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Only a week late with this information, but last weekend Tom Mathews (Tommy Jarvis, Jason Lives) was a guest on’s Saturday night show. The guys at Deadpit discussed Tom’s role in Return of the Living Dead 1 and 2 as well as Jason Lives. So, if you want a chance to hear Tom Mathews thoughts on the historic and cult Return of the Living Dead series as well as his experiences with filming Jason Lives, click on the banner above to open the broadcast.

To get to the start of the interview, go to 40 minutes 54 seconds. There is some great information about Tom’s start in the industry and everything that has to do with the production process for his most notable films.

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12 Responses to “ Interviews Tom Mathews ”

  1. Was going to listen to it, I even skipped to where the interview was supposed to start. But the idiots on the telecast (the DeadPit guys) sound so incredibly stupid, that I couldn’t stand to stick around and listen to the actual interivew

  2. @Chris:

    That’s way you try to be less simple minded and overlook their “accents” and judge them on their knowledge of horror movies.

    The Deadpit guys may sound silly with their Kentucky mannerisms but anyone that has ever followed UB and CK knows these guys know their horror and thats a fact.

    Shame you couldn’t stop stereotyping long enough to pay attention.

  3. Right on, MWD. DEADPIT rules.

  4. Hey you took my screen name!!! lol

  5. The interview is kind of slow. There’s a couple of interesting tidbits, but over-all, I found it to be a snooze-fest.

  6. i’m not stereotyping anything. I’ve listened to the Deadpit guys in the past with no problems, it’s just that in this particular clip, I got the vibe of them trying to purposely act stupid and dumb and thinking it’s funny… it has nothing to do with being from Kentucky or Tennessee or wherever

  7. @Chris:

    Yeah I probably shouldn’t have been so hard on you but I hear people all the time putting them down (and 95% of the time its because of how they sound) and they are nice guys and I just felt like defending them. Truth is I was the one stereotyping since you never said anything that I accused you of so my bad.

    Just being from the south myself I hear a lot of people insulting intelligence based upon the tone of someone’s voice so I get touchy on that subject lol.

    So sorry for blowing up on ya!


  8. “it has nothing to do with being from Kentucky or Tennessee or wherever”

    I’m a native of west Tennessee (although haven’t lived there for years) and grew up in the suburbanite modest sized city of Jackson (noteable of the birth and death place of Carl Perkins of “Blue Seude Shoes” fame), and they’re from much farther away in a rural county called Prestonsburg located in east Kentucky, very close to the boarders of the two Virgina’s I believe. So yes they are indeed Appilation’s from a rural county, but I’m glad to see others like Steve of MadWorld defending them.

    Now yes admitedly they’re accents and juvenile/middle school years sense of humor is unfortunately a largely weak aspect of both they’re free radio show/podcast as well as they’re YouTube vids (located here:, but in more then mild defence of them, they seemingly do seem to (mostly) know they’re old school retro horror shit as the kids would say, and have a large preferance for non-mainstream, old school Slasher films, zombie epics and some not too degrading Exploitation fare. As well as less pretenious indie fare and the nicer batch of more modern ’90s on upward batch of genre films.

    And they’re also in they’re only now celebrating full five year (not to mention totally free of charge, God bless’em) run have managed to crank out a lot of (often multiple-part) priceless noteable genre film celeb audio interviews, and a solid collection of YouTube vids. One of the things I look forward to every Friday morning is downloading the latest show in HD and then later on popping in my Philips headphones into my trusty HP TouchSmart and givng the good ole’ boys of Prestonsburg a listen. I honestly have no future plans to ever call-in myself or to even write them anymore, as I’ve done that over six times now and I don’t ever see my e-mail getting read (which is fare enough; I’m sure they get more then they’re fare share). I also love hearing guests like DVD & Blu-Ray producer Michael “slipcase” Felsher calling in to give us all a low-down on the latest big old school genre films coming to be remastered in high definition (especially since last year I got a more modern LED TV set as well as a blu-ray home theater system set up up).

    I’m convinced now it’s the humor–which I’ll admit sadly can get more then a little tiring–as well as they overall thickness of they’re accents that sadly drives many off. And while I didn’t choose to be born down here behind the Mason Dixon Line, try not to stereotype us all too much and to cut us all down. :) I used to post on a big genre film DVD & Blu-Ray form that is infamous, and a woman who was born in Spain (as in Espana) and raised in suburban Arizona laughed her ass off in a post in which I mentioned I was born in Nashville. I had to make a nice, gentlemanly post in telling her my future plans, which includes learning both the Spanish and French languages as well as what all I was doing at the time, in order to tell her that me and her are truely one and the same. And we actually become solid online friends/buddies before I deleted my account there.

    And I appologize for this overly long post. It’s just that I don’t see too much wrong with being born in the south. But my post is really in defence of

  9. Deadpit is great, Give them a chance they know there stuff.
    Tom matthews sounded likes hes got no teeth or developed a bad lisp, wierd.

  10. I didn’t think the interview was that bad. A lot of times it really depends on the person that is being interviewed and how much they are into the whole thing. I liked what Thom had to say about Jason lives and the Return series. And the fact that he was calling from George Clooney’s house was awesome!

  11. It was a pretty cool interview, but yea he sounded like he was a tad off.

  12. Regarding Tom Matthews: Didn’t he leave the business to start a construction company? How’s that going for him?

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