“Man In The Lake” Film Caps And Behind The Scenes Pics

Director Ron McLellen and the Southlan-Films crew just wrapped a two day shoot on location at camp and they returned with some pictures and information to share. Below, you can see the very first official shots from the new film, “The Man In The Lake”. The images are screen captures and we get to see what Jason will look like on film in action. He truly is the man in the lake!

Below the screen captures of the film are some behind the scenes images taken during the filming. Images include a great shot of the crew posing for the camera as well as a few more photos of Jason in action and an unfortunate victim. One final thing to take note of, the director mentioned that the trailer for the film will be debuting soon, so keep an eye out for that!

Film Captures of “The Man In The Lake”

Behind The Scenes of “The Man In The Lake”

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23 Responses to “ “Man In The Lake” Film Caps And Behind The Scenes Pics ”

  1. what is this? is this a fan made movie? i guess it is, is it a sequel to the old movies or something?

  2. Yeah, tell us..is this a fan made film, or a spoof?….and will it hit theatres around the world?…..nice to see the hock…

  3. The guy in the Misfits hat looks like Mike Schank from American Movie…

  4. This is our fan made homage film to the Friday the 13th franchise. It will be released on You Tube Friday August 13th of this year. Join the fan page on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/profile.html?id=718046752#!/pages/MAN-IN-THE-LAKE-Official-Fan-Page/278862841916?ref=sgm

  5. This is a fan film and no this isn’t going to be released in theaters, this will be straight to DVD.

  6. Yea, everyone. We have been covering this film for a few months. Check out the progression of the film by checking out the link below.


  7. I should be so up for this because of the nature of fan films but this is looking really damn good.

  8. The more pics I see, the more I want to watch this fan film. I have a feeling its going to be great.

  9. That last picture is awesome. Jason looks so creepy!

  10. That girl in the first two pictures is hot! :-) What’s her name? Does she have a Myspace page?

  11. people still use MySpace? Holy crap I thought we’ve all moved onto Facebook and Twitter lol

  12. It could be worse, Wafflenator. He could be like “I would love to have a chat with her on Prodigy.” Now, THAT would be old. I still have a MySpace…along with a twitter and facebook.

  13. They look really good!!
    Look forward too seeing the video!!

  14. What’s wrong with Myspace? I was just wondering if this girl had some kind of personal page on Myspace that’s all. She’s hot! :-)

  15. Haha It’s cool James Smith, I got a friend who is an official Myspace Creeper, he just tries to pickup girls on there…he’ll wind up on “To Catch a Predator” soon enough lol

    Hoss- You know whats worse, the Pen Pals Company lol

  16. Wow this is going to dvd. Then it must be awesome then, I mean don’t get me wrong I’ve seen some pretty cool fan made films ovr the years especially the Jason vs. Michael Myers one that I saw. Good stuff! I’m REALLY interested in this one though. I’ll be looking for it on youtube in August!

  17. This looks really interesting, the quality of the screen grabs tells me that this is more than just your run of the mill fan film. I guess I will never understand why someone would out this much effort into something unsellable, but I am not complaining, I am looking forward to it

  18. Can’t wait to check this out. All the locations look ideal, spot on from all the pics I’ve seen so far. Jason looks especially cool too.

  19. I know its a fan made movie, but I honestly hope that guy was joking when jason was about to stab him, cause that made it look more comedic than anything. And the girl in the boat you can almost tell she is waiting for him to grab her so she can scream..

    Ehh at best, but I wish you the best

  20. Yes, the behind the scene pictures were just the cast and crew having fun. I am sure the final product will be fun and entertaining to watch!

  21. Maybe the filmmakers should not post any more behind the scenes pictures. Obviously some people do not know the difference between screen caps and behind the scene shots. As far as the boat pictures go, If I am not mistaken you are looking at two frames of film. These are the screen pulls I believe, so how can you tell anything about her reaction? So Mr “Ehh at best.” I think you should understand what you are talking about before you talk. Go watch mainstream films, that’s probably more your speed. I for one look forward to this and completely disagree with what this Joe Muller dude said. Sorry but I hate when people use their mouth before their brains engage.

  22. Well some people just do not know the difference between behind the scenes pictures and actual screen caps. Maybe he can differentiate between the two now. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. The trailer should be uploaded on Monday June 21st

  23. TONY HAAS why are you so upset with my opinion? I hope the movie turns out great, just didnt like those two pictures, But in deed if they are just the cast fooling around I take back my “Ehh” comment.

    Relax buddy, its just a website dont stress your self out so much.

    How do you know what “My Speed” is?

    You dont know me, nor my speed..

    Either way good luck with the movie, and I will be buying a dvd of it.

    Thank you

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