Sneak Preview: His Unlucky Day


I have been hanging onto pictures for this preview for a couple of weeks now. I promised I would not release the photos until the time was right, however, I had to offer at least a small glimpse to everyone here. Take a look at something very special that will be released soon to the general public. Also, look for a complete interview accompanying the full unveiling of this very soon! Everyone here will be in awe!


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9 Responses to “ Sneak Preview: His Unlucky Day ”

  1. ???

  2. Very cool! I’m looking forward to this.

  3. now I’m super excited

  4. I just realized that photos of this product have been released in certain circles. Hopefully, I will be able to show everyone something more very soon!

  5. you guys will not be disappointed ;)

  6. Very exciting. I wonder if this is a new Sideshow statue?

  7. much better then sideshow ;)

  8. this is just cruel…what is it????

  9. Ok. I know it: Platinum Dunes has decided to make another Friday the 13th as if their reboot never happened. They has decided to continue the Tommy Jarvis storyline, and they are going to bring back Harry Manfredini to score it the classic way. Shannon and Swift are now gone and a new writer is on board. Corey Feldman said YES to repeat his role again and producers at Platinum Dunes are just waiting an answer of director Joseph Zito to get the job.

    Hearing this would be the only thing that’d amaze me…

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