Kirsten Baker Added To Huge Monster-Mania 16

We are big supporters of fan conventions as they offer the perfect opportunity for people to metet the actors and behind the scenes people that have helped create some of our beloved Friday the 13th films. This weekend, there is a rare opportunity to meet some Friday the 1 3th alumn that have never made appearances before. Mellanie Kinneman (Pam Roberts, Friday the 13th: A New Beginning) is one name that will be a first time attendee to one of these conventions and she shouild be a lot of fun to talk to.

Now, another new name has been added to the already impressive lineup. Kirsten Baker (Terri, Friday the 13th Part 2) will be attending her first convention and this should be a real treat for fans to ask her questions about those shorts she wore. Did she really take that slingshot pebble to the rear and what was it like to work that little dog Muffin.

For more information on the event, visit Monster-Mania’s website. For those attending, have fun at the event this coming weekend!

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10 Responses to “ Kirsten Baker Added To Huge Monster-Mania 16 ”

  1. Kirsten Baker is the hottest woman to ever be in a F13 movie. No one wore shorts better than her.

  2. What an awesome lineup! I wonder if you guys could interview Kirsten Baker. I would love to hear her thoughts on Part 2.

  3. I would like to meet Melanie Kinneman. She is hot!

  4. Oh yea, is anyone going to this?

  5. I know of a few people that are attending this, but unfortunately, I am unable to make it out there. I wish I could as this would be a great chance to not only meet the Friday the 13th stars, but talk to some of the people from the Nightmare and ROTLD cast.

  6. You guys say so and so is hot, but are you taking that from the picture of that time or do you know what they look like today? Just curious.

  7. I actually might go. I live in Maryland and according to Google maps it’s 48 minutes away.

  8. Damn! Miguel Nunez Jr. is lookin’ pretty hot!!

  9. I really hope someone get some good pics of Kirsten & Melanie so we can all see it. Hopefully they hold up well like Amy Steel, Dana Kimmell, etc. :)

  10. I am going to this, can’t wait, MM15 was a blast with all the Friday alumns there.

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