Sideshow Reveals Jason Voorhees Statue In-Progress

What a great end of the year treat for Jason Voorhees fans as Sideshow Collectibles has posted an awesome behind the scenes video of the in-progress Jason Statue they are creating for release in 2024. We mentioned this statue back in November, but now there is more to see.

In the video, they show concept drawings that were used to sculpt the statue as well as production shots of Mr. Voorhees. According to the video, they are combining elements of many different Friday the 13th movies into this one figure and are leaning more towards the zombie Jason. Check out the video at Sideshow by clicking on December 30th on the calendar and look at some stills of the video below.







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14 Responses to “ Sideshow Reveals Jason Voorhees Statue In-Progress ”

  1. MAN, I want this. i hope it doesn’t cost a small fortune!

  2. Pretty cool, but still a little too FVJ for my liking. I like the axe, though.

  3. i think its the mask….fvj mask…if it was part 3 or 4 it would be great but i agree with COYT nice axe

  4. Lose the sword and give him a machete and I’ll be happy.

  5. This is on my watch list now.

  6. MAN, I want this. i hope it doesn’t cost a small fortune!

    This probably will cost a small fortune as other statues that Sideshow have put out have run in the hundreds.

  7. I am sold

    Buying this for sure

  8. wow, I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these

  9. Personally ……….I love it!! A definite must have, so I’ll be putting my name on one of these, oh yes!

  10. I MUST HAVE THIS. It looks so amazing! OMG, could you imagine that looming over your desk when you’re studying?! Holy crap.

  11. On a side not, I’m not sure the base should be body parts. I think woods, or something would be good. When have we ever seen Jason walk through a sea of bodies?

  12. you better believe you wll be seeing a custom figure from me based on this completed design

  13. Yup, love it too bits!!!

    Cool “ones customs”!!!!!

  14. I never bought any of the statues but this one looks okay so far. I personally like the schematic art of him more so personally though. Why hasn’t any company made an 11yr. old boy Jason other then the screen grabber with him reaching for Alice in the canoe?

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