim Sylvia kinda has his body type of part3 chunky, big, retarted, look just picture him in the part3 in the new movie running through doors and crashing through windows SCARY AGAIN whooooo hoooo maby he can pull it off grapling and throwing bitches around im down with it if the make him more scary..and the killes have to be more gore i saw The Final Destnation 3D today it kinda sucked but it was rated R like jason and had soo much more gore and sick kills come on kill bill should direct it what do you guys think i want to know as a fan im 31 i been watching jason sens 6 and comming back for more jet me know where im at!! shotz10???????!! thanks

  98. Wow. I actually think he would do ok because he has that odd lanky stance like older Jasons do. I mean most of the time I can look at the picture of any person that played Jason and have a hard time imagining it being that person. So it’s fair to say that looks have nothing to do with the Jason outcome so I’m willing to give him his fair chance, plus switching them up is what made it so good in the past.

    I didn’t hate Derrick but he was almost like a Ninja Jason and I would like to see something different next time. Hell I’ll go see it if Obama was behind the mask so whats the point of getting upset right? I’m just glad after two decades they are still making the movies!



  99. I’d be pissed if Mears got screwed out of his contract. You people talk alot of shit about the remake like it really is the worst movie ever but that’s because you think of the originals so highly. No one outside of us would see Friday the 13th Part 12 because they probably haven’t seen the past 11. It fits as a sequel and the writers have said it fits right in as one. They essentially just named F13 and retooled the story a bit, nothing more, nothing less. Don’t beleive me? Go watch 30 Years of Jason and then try to tell me otherwise.

  100. People who are naming Mr zombie….stop….the man hates Jason Voorhees and the Friday the 13th movies he has made this publicly known…The famous pic of him spitting on Jason’s mask from the set of Halloween.

    So ya keep platinum dunes and derek and go with new director….

    and since i am a 32 year old fan of the franchise….Man people just like to hate the new movie lol it was great especially the killer cut…It was a great friday movie face it revisit pt 8,9,10,5 this was way way way better and you all know it

  101. Just wanted to add I did enjoy Marcus as director.
    I think the music is what everyone is really mad about that they did not use Henri(that i agree with)

  102. BTW I agree completely Ghastly.
    well said

  103. i agree too…i think some people really are impossible to please. i’m overly critical of every slasher flick, but despite my complaints about the reboot, it works for me. i’m not impossible. it’s the first good entry in a very long time & unlike zombie’s halloween, this is a path they can continue down for many sequels and make some really great shit. …as long as this fucking wrestler has nothing to do with it.

  104. JJ,
    A forum would be a good idea ……


  106. I liked the re-make. Didn’t love it, but liked it. One of the better F13 films. Certainly better than the last 3 or 4.

    Halloween 3D sounds great, as does Steve Miner possibly directing. H20 was not perfect, but it was one of the best sequels.

    If not Miner, then how about Patrick Lussier?. He knows horror, and he worked in 3D.


    ITS OFFICIAL BULLCRAP! confirmed by bloody disgusting & Brad Fuller himself

  108. Someone should update this shit before everyone starts to believe it.

  109. Tom,
    I appreciate your enthusiasm for wanting to debunk this silly rumour. That being said, do you really think posting 100 lines of Derek Mears = Jason Voorhees is necessary? Trust me everyone should know by now it is crap. And if they don’t know yet, they will know soon enough. I am a little surprised that Yahoo put it on their front page though. That’s a head scratcher.

  110. I should’ve explain it better, but what I mean by Jason wearing the same clothes is this: they look different. In many films, the same clothes just doesn’t look the same. Especially when you look at part 7 & 8. That why when you compare to Freddy, Freddy’s same clothes always look the same where Jason’s clothes look different even if it’s the same. That why I never buy that part 3 & 4 clothes are iconic or whatever and that you can’t compare it to Freddy. But that’s just me. Carry on. ;)

  111. Re-boot (or whatever);
    Happy about a new director…Nispel sucked.
    So unhappy about using the same writers…I they sucked more, much much more…the utter crap and eye rolling stuff they would have actors say/do…they suck.
    Don’t really care who plays Jason (‘cuz I don’t think Kane is in the running any longer – but it would have been cool to see his take on playing a “live” Jason).
    The glory days of F13, I fear, are gone. The rights for the franchise should have gone to Lionsgate.
    New Line and Platinum will continue to change the fright/suspence/orchestration of F13 to common crap.

    I need all (except 9) on blu-ray. Like Now.

  112. Oh I hope not! Bring back Mears. This new can’t be right! I doubt they even have a finished script yet!

  113. I heard this whole rumor was fake

  114. WHAT WAS the best portrayal of Jason,, This should be the next FORM OR TOPIC ..!!! AND I for one think that jason in part 3 and 4 are the most creepy and the ones that they should base the next movie on real creepy chase you down and fuck you up retard chubby pig faced mongaloyd style….!!!yaaa boy…I VOTE 4 JOE ZITO or some one just like him to realy make you feel the pain and scare the shit out of you and add a little more gore thanks!!!!

  115. THANK GOD this is rubbish!! Derek definately deserves another go at our boy Jason, he was the far and away the best we have seen since Ted white in TFC.

  116. BD debunked this? You mean people didn’t know this wasn’t real until they said so? Wow.


  118. whew,thank the horror gods that its a fake rumor,and i say keep derek,although im a kane fan,and kane was a bad ass jason,all of the actors playing jason were good, but kane was great tnb was my favorite flick for a long time,i just wish that the other makeup guys kept the look of that being sead i hope they do the same with dereks jason,maybe a new jacket or shirt but the overall look should be the same,one of my favorite scenes is in part three when he steals the clothes of the line,great way to show he practises some kind of hygenelol

  119. Woah I’m kinda glad I avoided wandering around in this blog. I wasn’t sure 100% it was fake but there was a lot of hate being thrown around when this opened. After reading the last few posts it sounds like the dust has settled. *sigh of relief*

  120. So much for freedom of speech… lol.

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