Friday the 30th Reunion: Mega Update, DO NOT MISS THIS POST


I have been waiting patiently for the guys at Pit of Horror and the organisers of the Texas Fearfest conventions to announce their big Halloween update. And now you will not be disappointed as the one and only Steve Miner will be in attendance!! He has never before appeared at a con or graced any of the DVD releases. Now, he will be at the reunion to answer all of the fans questions. HUGE, and I mean HUGE guest for all fans of the franchise.

Other directors announced are John Carl Buechler and Tom McLoughlin which are some of the coolest guys around and great to talk to about movies. Other highlights include the entire schedule of Friday films being shown, including Friday the 13th Part 3 in 3-D!! Check out the entire update from the the official website,

Hey guys, MEGA update here! Guest additions include directors:

Steve Miner (F13th 2 & 3) *first con* *FRIDAY & SATURDAY ONLY*
Tom McLoughlin (Jason Lives) *first con*
John Carl Buechler (New Blood)

We are sure you will agree that this alone is great for the show, however, it doesn’t stop there! Also appearing:

Robbi Morgan (F13th 1980)
Harry Crosby (F13th 1980) *first con*
Tiffany Helm (F13th 5) *first con*
Nancy McLoughlin (Jason Lives) *First con*
Derek Mears (Jason Voorhees – F13th remake and F13th part 2)
Chris Carnel (Stunt coordinator F13th remake, also the miner in My Bloody Valentine remake)
Arlen Escarpeta (F13th remake)
America Olivo (F13th remake)

Not only amazing guest additions, but also screening information as follows!!!

Friday Night Frights presents “The Paramount era on the big screen” (dusk to 2am on the pavilion, right outside of the convention center)

Friday the 13th
Friday the 13th part 2
Friday the 13th 3-D
Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter

Saturday Evening – (prior to Fear Jam)

Friday the 13th 6: Jason Lives
Friday the 13th 7: The New Blood
Friday the 13th 8: Jason Takes Manhattan

All screenings will have a short intro by the director and or cast members, but no Q & A sessions will take place due to time constraints. We will literally have to screen each film, back to back.

Jason Goes to Hell, Jason X, Freddy vs Jason, and the Friday the 13th remake will all be screened (with celebrity appearances) at various points throughout the weekend in screening room A & B.

This is already the ultimate Friday the 13th event… and we have so much more to organise! if you are a fan, you need to attend!”

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25 Responses to “ Friday the 30th Reunion: Mega Update, DO NOT MISS THIS POST ”

  1. Oh… my… god!!!
    Seems so long till august!

  2. I’m so freaking ready for august 13

  3. Oh….Wow….It’ll be nice going to USA “only” for this…

  4. blimy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that sounds fantastic!!!!!!! wish i could go :( :( :( :(

  5. Steve Miner is a VERY cool guy. When he was filming Friday the 13th Part 2, he was always open to the suggestions of the cast and that is what made the film so great. He wasn’t use to directing films back then so everyone told him what to do and he always listened with open ears. It was like the world was new to him and he was a young boy eager to learn from everybody else. Everything was so innocent back in those days and Miner was like a blank canvas…every member of the Friday Part 2 crew got a brush stroke on him. Warrington Gillette told Steve Miner how Jason needed to be scary and all Steve Miner had to do was say “Action!” when he was behind the camera and Gillette did everything else. Amy Steel said, “You know this film needs? A scene where I piss myself silly.” Steve Miner said, “Oh my God! That’s brilliant! Why didn’t I think of that?” I think it is truly awesome that he is finally going to show up and tell the world what is was really like to be part of this amazing franchise!

  6. cant wait what a birthday that will be

  7. sounds great! i would love to go to this! :)

  8. Anyone catch Spike TV this morning? They showed part 3 at 8 a.m. central time, followed by part 2. Had I know, I would have called in sick to work today!!

  9. I dvr’d it Tim

  10. The editing is always fun to watch on TV, and there’s just something that makes it feel really cool, like when one of your favorite songs is on the radio. Sure you have it on your ipod, but it’s just cool to hear it on the radio.

  11. cool, my brother lives in texas he is sure to go.

  12. I’ll be hauling my ass down from Toronto for this one! My first convention! Sweet!

  13. this will be a great time, i can;t wait !

  14. I am beyond stoked for this

  15. I would kill to go to Texas to be apart of this! I absolutely love this series!!!

  16. WalMart Man, back from the dead???

  17. Hey ShoutAtTheDevil,

    Not exactly back from the dead but definitely back to making some good comments and sharing my opinions about the franchise we all love!

  18. I guess the biggest surprise for me regarding the docket of Friday’s past is Harry Crosby, who played Bill. Harry has for all intents and purposes shunned the franchise for years. I guess he suffered some kind of injury to his eye, due to the special effects makeup/latex that was applied. I wonder why he has had a change of heart? I doubt that I will make it down to Texas, so if one of you guys on here attends, you will have to prod a little and find out. Talk about a great lineage, Harry being the son of one of the greatest performers of all time. That’s worth the price of admission right there.

  19. this is awesome
    this will be my first horror convention ever
    and im so glad it will be friday the 13th!

  20. Never thought I’d step foot in Dallas in my entire life, being a Philly Eagles fan, but this is just too good to miss. any word on a midnight group viewing of the remake sequel on Thursday night/Friday morning?

  21. Anybody no what happend to the Friday the 30th web site cause now there is a hot college girl on the main page of ever is taking care of that site is doing a very poor job of updating the site of many things.These guys that are doing this show need to realize that fans are coming from around the world to this one show.Not to forget all of the fans that will be taking out loans just to be there!

  22. Yes absolutely, Jason’s right – it’s completely gone!! I’m sure many of us need to sign up for this event urgently!!!

  23. Is there anyone out there who knows where it’s gone – please???

  24. I notified the owners, so they should have it resolved soon.

  25. Thanks Jason – here’s hoping!

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