Jason Goes To Hell Dagger Sold on Ebay

I saw this dagger for sale last week and although it looked very cool, I just could not see spending the money that was being asked by the seller. The dagger would have been a great piece to add to a Friday the 13th fan’s collection. The seller mentioned that only the handle was bought many years ago and that it was unpainted. The handle was a backup for the screen-used dagger seen in the film. The seller painted the handle and then added the blade.

Again, this would have been awesome to own. The paint work is great and the dagger is something spectacular to look at, but $650 for an item that was not even used on-screen is a tough pill to swallow.

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6 Responses to “ Jason Goes To Hell Dagger Sold on Ebay ”

  1. I agree, Jason. The dagger looks awesome…but that price is pretty ridiculous. I wouldn’t pay any more than 200 for it. Anyway, the seller did a great job on the paint. Being a huge fan of JGTH, I’d love to have that in my collection. Congrats to whoever wins the auction!

  2. That looks really good. I thought at first it was the dagger from the movie. Even though, I am not a fan of JGTH, I still think it would be cool to own. Just not for that price!

  3. LOL yea right, whoever has this thing and selling it for this price is nuts. I’m sure he’ll find spme sucker to buy it. But yea, sell a weapon, good choice!! LOL

  4. some not spme lol wow

  5. Thats kickass!!! That is a bit pricey, but it looks great.

  6. Meh…

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