Your Favorite Design/Look Of Jason Voorhees

There was a pretty good discussion going on between the visitors on our site in another blog posting and I thought it would be good to start a blog on this topic as it is always something that is greatly debateable and fun to discuss! Thanks to JJ for bringing up this point. I think I’ll start a new discussion each week or so on a new Friday topic and see where it leads us.

What’s your favorite look of Jason?

Disclaimer: This is not a Bracket Challenge. :)

stevept2Part 2
The sackhead is in vogue again due to the new movie that was just releases, but the original is a classic. Goota love those overalls and flannel shirt too.





part3Part 3
The original, clean look of Jason with the hockey mask for the first time. The mysterious change in outfits and loss of hair on head and face for Jason is overlooked and forgotten about due to the introduction of the hockey mask.






pt4_Jason1 The Final Chapter
Essentially the same look as Part 3, except now including the trademark axe cut to the head. The most famous battle damage in franchise history.





jasonpart5 A New Beginning
Pseudo Jason or just plain Roy to some, is sporting the mechanics coverals and blue chevron hock. As this is technically not Jason, it is easy to dismiss this look, but since he is being passed off as Jason for the purposes of this movie, his look is worth noting. Also, I can’t tell you how many people think that Jason wears the mechnics suit permanently as his real attire.




jasonpart6Jason Lives
Jason returns from the grave, this time his outfit includes yellow work gloves and psycho utility belt. This belt comes complete with machete, hunting knife and throwing darts. Questions is, what paintballer takes this belt with them to just play a paintball game?




partVIIThe New Blood
This makeup masterpiece highlights all of the battle damage that has been inflicted on Jason throughout all of the movies as well as lake rot that has eaten Jason literally to the bone. Exposed teeth and jaw, spine and rib cage show off the evil insides of Jason!




jasontimessquare Jason Takes Manhattan
Somehow after spending more time at the bottom of Crystal Lake, Jason can grow clothes back onto his body and have no more exposed body parts. At any rate, Jason has a cool look of a slimmed down Manhattan night stalker with black gloves to boot.








jasonlookdownhellJason Goes To Hell
This version of Jason is an amalgamation of all looks from the franchise. The enlarged head is reintroduced from Part 2 as well as the exposed spine , axe cut and missing eye from the machete blow to the head from Part 4. The coolest part of this look is the fact that the hockey mask has become fused to the head of Jason, almost melted in. Also, Jason has hair again!






jasonwholebodyx Jason X (Regular Look)
Jason has hair, once again, as well as a torn up straight jacket and shackles attached to him to really sell the look of deranged killer. Although this hockey mask is a departue from the classic look of the others in the series.













uberjason1Jason X (Uber Jason)
A total departue from any look ever imagined possible in the franchise. Hated by many, there is no denying that within the context of this movie it looks great. A well conceived look, it is one of the better special effects job done in the movie. Metal mask, red eyes and a futuristic machete. He was indeed upgraded!











JasonhousefireJFFreddy vs Jason
Jason returns to the dark skinned, rotting corpse complexion that many came to love in the late 80’s. The original hockey mask design returns as well and now Jason is cold and wears a Jacket. Oh yea, don’t forget the Ronny Yu special, Herman Munster walking boots.





Jason2009Sack Friday the 13th (2009)
The sack returns and looks completely menacing. Some say that they should have left Jason wearing this the whole movie. Outside of Jason wearing the jacket once again as in Freddy vs Jason, the new feature to Jason is his leg brace holster attachment for storing his machete. Awesome!



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113 Responses to “ Your Favorite Design/Look Of Jason Voorhees ”

  1. TFC
    Part 3,
    From fave to least favourite
    1 Part4
    2 Part 3
    3 Part 2
    4 JX regular,
    5 Remake w bag
    6 Remake w Hockey-mask
    7 Roy,
    8 JGTH
    9 FvsJ
    10 Uber-Jason
    11 JL (the mask was too round),
    12 TNB (Pirate-Jason),
    13 JTM (Muppet-Jason)

  2. i like how he changes through out
    part 2
    part 4
    part 3
    part 7
    part 6
    remake hooded
    remake hockey mask
    part 8
    j vs f
    i hated the regular look in jason x because it look like they went to iparty and bought the jason costume wtf

  3. Part 3 all the way !
    the rest are all equal

  4. Part 3
    Part 4
    Part 2
    The remake
    The Remake Sack Head
    Part 7

  5. My favorite, without a doubt, is the Part 4 look. It’s just classic Jason. To me, it is Jason.

    Part 4
    Part 3
    Part 6
    Part 7
    Part 2
    Remake hooded
    Freddy Vs. Jason
    Part 8
    Jason Goes To Hell
    Part 5
    Jason X
    Jason X – Uber Jason

  6. part 4 is truly awesome.

    Pt 3
    Remake hooded
    Pt 2
    JX – Uber

  7. This is a very difficult selection…

    To do my favorite is shown at the ranking.

    1. The Final Chapter
    2. Part3
    3. Part2
    4. The New Blood
    5. Remake (Cloth)

  8. too me .its just not the look but also how the part was played;so with that in mind……….part 3&4 have got my vote as far as best look.the remake is kick ass other than the clothing……..the hood in the remake is cool also.the rest suck.cheers

  9. The New Blood

  10. Top 3
    1. Part 4
    2. Part 3
    3. Part 2

  11. The REMAKE all the way. Jason never looked so badass.

  12. In terms of the perfect look, I like Jason Goes To Hell. I love the fact that the mask is a part of his head and that the film makers went back to the oblong head from Part 2. The damage on the mask is awesome too. The New Blood is a close second.

  13. I like the part 5 Jason. Both in the dream sequences, and as Roy. Jason looks good in that one, way better than an of the Kane Hodder Jason’s IMO. I liked the remake jason a lot too. He’s the best of the later films.

  14. Body: The New Blood
    Mask: The Final Chapter
    Face: Jason Lives

  15. 4,7 and the remake are my favs

  16. 3 & 4

  17. PATRS 3,4,AND NEW BLOOD are sick ..!!!and part 5 dream sequences are spooky!!! jason should chase you..

  18. Part 3.

    Plus, I want to comment…

    “The original, clean look of Jason with the hockey mask for the first time. The mysterious change in outfits and loss of hair on head and face for Jason is overlooked and forgotten about due to the introduction of the hockey mask.”

    Maybe Jason grabbed a new outfit and a pack of shaving razors at the grocery store at the beginning of 3??? lol He prolly grabbed and drank out of the same OJ the owner was chugging out of. Donuts too…

  19. I liked part 6 jason and mask. The remake look was also good

  20. My favorites are III, IV, Jason X Regular, JvF, and the remake. I tend to prefer Jason’s face as it appeared in the earlier films, but- I feel a little silly admitting this- I also like Jason in layers. It adds a little distinctive variety without making him look too deliberately coordinated (since he’s supposedly scrounging his clothes from wherever), and seems to work whether he’s got the bag or the mask.

  21. 1- Jason Goes to Hell
    2- The Final Chapter

  22. Part 3….Classic

  23. Part 3 and 4 are the best imo.

  24. Part 7 The New Blood. John Buechler did an amazing job on the makeup. Thats the Jason that scared the shit out of Me when I was younger. The exposed ribcage and spine truly terrifying.

  25. I think this little debate merits a bracket challenge in it’s own right but hey.My picks for Jason incarnations are as follows,(#1 being my fave).

    1)Part vii,TNB.(Hodders finest hour and best use of SFX).
    2)Part vi,JL.
    3)Part iv,TFC.(Arguably the most iconic incarnation).
    4)Part viii,JTM.(Consistently looked slimy and creepy throughout the entire movie).
    5)Part xii,(reboot).(Post Y2K,pre undead Jason looked exactly how he should for the modern age).
    6)Part IX.JGTH.
    7)Part x,JX.(Pre uber Jason).
    8)Part ii.
    9)Part iii.
    10)Part x,JX.(Uber Jason).
    11)Part xi,FvsJ.(A wimp in a halloween costume).
    12)Part v,ANB.(Last becuse tecnically he aint Jason).

  26. Thanks for the shoutout JF!!!!

    Each movie has elements that I like. For example I love the sack head. I think it is scary as shit. But I’m not to hot on his farmer clothes he wears.

    New Blood look was awesome. It took into consideration that he has lake rot and seemed to keep up with what battle wounds he had. The exposed teeth and jaw, spine and rib cage were awesome. Set the tone that this guy is fucked up.

    I agree with JF, Jason goes to Hell has prob one of the best looks. I love the mask stuck on his face.

    My favorite looks would be the clean look Jason and Uber Jason tied for number one. What could look better then a pissed off cyber Jason? Probably nothing cause how can he be stopped. He basically starts clean and fresh with an upgrade. I like the clean looks. Second would be tied again with the new sack head as well as New Blood. Both for obvious reasons…..they kicked ass. The new concept of the sack was ac lever adaptation to the original and frankly was much better than the original, IMO. It was something they wanted to introduce to the “New Crowd” of fans but par homage to the old fans and they pulled it off beautifully.

    A couple that I hate are Freddy vs. Jason and Jason Lives. I mean why the jacket? That fits no where in the story. Well, it started with the suttle brown barely there jacket in JX, but now it became a jacket like my dad wears when he is outside in the snow. Too overdone. I am a fan of the movie because they pulled off a movie that many including myself would never take place. But they screwed up royally with the outfit. Jason lives with his stupid yellow deerskin gloves and utility belt? WTF? a Utility belt. Geeze guys is he human or is he dead? A dead guy probably dosen’t need a utility belt and he is dead right? I mean he came up from the grave.

    So some extra thoughts JGTM was cool with the slippery wet look.

    I got nothing on parts 4 and 5.

    Jason X first look was cool in a creepy way.

    and thanks for starting this new discussion series. I think it will continue to keep people around as well as bring in NEW BLOOD!

  27. Wanted to make a suggestion for the next discussion JF. how’s about a discussion on best kill from each movie, or a bracket challenge on best kill? Maybe we could vote one kill a movie through discussion and then bracket challenge that shit?

    Just an idea but I thin it could work.

  28. I think that my favorite Jason look is from the F13 remake (especially when in the beginning of the film where we see sack-head Jason).


  30. My favorite is definitely the remake look. It’s simple, memorable, and creepy. I love the jacket and “wrap style” sack.

  31. Germaniac said muppet jason lol

  32. I also like “Pirate Jason” as well. :)

  33. 7.

  34. 3, 2, then 4 for me :-)

  35. I’m going to have to go off the board and say Part 1 Jason from the Lake! AS a child this was the most scared I have ever been in any Friday movie!

    also what is “Pirate Jason”?

  36. I like The New Blood Jason because that is what he would have looked like with all the bullet holes, axe wounds and a few months under the lake with alot of fish…..very creative. The Jason Takes Manahattan AND Jason X are by far the worse.

    A close second and third to the best are parts 3 and 2 respectively.

  37. Hands down The Final Chapter. I’m a fan of the bald, human part 3/4 look. I hate the hair that grew back and jacket of the later films. My 2nd favorite look would be VII.

  38. Also I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE seeing Jasons eyes in the later films. Esp the cartoonish droopy eye in FvsJ and Remake.

  39. 1. Final Chapter
    2. Jason Lives
    3. remake hooded
    4. Part 2
    5. part 3
    6. remake masked
    7. part 7
    8. part 5
    9. F v J
    10. part 8
    11. J G T H
    12. Jason X
    13. Uber Jason

  40. Live Jason – Part 4.
    Zombie Jason – Part 7.

    …and hate the stringy long strands of hair New Line added to his looks…bloody wrong.

  41. This is tough. I liked the Jason Goes to Hell look for a long time. Both of the bag heads are cool. I also like the Final Chapter look. Jason is so great.

  42. I Like part 3 jason the best part 2 jason comes in 2nd

  43. i cant chose
    i like all of them

  44. From best to worst:

    Part 3
    Part 2
    Part 4
    Part 7
    Part 6
    Part 5
    Part 8
    Part 9
    Part 10 (normal)
    Part 11 (FVJ)
    Part 10 (Ubershit)
    Part 12 (both looks in the remake are stupid)

  45. Part 3… to this day, this movie can still scare the crap outta me… definately the best Jason

  46. many people may disagree but i really like the jason goes to manhattan costume

  47. parts 2-4 were the best, in order parts 3,4,2

  48. Part 7 is my fave, then the remake, part 6, part 4, part 2, and then its ok with the rest.

  49. Hey fellow horror nuts! I recently purchased the two main vans used in RZ’s Halloween 2 from a prop auction. I bought the white coroners van that Michael Myers’ body was put in on the way to the morgue in the beginning of the movie. I also bought the black “shaggin wagon.” I am going to be listing both on ebay within a few weeks but thought to give real fans a heads up first. If ur seriously interested in details email me @ [email protected]

  50. Like Germaniac, I’m starting with from the best to the worst.

    1.) Part 4

    2.) Part 3

    3.) Part 7 (One of the best makeup on Jason ever)

    4.) Remake (Both the sack & mask)

    5.) Part 2

    6.) Freddy vs. Jason

    7.) Part 6

    8.) Part 5 (Even though it’s Roy, but it look like Jason with the outfit. Plus, I kinda admit digging the blue cheek marks.)

    9.) Part 8

    10.) JGTH (Don’t like the big meatball head along with the mistake of him having no eye on the right side, when it was suppose to be the left one.)

    11.) Jason X normal (Don’t like the Simpsons’s Moe nose look on the hockey mask & the horrible hair job.)

    12.) Jason X Uber version (This one said it all. Jason should never look like he is a big fan of Lord Zedd with almost copying that metal body look.)

  51. Jason from part 3. ‘Nuff said!

  52. 1.pt7

  53. My personal favorite is the 2009 sack head just because it is remade from the original and looks so much better. And second would be FVJ look…Ken is a beast

  54. Wow,all friday fans seem to have so many different opinions of the best Jason look,well your all wrong!…just kidding :D I think its cool how all the fans can have a whole different idea of how they think Jason should look or how a friday movie should be made and their is no wrong answer,my personal favorite look is part 3 Jason,I also think it has a lot to do with what ones favorite movie is.

  55. Part 3 all the way. Although I did like the sackhead looks in part 2 and the remake.

  56. Part 4 is my favorite but the bag head look from 2 is a close second.

  57. 1.Part 4
    2.part 3
    3.part 7

  58. The New Blood FTW!!!! Hands down, coolest, scariest, best ever!!!

  59. 1 JX
    2 sack from 2009
    3 JVF
    4 TNB
    5 JTM
    7 F 2009
    8 PART 3

    Others not bad, but those are the best ones for me

  60. part 3– i like the clean, brand new jason with his jcpenney workshirt, newly pressed dickies and shiny black combat boots. great look

  61. part 1 at the end should be up here, that was the original image that gave me nightmares growing up and got me into the whole series.

    that beihg said my scores would have to be…
    Part 3 (with and without mask)
    part 2 hood but more so without (ginger jason owns) bah!
    part 4
    part 5 – dream jason (real jason)
    part 6
    part 7
    jgth (hes so mangled and the skin growing over the mask looks rad)
    redux hood
    redux mask
    vs. (to skinny and looked like a burnt biscut plus the mask was too large and not damaged, no axe chop no dice I say)
    jx uber and regular both were equally decent.
    jtm. to wet the whole flick and that mask for some readon didnt scare me much as a kid.
    part v – Roy last but not least!

  62. My Favorites are def
    VII The New Blood. – This is the Jason i would be scared shitless if I saw roaming the woods. This is the way i would have made jason look if i made a movie. Everyhting was perfect with his look. John Carl Buchler(im sure i spelled it wrong) did everything right when it came to the look of Jason(and the original look of tina’s dad for that matter)

    IX Jason Goes To Hell – I agree with J.J. and Jason’s Fury on the look of this. He bulked up a bit but the scene of him Walking out of the cabin and looking around then walking through the woods made him seem like one pissed off zombie you dont want to cross paths with.

    XII Reboot – Now i loved most of the scenes with both the mask and the sack. I have always loved the hockey mask way more than the sack but to be honest with you in this movie the sack was just terrifying. I mean the whole beginning blew me away and to come across this oversized guy wearing a fucking sack like that, the only thing i could do would be in a corner crying and shitting myself.

  63. My fave has got to be JTM’s version. The yellowed mask gives the look a creepy feel, yet at the same time a “classic” feel.

  64. Part 2 and Part 7

  65. part2,part4, the remake and Jason takes Manhattan I don’t know why the Jason in new york one creeps me out

  66. Part 3 Jason is my favorite. Part 2 and 4 are kick-ass as well. Jason X and Goes to Hell Jason’s suck a fat one. Come to think of it so do those 2 movies and any of the people involved with making those heaps of shit. They should be ashamed of themselves.

  67. Oh yeah and as for Kane Hodder Jason….. I guess Jason lost 5 inches in height, grew a fat head, and got chunky from eating fish while he was dead in the bottom of the lake. Voila!!! Now he’s way shorter, stocky, and developed a personality somehow. Oh yeah, can’t forget about the teleportation device he found on the bottom of the lake so he doesn’t have to run after his victims any more. He just teleports in front of them. Kane couldn’t hold the older Jason’s (or even Mears)jock strap, Kane’s “Jason” doesn’t even look like Jason.

  68. Almost forgot, if I ever meet whoever made Jason look like a retarted vaseline muppet in Jason takes Manhattan, I’m kicking him straight in his dick hole.

  69. TNB takes the top spot for me, hands down. From there…

    Jason Lives
    Remake sackhead
    JTM (as long as he keeps the mask on, the unmasking FX were horrible)
    Remake hockey mask
    Part 2 (again keep the mask on, please)
    Part 3 (unmasked, yet again, was horrible)
    Jason X (Über)
    Jason X (regular)
    JGTH (I’m not down with a bloated Jason)

  70. Oh, I forgot Frankenstein Jason from FvJ, which I would put in between Remake and Part 2, if rating solely on appearance. I thought he looked alright in FvJ, he just didn\’t act much like Jason (Thanks again for that, Ronny Yu!).

  71. hmm….part 3d then 4 then tnb the both from the remake

  72. robohooker is nuts,kane is 6\’4, everybody else is between 6\’3 and 6\’5,so how was he 5 inches shorter?the only jason that was taller than 6\’5 was fvj jason at 6\’7 because of the giant kiss boots he wore,the actor who played him ken kirzinger is only 6\’5,and id like to see you meet kane and tell him that shit you dousche,he is a cool guy as ive meet him at scream fest,oh yeah he\’s friggin huge,so good luck.

  73. oh yeah i almost forgot kane hodder is one of the most sought after actors to be requested at conventions too,so youll have your chance

  74. The Final Chapter
    Jason Goes To Hell
    Jason Lives

  75. I would have to say The Final Chapter by aLONG shot.

    Not only was it my favorite in the series but I loved that look!

    JASONSFURY: You could have not picked ANY better picture for the Part 4 Jason! Great job man, that’s the picture I use all the time. That shower scene shot has got to be the most menacing of them all!


  76. jjv, Kane is actually 6′ 2″. And I wouldn’t say everybody else is between 6′ 3″ to 6′ 5″. Steve Dash is 5′ 11″. He is supposely the shortest adult Jason on screen compare to the rest. And ease up on the name call. That is uncall for here.

  77. Lol at Robohooker haha!! Totally agree with you too, All of Kanes Jasons especially 8 and X are awful. TNB is Kanes only decent Jason look if you ask me, and even in that Jason himself is boring.

    And jjv- without speaking for Robohooker- I THINK he is more having a go at the costume designs than Kane himself so just relax there guy!

    OK- so Part 3, 4, 2 and the Remake are all on par favourites for me- cant seperate them.

    Dont have a whole lot of time for the others ufortunately…

  78. Part 4 & 7 thats the best

  79. kane is 6′3 and 1/2,i met him and asked him myself,and he is the fan favorite,of all the jasons,and when you say kane hodder couldnt hold derek mears jock strap your already saying to much,and at that point,he wasnt just referring to a costume,and dash,well i left him out my bad,but the majority of guys wearing a hockey mask,is between 6′3 and 6′5,and we are online posting about one of the most violent and graphic in every nature,like nudity and language,but calling someone a dousche is too much for here ummmm…………whatever my feelings aint hurt,plus the dousche is threatening a film maker saying he is going to kick him in the dick hole,so jump his ass,not mine

  80. and his name is robohooker,im sure he isnt offended,and it seems that nw is robohooker’stroll acc. to me?and the rest of the ppl that commented on me,no offense but read his posts and youll see what he actually sead he posted not once but twice,so maybe you guys didnt read them all,but yeah if calling him a name is bad what about threatening a film maker,and if you pull the ”he was kidding”card so was i, sounds like he needs to ease up

  81. oops three times he posted sry

  82. and ofr those who would argue on the height of kane also check wikipedia,its in the first paragraph

  83. MadWorldDesigns,
    Thanks. I love that scene too, because he is right up in his face. No sneaking around or anything like that. Getting your head crushed against a wall while in the nude is just nasty! :)

  84. i remember hearing about that shower scene running around the gym in the 4th grade. it affected me so much i still remember the moment perfectly… the sound of the kickballs… the shiny wood floors. Of course I saw the movie and was freaked out for days if not weeks. I covered my eyes through all the kills. Final Chapter Jason was my first and my favorite for a long time. Over the years I started liking Richard Brooker’s a bit better. The way he slinks around (like behind the clothesline), and always seems to be creeping up on people in 3-D. Plus, he has those big crazy hands that look all sexy covered in blood or holding a knitting needle. It’s like his hands almost curl up within themselves they’re so big. Final chapter hands were big and fat and those crzy nails were like out of a classic monster movie. I think final chapter had the scariest most hideous face, but overall I’ll go with 3. Part 7 is a close 3rd. Not so into JGTH, although all the Kane ones were pretty great.

  85. ratta tatta touille, I totally agree on Brooker’s hands; they certainly are the most overlooked and impressive feature of his Jason! The way he moves them is eerie, especially at the end when he’s trying to open the window and can’t get a proper grip on it. The first time I saw part 3, it wasn’t the kills that upset me; though I couldn’t figure out why right away, I cringed every time someone got *grabbed.*

    I find Brooker’s Jason quite eerie. Everything he does is slightly counterintuitive and painful-looking: the way he leans when he’s walking, the way he twists his fingers when he picks things up, even the unnatural stillness when he stands in place to watch someone. The only time he looks like he’s in complete control of himself is when he’s killing. I don’t know if he did that intentionally, but even if not, the effect is creepy.

    Part 4’s shower scene especially gets me because of Jason’s deliberate destruction of Doug’s face.

    I must admit I also like Hodder’s take; I think he moves like a wind-up toy that isn’t properly alive until it spots someone it wants to kill.

    (But I still like the way he looks in layers. The green shirt over the white undershirt is my favoritest favorite).

  86. WHAT WAS the best portrayal of Jason,, This should be the next FORM OR TOPIC ..!!! AND I for one think that jason in part 3 and 4 are the most creepy and the ones that they should base the next movie on real creepy chase you down and fuck you up retard chubby pig faced mongaloyd style….!!!yaaa boy…I VOTE 4 JOE ZITO or some one just like him to realy make you feel the pain and scare the shit out of you and add a little more gore thanks!!!!

  87. The Final Chapter Jason

  88. Part IV has always been my favourite Jason. In looks and acting.

  89. Part 4 is simply the best. Period. Then part 3, 7, remake, 8, 6, 9, Uber, F V J, 2, and finally 5.

  90. My faves:
    Part 2
    Part 3
    Part 4
    Part 6
    Part 7
    Freddy vs. Jason
    and the 2009 remake

  91. Part 7
    Part 4
    Friday the 13th (2009)
    Freddy vs. Jason
    Jason X (Before Transormation)
    Part 6
    Part 3

    Part 7 is my favorite, because I think that’s how Jason should really look!

  92. Friday the 13th (2009)

  93. Umm….jjv, what are you saying using this sentence. I don’t seem to understand this one: “it seems that nw is robohooker’stroll acc. to me”. What the hell is troll acc? And for your info. I’m not speaking for him. I’m just talking about your immature name calling. Especially when posting on here & you’re still calling him a dousche. It “douche”, not “dousche”. And he didn’t call out on Kane. Just mention the look of him, not saying he is bad or whatever.

    Oh, I wouldn’t believe in Wikipedia on Kane’s height. People can edit info. there like IMDB. I met Kane myself & he is clearly 6′ 2″. Look at how short he look to Ken. If Kane was 6′ 3″, he wouldn’t look that short standing in front of Ken in “Jason Take Manhattan” & Ken was clearly wearing sneakers.

  94. Part 3 no doubt. This is classic and quite frankly the most scary Jason. The clean look makes for a more believable Jason.

  95. Overall, I have to go with New Blood. Just an incredible make-up job that truly looked menacing. He truly looks like an undead, unstoppable monster.

    Mears is great, as his look combines a little bit from all that has gone before. I’d have to put him in a dead tie with Final Chapter, which is really the iconic Jason. Part 3 is just a notch below, and really deserves a lot of credit for introducing the goalie mask (I also really love the hunched back, which Mear’s Jason revived).

  96. a troll acc is when you post under another name for the sake of an arguement,and kane is also crouching in front of ken,so how can you tell,and kie i sead,we are post online about a horror movie,in these movies there is gore nudity and foul language,if you dont like it go post on a carebears sight with spellcheck kane is 6′3 1/2 inches he sead so himself when he was commenting on the reason why ken got the fvj gig, he says he doesnt know why he didnt get it, they wanted a taller jason,so that it would make freddy smaller,when kane would have done that any way,get over it i did,and wiki isnt to often wrong,do your homework

  97. not to mention robo sead kane couldnt hold derek mears jock strap,meaning the actor not the friggin costume alone

  98. you can also google how tall is kane hodder,and the first three links that come up say 6′3 only one on the whole damn page says any thing about 6′1.5 to 6′3,so like i sead do your home work my dad is 6′2 and and kane was definetly taller

  99. and im tired of argueing no more posts on this crap for me,so believe what you want

  100. My favorite look is, without a doubt, Part 7. It is a work of art and is the most detailed of all the costumes.

    My preference list here is:
    Part 7
    Part 3
    Part 6
    Part 12
    Part 11
    Part 2
    Part 8
    Part 9
    Part 4
    Part 1
    Part 10
    Part 5

  101. Do my homework, jjv? I did do my homework. I seen many sites listed Kane as 6′ 2″. And Kane didn’t crouch at all next to Ken in JTM. Just because Kane said he is 6′ 3″ 1/2 doesn’t mean he is. Actors tend to say they’re this tall all the time even if it isn’t true. Beside, he is getting older so he might have shrunk an inches or two. And I still say he is 6′ 2″, since I met him. Wikia is not always correct, so maybe you can look up at Celeb Heights on him.

    Also, I’m not robo under another name. I’m sure other who know me here will back it up. And Care Bears? Where you came up with that weak crap? But anyway, no need to continue this. But you need to grow up though with your bad attitude & name call.

  102. I like 4. They should go with it in the remake instead of changing and aging it!!! Also 3, 7, 8 and 9 (the mask not his melted messy skin).
    The remake left me very deep unsatisfied!

  103. my bad attitude?robo had the bad attitude and i already sead i was done argueing about this so you can grow up,my best friend john is 6′1,and he also met kane kane wasnt much taller than him but atleast 2 inches taller so whatever,i googled it and only seen one mention of anything shorter than 6 3 and the care bears thing is cuz of you seem to be offended like this is a social network of children who have to put on earmuffs when the adults speak plus you didnt come up with anything better,jesus fuckin christ we are talking about friday films here you act like its a major crime to call someone a douche

  104. plus by buddie john was in platform boots as well as kane so dont give that shit either

  105. shitty you duped me in again oh well you can have the last word nw besides its all in fun

  106. I’m gonna go with Jason Goes to Hell.

    What an awesome, scary look that was.

    And just to mention, I really hate Ronny Yu. That FvsJ still gets my blood boiling it was so bad. And that Jason was without a doubt the worst ever. Uck.

  107. i’d like to officially apologize to robo and nw,ive been having a rough time so im sorry if i offended you guys,im unemployed,i have a 3 month old baby girl,and i cant claim unemployment cuz my boss would have off and on the books,and i didnt know it would affect me, so im sorry just to clear it up,and no hard feelings

  108. No hard feeling at all. I just wish we debate more politely & be more friendly toward others.

    Sorry to hear about the situation you’re in. I hope things will get better soon, so just have faith.

  109. Wow that was funny. Honestly I think Kane is cool as shit, I even have his autograph. I’m 6ft 4 myself by the way. You actually have the honor of being the first person to ever call me a douche.

    I would tell Kane I liked all the other Jason’s better if he asked me. I wouldn’t just blurt it out to him because I do like the guy, and he was still Jason, regardless of the fact he is my personal least favorite. He just had too stocky of a frame I think. Old school Jason running after you is freaky to me. Jason walking fast through the woods and impossibly teleporting in front of the victim I think sucks.

    And the retarted vaseline muppet Jason face will always suck. And so will the cock-knocker who designed it.

  110. I forgot – I owe NW a high five and a beer.

  111. WitheredCarnation and ratta tatta touille are spot on with their Brooker comments as well. He was truly a freaky looking Jason. I agree with the beginning part behind the clotheslines, and the end where he is running after Chris in the dream sequence with a smile on his face is pretty creeped out.

  112. Part VII always my favorite.

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