Deluxe Edition DVDs Parts 5-To-8 Out Of Print!?

Posted 29 Dec 2024 in DVD

At the end of each year, I try to go through my Amazon cart and pick up those titles that have been perpetually marked ‘save for later’. This may sound shocking, but the Friday The 13th part 4-8 Deluxe Editions have been stuck there forever. Wait, wait – don’t mark me a non-fan just yet. Not living in the states, I tend to let my orders stack up really high before I pay so that I can save on international postage. Sometimes I even play Wall Street and wait things out till the global currency conversion is at a rate that can easily mean nabbing an extra DVD.

Anyway, when the Deluxe Editions started trickling out last year (I’m not talking parts 1-3, I’m talking the real Deluxe Editions – 4-8 produced by Dan Farrands of His Name Is Jason) I noticed the early films getting re-releases on my end of the globe. Different cover art, but also different extras – Friday The 13th part 3 lacked 3D, however did have the missing chapter of Lost Tales From Camp Blood so I made the decision to follow the train of local releases. I waited and waited. Eventually we got shitty bare-bones editions of part 4 onward instead. Mind-boggling. So I slapped the USA Super Deluxo’s in my digital cart and… timejump to today.

Friday The 13th Part IV: The Final Chapter – $11.99 – bingo! Not so fast, bucko. A New Beginning, Jason Lives, The New Blood and Jason Takes Manhattan all ranging from – $24.50 to $26.99 or completely unavailable at all. Sure, Amazon Marketplace can help, but individual postage from each buyer is going to make a buy there a no-go. Alright, back-up plan: screw the certificate and take my moolah to DVD Empire – but the truth doesn’t get much better over there when they confirm those four sequels are Out Of Print.

Ouch, man. That hit me right here in my hellbaby heart.

I figure it’s an elaborate conspiracy to teach me a very large lesson to strike while the iron’s hot, haste wakes waste, he who hesitates is lost, etc. etc. etc. But listen, I’m seeking a solution. I’ve relied on Amazon for a decade (and Ebay for single purchases) so haven’t stepped foot outside their perimeter into the online DVD retailer market much. Perhaps someone out there can recommend a reputable place I can get all four for decent prices?

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Posted by Dusk


  1. Dennis (29 Dec 2024, 13:46)

    Best buy (not a fan) has them for $14.99 (5-8) and $12.99 for part 4. Hope that helps, website is

  2. Timmer (29 Dec 2024, 17:23)

    Yea I had some trouble getting my set of them also…I wanted them all 2 have the sleave on them and most places didnt have them with it on…but yes my set is and has been done 4 some time now…well anyway the best place 2 look is…they got them. I know it dont help much but while christmas shopping this month I came across parts 5-7 at Big Lots.

  3. robert (29 Dec 2024, 20:39)

    Just so happens yesterday i completed my deluxe collections buying parts 5,7, and 8 suprisingly enough at Big Lots Closeout store for $5 apiece. I dont know if these stores are located all over the US, but they are pretty prevelant in the southeast. I live in Myrtle Beach, SC.

  4. Steve (29 Dec 2024, 20:45)

    Walmart had the blu rays for 9.99 before Christmas. I’m waiting for a bly ray box set.

  5. 13thslasher (29 Dec 2024, 21:17)

    I came across parts 5-7 at Big Lots recently, for $5 each as mentioned above. If I didn’t already own them, it would have been a steal! Of course this probably won’t help you much, being outside of the U.S.

    I know this is off topic Dusk, but I have to ask: Is Jason Parker aka Jason’s Fury no longer with

  6. 13thslasher (29 Dec 2024, 21:26)

    Just had a thought. Perhaps these titles being OOP already is a sign that the Bluerays are coming soon…

  7. Brandon Lewis (29 Dec 2024, 22:00)


  8. Corey (29 Dec 2024, 22:12)

    Off topic sure…but Something you guys may not know: Amanda Rhigetti voices characters in PS2/Wii’s: SCARFACE…just thought you’d wanna know…if its the same girl of course…but it just has to be…

  9. Scott (29 Dec 2024, 23:22)

    I found “F13 Part 5: A New Beginning” at Big Lots for $5 or $6, however it didn’t include the cardboard slip. I didn’t see any others.

  10. DrJohnMan (30 Dec 2024, 0:58)

    Oh, fart! I need to get ‘em too! Ugh!

  11. theshape_78 (30 Dec 2024, 2:15)

    Ok I know this is off topic, but where has jasonsfury been? Just wondering? Now on topic for Christmas I finally picked up the Friday the 13th box set from crystal lake to mannhattan, but I still need JGTH, Jason X, and Friday the 13th 2024, I’ll be picking them up soon, I’ve been wanting to get the whole collection for some time now!

  12. jasonsfury (30 Dec 2024, 2:37)

    “I know this is off topic Dusk, but I have to ask: Is Jason Parker aka Jason’s Fury no longer with”

    “Ok I know this is off topic, but where has jasonsfury been? Just wondering?”

    Hey guys, I know longer write for the site. I have moved on to a new project. Hit me up at my at my Twitter account to see what I have been up to. Hope everyone had a good Christmas!

  13. DrJohnMan (30 Dec 2024, 5:13)

    What???? You can’t leave!

  14. eric (30 Dec 2024, 16:23)

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! Jasonfury come back….. Now I’m the only one left who likes Jason Goes To Hell…….. Come Back!!!! @jasonfury….. I wish you nothing but the best but please come back sometime for a guest blog if you can.

  15. Struckworld (31 Dec 2024, 0:15)

    Don’t worry he has another site!

    That sucks 5-8 out of print!!

  16. Raindog (31 Dec 2024, 1:56)

    Just went to Big Lots and all the editions were there at 5.00 a pop….must have been 15-20 copies of each one.

  17. blazex (31 Dec 2024, 3:10)

    this is really sad. friday the 13th is dying out or has already. i’ve noticed this lately that the audience wants something new. they dont want to see the same old stuff. i hope the next friday the 13th will be the last, but i hope it will be the best out of all of the friday the 13th movies. of course though i would go continue seeing them if they continue making them.

  18. GaBe (31 Dec 2024, 5:06)

    Man, i have to hit up big lots. The one by me is all dirty and ghetto so i dont expect them to have much. Worth a shot though.

  19. Darth Veach (31 Dec 2024, 19:14)

    I honestly wouldn’t worry. I really don’t think Paramount will ever stop making these on DVD. They still sell. Think how many versions have come out just since the inception of the DVD? Personally I think they will be out again soon, maybe a different look, and HOPEFULLY they will listen to us fans and release them on BLU RAY!!

  20. JJ Weldon (01 Jan 2024, 1:15)

    I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who recommended big lots for the deluxe editions of parts 5-8. I hadn’t bought those ones since they were released and have been meaning to pick them up. After reading everyone’s posts last night, I went to the local big lots by my house and picked up 5-8 for five bux a piece! Very happy and excited to have found them for so cheap! Thanks again for the heads up everyone! Happy New Year!

  21. JB Demented (01 Jan 2024, 20:51)

    Damm I better get a move on, I only have the deluxe editions of parts 1,3, and 4. And I want em all.

  22. JT3905 (01 Jan 2024, 21:49)

    Amazon also states that the 2024 film the collector is oop as well go to barnes and noble, they have them there and carries the deluxe editions of 5, 6, and 8

  23. Jack2010 (03 Jan 2024, 1:04)

    The titles mentioned above seem available from different sources for around $12 each.

    Search on Friday the 13th and go to page 2

  24. Brian (03 Jan 2024, 4:45)

    I was able to find parts 5, 6, and 8 Deluxe editions at my local big lots as well. They had a few part 8 deluxe editions and only one of each for 5 and 6 (which i purchased the only copies in the store). They were 5 dollars each.

    Does anybody know for sure if 5-8 Deluxe editions are out of print? I went to ebay and there was the same seller for parts 5,6 and 7 deluxe. The summary written by the seller stated in both pages for 5 and 6 that those deluxe dvds were out of print. I checked his summary for part 7 and it DID NOT say it was out of print. So I am unsure like everybody else?

    I did not see any part 8 deluxes on ebay, but I did see them on amazon starting at 24 or 26 bucks a piece, the same goes for deluxe part 7.

  25. Brian (03 Jan 2024, 5:06)

    BTW I just checked the barnes and noble site. They have the deluxe editions of 1-4 for 11.99-13.99 a piece new. You can also purchase deluxe parts 5,7,and 8 for 15.99 a piece. Barnes and Noble does not have have deluxe edition part 6 on its website, it says out of stock and it directs you to amazon. Which deluxe edition has been the hardest to locate out of all? It seems there are very few Part 6 deluxes out there. Checking ebay/amazon again there were only seven part 6 deluxe copies, while parts 1,2,3,4,5,7,8 there are nearly 20 plus deluxe copies of each for sale. I hope this helps. Again, Part 6 looks like it is going to be tough to locate in the near future if you dont act now.

  26. Jack2010 (04 Jan 2024, 0:37)

    The titles mentioned above seem available from different sources for around $12 each.

    Search on Friday the 13th and go to page 2

  27. Joe goodrum (06 Jan 2024, 6:18)

    they had all of them 1-8 at big lots for 5 bucks a piece

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