Video Review Saturday: International Movie Posters

internationalposterI collect a number of posters from the franchise and  really like to obtain foreign and unique posters that are not normally seen in the United States. Two of my favorite posters are reviewed today in the video and I hope everyone likes what I have to show. I have a few others like these and will show those in the near future.

Advertising and marketing are key ingredients in selling a movie and owning marketing materials from other countries gives a unique perspective on how they were able to get fans out to the cinema!



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8 Responses to “ Video Review Saturday: International Movie Posters ”

  1. Sweet posters

  2. It’s not Italien it’s french… I too have a good collection of Friday still maybe not as etensive as yours..

  3. That is the coolest poster for part 5 that Ive ever seen. I always liked the image of Tommy with a machete standing by the mask. Somewhere in my VHS collection lies the American version of part 5. And as we all know the cover sucks, a generic ripoff mask with light coming through it. I never understood that.

  4. Urizen,
    You got it right. :) I have so many things in different languages and I thought I was reading Venerdi, which is Italian. That particular poster is Vendredi. Thanks for pointing it out.

  5. I wish I had a camera, ide show my collection, I have like 20 toys, all american posters, machetes, 2 custom made costumes and a crapload of masks

  6. Man I love foreign posters. Especially the ones that are completely different/cooler than ours. These two are very cool. I love the fact that their are just as many Friday fans here in the states, as their are in Europe. This series truly knows no bounds. The Final Chapter one was cool I love the German lettering. Awesome and keep on collecting man. I can’t believe the size of the poster. Most posters are bigger than that. Good luck finding a frame to fit the poster.

  7. Love the italian new beginning poster.

    That is an awesome image and very creepy.

    Was nver happy with the US Video / poster for New Begining.

    I do remember when Friday 5 opened in 1985, even though i was 10, that my local newspaper had the image from the foreign poster showing next to the review of the film.

    Always thought that was odd because it was the only place I remember seeing the image here in the states.

  8. Hi there!
    I’m really enjoying your videos, plz give us more of them!
    I’m through all parts beside the modern remake of 2024 (will watch it this weekend)

    Btw. I’m from Germany, if you are interested to get a translation of some of your fancy merchandise collection, drop me a mail.

    Your poster says:

    JASON RETURNS. (literally: Jason is coming back.)
    A movie in which you will scream (because) of fear.

    Friday the 13.
    The last chapter

    P.S. I have seen almost all parts of the series in English only, only a few in German dubbing ;)

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