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Next year at the 30th reunion of the Friday the 13th franchise, there will viewings of the Friday the 13th films outdoors on the big screen. Not all films will be able to be shown, so now is your chance to voice your opinion and help choose which movies will be shown at next year’s reunion. Voting will be tallied and sent to the promoters of the reunion in Texas.

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23 Responses to “ Vote: Friday the 13th On The Big Screen ”

  1. I opened up the comments section to see what you guys and gals think of the voting so far. No love for Jason Goes to Hell or Jason X yet. C’mon guys ;)

  2. i voted for part 2 i hope that makes it and dose anybody know how many friday’s are they showing?

  3. Right now John and the others who are promoting this are trying to figure out if they are going to screen movies on Friday only or if they should do both Friday and Saturday night. These movies will start as the sun goes down, so I would imagine 2 or 3 each night could happen. However, they haven’t made a final decision yet.

  4. can we smoke up while there??

  5. Whoa, well now, I am a little steamed that we can only vote for one title, if there are going to be multiple, up to three entries that will be shown. Also that we have to purchase a Gold ticket or higher in order to be able to get into the screenings, when I don’t mind, although at the end of the day, I honestly do see it as a bit unfair to many other fans, but that is just my angle that I see form several different sides, and I’m not gonna yell or scream about it or anything.

    But I decided to vote for the parenial favorite that we all wanna see projected through light up on a big screen, and hopefully in it’s proper Polerized screening method: Part 3 (1982). I REALLY love the Steve Miner sequels, as well as The Final Chapter, and like many other the years, I’ve grown to have a certain soft spot in my heart for the perverbial “black sheep” of the series that is Part V, as well, even if I’m not as crazy about it as others, it’s an interesting side-note adventure in the Voorhees cannon.

    So I’m glad it’s looking more & more like part 3 will be a definate winner, but I also respect everyone’s choices. Happy voting to and decision making.

  6. brandon,
    I agree that the Gold ticket situation is a bummer, but the people putting on the show gotta make their money. :) I can imagine its a big undertaking to get all of this put together, and costly. As for the voting, I would just say vote for your favorite and the rest will take care of it self. Also, remember that these votes will not be the only consideration taken for picking the films. They have other voting going on as well.

    I know that they are looking into securing the 3D print of Part 3, but it is possible they may not get it. We shal find out.

  7. Jaconsfury,

    Yeah, I know about all of that: Profit margins and the goings-on of a major, especially in this case, genre-centric convention, ect. And I don’t blame them at all for doing it and as a life-long series supportor and lover, especially of the first five Paramount films during the early years, I TRUELY apprechiate it. :) That can’t be said enough.

    And yeah, it might also have to d o with money & budgetary issues, but also over crowding cause I know many more would attend if they didn’t, ect–I do, however, still find it a bit iffy and bullshitty, just to be quite honest, form one die hard fan his whole life to another, but hey, that’s just me with all dues respect. ;) I plan on buying three Gold members tickets because I’m taking two family members with me, so I’ll get over it, however, I still don’t like the general idea that I feel many are gonna get bummed if they quickly, let’s say, just get a two day pass and they over look the small type font on the website.

    Just my two cents. And again, I completely understand. And indeed, I voted for Part 3 because it’s hands down my favorite of the series, so no worries there, as I had always intended to vot eon it. :D After that, I would say Part 2, even with the MPAA-imposed cuts is my next parenial favorite, because of how many times I’ve seen it growin’ up and re-bought it, and then The Final Chapter. I’m hoping they can get into contact with some of the 3-D print owners, like the Fox Theatre in Toronto who has an official site as I e-mailed them, and I believe several others here in the U.S. can help them secure one of the remaining 3-D prints, so between now and next year, it shouldn’t be too hard. Best of luck to’em as well!

  8. Paramount Pictures has available for rent a print of Friday the 13th in 3D. But don\\\’t forget you\\\’ll need a 35mm projector and platter system plus a silver screen and special 3D lens to project it properly. Not to mention polarized glasses to see it. It\\\’s ain\\\’t gonna be cheap to show Friday 3D in the way it is suppose to be shown.

  9. Part 3, if it’s in 3D.

  10. I have a feeling 1-8 are going to win out, because most of us are of the age that we’ve been able to see the New Line movies on a big screen. I mean, there are probably a lot of you older ones on here too, but even then its more refreshing to see the older ones again on a big screen. I voted for Jason Lives. Part 3 was probably my favorite, but I would love to see Horseshack’s heart ripped out in a big screen.

  11. They should show 1, 2 & 3 on Friday, 4, 6 & 7 on Saturday. Those entries would be fan-pleasing, and make for some fun viewing!

  12. Brandon,

    You don’t have to purchase a gold pass to get in to the screenings, you can buy a separate admission for each event, and the screenings will be $13.00. Kinda makes good sense to buy the all inclusive package you know?

    Also, I’d love to show these movies for free, but sadly, we actually have to pay a TON of money to be able to license these films and screen them in public.

    No worries though, when you are watching some old school F13th films with the cast members of said films sitting right next to you, $13.00 (or the price of a gold pass) will seem like a distant memory.

  13. I hope to see part 6! Best friday sequel and watching it with Thom Matthews, what an opportunity!


  15. i think they should show the first 3 cause part one started it, part 2 shows sack head, and three is where he gets his mask, then they should possibly show part 6, to show undead jason, in my opinion the first 6 were the only good ones.

  16. I’d love to see Part 3 in polarized clear 3-D, but I’d still pick 3 either way cause it’s my favorite. I got to see 7 at the drive in when I was a kid, which was the first time I’d ever seen a Friday movie… I only liked the first 7. 1-4 were the only straight out horror, 5 was ok (my least fav of the 7) and 6 & 7 were fun horror/comedy flicks, after that the series just got plain stupid.

  17. I really hope an uncut version of Part 2 is restored some day. How great would it be to see 2 uncut on the big screen?

  18. Without a doubt Part 3, if it’s in 3d. If not, then I’d say The Final Chapter… Part 2 uncut is a nice thought, but I don’t think it will ever happen.

  19. I’ve got to go with 2, since it’s my favorite. 3, or maybe 4 would be a close second.

  20. How could anyone not pick part 3 in 3-d?

  21. Why would anyone pick the remake? It was playing in theaters not too long ago… And I didn’t think it was worth a squirt of piss.

  22. I voted Part 3 because that’s really where you get the modern Jason. His iconic Hockey Mask, many of his Pre-Kane mannerisms, half human half… somehow not appearance, and the three act, introduce, begin kill/past trauma, finish kills and final confrontation were really hammered out. Part 3 marks when ‘Jason’ as most people really know him had his first appearance. And this formula is used would be the hallmark formula the can clearly be traced throughout the franchise, and the genre, to this day.

  23. Jason Lives is the number 3 requested movie. wow, I am surprised!

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