His Name Is Jason Interview List Update

Here are some more names interviewed for the upcoming landmark doco, His Name Is Jason. Happy to see some remake faces in there!

Harry Manfredini

Steve Daskawicz
Richard Brooker
Ted White
Dick Wieand
Tom Morga
Ken Kirzinger
Derek Mears
Amanda Righetti
Travis Van Winkle
Nick Mennell
Marcus Nispel
Brad Fuller
Greg Nicotero
Tom Savini

Read on for the rest of interviewees this adds to.
Adam Green
Adam Marcus
Adrienne King
Al Magliochetti
Amy Steel
Anthony Timpone
Ari Lehman
Barney Cohen
Betsy Palmer
Bill Randolph
Bob DeSimone
Bonnie Hellman
C.J. Graham
Camilla More
Carey More
Catherine Parks
Chuck Campbell
Cynthia Kania
Danny Steinmann
Darcy DeMoss
David Kagen
Debi Sue Voorhees
Diana Barrows
Diane Almeida
Douglas Curtis
Elizabeth Kaitan
Erich Anderson
Felissa Rose
James Isaac
James Roday
Jeff Katz
Jeffrey Reddick
Joe Lynch
John Carl Buechler
John Furey
Joseph Zito
Judie Aronson
Kane Hodder
Kevin Spirtas
Lar Park-Lincoln
Larry Zerner
Lauren-Marie Taylor
Lawrence Monoson
Lisa Ryder
Marilyn Poucher
Mark Swift
Martin Jay Sadoff
Nancy McLoughlin
Paul Kratka
Peter Bracke
Peter Mark Richman
Rachel Belofsky
Robert V. Galluzzo
Russell Todd
Ryan Turek
Sean S. Cunningham
Seth Grahame-Smith
Seth Green
Shavar Ross
Staci Layne Wilson
Steve Barton
Stuart Charno
Todd Farmer
Tom McLoughlin
Victor Miller
Vincent Guastaferro
Warrington Gillette
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46 Responses to “ His Name Is Jason Interview List Update ”

  1. Holy crap that’s a lotta people, I wonder if any of them will have cameos in the remake

  2. Wow, much better! That makes a big difference right there – on-camera interviews with Steve Daskawicz, Richard Brooker, Ted White, Dick Wiend and Tom Morga! :O
    It used to look good, but now I’m certain this’ll be a fantastic documentary!

  3. As Robin noted, gotta love those interviewees.;)

    Especially when I read:

    “Steve Daskawicz
    Richard Brooker
    Ted White
    Dick Wieand
    Tom Morga”

    And also the always lovely Catherine Parks from Part 3 and good ol’ Debi-Sue Voorhees. The lovely ladies of Crystal Lake Essex County rock :D

    I’m so excited about this defenative documentary. Bring it on, baby. :D

  4. The list by films:

    Friday the 13th

    Adrienne King (Alice)
    Ari Lehman (Jason Voorhees)
    Harry Manfredini (Composer)
    Betsy Palmer (Pamela Voorhees)
    Tom Savini (Special Makeup Effects)
    Sean S. Cunningham (Producer / Director)
    Victor Miller (Writer)

    Friday the 13th Part 2

    Adrienne King (Alice)
    Amy Steel (Ginny)
    Betsy Palmer (Pamela Voorhees)
    Bill Randolph (Jeff)
    Harry Manfredini (Composer)
    John Furey (Paul Holt)
    Lauren-Marie Taylor (Vicky)
    Russell Todd (Scott)
    Steve Daskawicz (Hooded Jason Voorhees)
    Stuart Charno (Ted)
    Warrington Gillette (Unmasked Jason Voorhees)

    Friday the 13th Part 3

    Catherine Parks (Vera)
    Larry Zerner (Shelly)
    Marilyn Poucher (Second AD / Pamela Voorhees Corpse)
    Martin Jay Sadoff (3D Supervisor)
    Paul Kratka (Rick)
    Richard Brooker (Jason Voorhees)

    The Final Chapter

    Barney Cohen (Writer)
    Bonnie Hellman (Hitchhiker)
    Camilla More (Tina)
    Carey More (Terri)
    Erich Anderson (Rob)
    Joseph Zito (Director)
    Judie Aronson (Samantha)
    Lawrence Monoson (Ted)
    Ted White (Jason Voorhees)
    Tom Savini (Special Makeup Effects)

    A New Beginning

    Bob DeSimone (Billy / Male Nurse)
    Danny Steinmann (Writer / Director)
    Debi Sue Voorhees (Tina)
    Dick Wieand (Roy)
    Shavar Ross (Reggie)
    Tom Morga (Jason Voorhees)

    Jason Lives

    C.J Graham (Jason Voorhees)
    Cynthia Kania (Anette)
    Darcy DeMoss (Nicki)
    David Kagen (Sheriff Michael Garris)
    Nancy McLoughlin (Lizbeth)
    Tom McLoughlin (Writer / Director)
    Vincent Guastaferro (Deputy Rick Cologne)

    The New Blood

    Diana Barrows (Maddy)
    Diane Almeida (Kate)
    Elizabeth Kaitan (Robin)
    John Carl Buechler (Director / Special Makeup Effects)
    Kane Hodder (Jason Voorhees / Stunt Coordinator)
    Kevin Spirtas (Nick)
    Lar Park-Lincoln (Tina)
    Martin Jay Sadoff (Editor)

    Jason Takes Manhattan

    Kane Hodder (Jason Voorhees)
    Peter Mark Richman (Charles McCulloch)

    Jason Goes To Hell

    Adam Marcus (Director)
    Al Magliochetti (Visual Effects, also on F13: The Series)
    Greg Nicotero (Special Makeup Effects)
    Kane Hodder (Jason Voorhees / guard / Freddy’s arm)
    Sean S. Cunningham (Producer)

    Jason X

    Chuck Campbell (Tsunaron)
    James Isaac (Director)
    Kane Hodder (Jason Voorhees)
    Lisa Ryder (Kay-Em 14)
    Sean S. Cunningham (Executive Producer)
    Todd Farmer (Dallas / Writer)

    Freddy vs. Jason

    Douglas Curtis (Executive Producer)
    Mark Swift (Writer)
    Ken Kirzinger (Jason Voorhees)
    Sean S. Cunningham (Producer)

    Friday the 13th (2009)

    Amanda Righetti (Whitney)
    Brad Fuller (Producer)
    Derek Mears (Jason Voorhees)
    Mark Swift (Writer)
    Marcus Nispel (Director)
    Nick Mennell (Mike)
    Sean S. Cunningham (Executive Producer)
    Travis Van Winkle (Trent)


    Adam Green (Director of Hatchet)
    Anthony Timpone (Editor of Fangoria Magazine)
    Felissa Rose (Angela in Sleepaway Camp)
    James Roday (Shawn Spencer in Psych)
    Jeff Katz (Vice President of New Line Cinema)
    Jeffrey Reddick (Writer of Final Destination 1-4)
    Joe Lynch (Director of Wrong Turn 2: Dead End)
    Peter Bracke (Author of Crystal Lake Memories)
    Rachel Belofsky (Producer of Going To Pieces)
    Robert V. Galluzzo (Director of The Psycho Legacy)
    Ryan Turek (Himself in The Psycho Legacy)
    Seth Grahame-Smith (Writer of Vendettas)
    Seth Green (Actor / Creator of Robot Chicken)
    Staci Layne Wilson (Reporter / Reviewer / Author)
    Steve “Uncle Creepy” Barton (The Horror Channel)

  5. The official MySpace-page includes photos of Rob Hedden and Robbi Morgan being interviewed as well.

  6. Oh, and the IMBD-page also lists Jensen Daggett (yay!) and Mike Cucinotta. It also both lists a Steven Barton and a Steve Barton.

    Alright, I’ll stop being so pedantic now. Looks like a fabulous documentary.

  7. Ah, see now I knew when I mentioned Steve Daskawicz a while back on the original thread for this he’d eventually come up as being apart of this. Awesome! Such an impressive list. Does anyone know how long this DVD is going to be? Also what extra/special features will be included? I’m going to assume they’ll have convention Q&A’s w/ cast members, writers, directors etc. as apart of any special features. One final annoying question, is this a 2 disc set? I’m sure these questions have been answered somewhere but I don’t have to time to look right now, sorry guys.

  8. I like the interviewees, this will definitely be a memorable documentary. My good buddy Adam Green is going to be on here too, sweet. This is looking good I will definitely buy it the day it comes out.

  9. Holy Sh%t ! What a list ! This is going to be GREAT ! This is looking like the DVD version of Crystal Lake Memories. ( A book which if you don’t have it, you MUST get it, or don’t bother calling yourself a diehard F13 fan. ) I’ve been waiting for over 20 years to see something even one tenth as involved as this. They’ve got all the Jasons !! Paramount could never be bothered to put anything like this together. They’ve proven that time and time again.

    We DESERVE this ! We who have seen the series’ quality decline over the years. We who have seen Sean S. Cunningham put Jason in f%cking space !? ( O.K. I didn’t completely hate that one, it was cool for what it was worth, but it was an even dumber concept than Jason in New York City ) We who have been with the series from Paramount to New Line. We who have been humbly waiting for SOMEONE to throw us a f%cking bone ! Well here it is.

    I disagree with anyone who is cynical enough to have already made up their mind that the remake, or this documentary will not be good, or that it will be another piece of sh%t remake, or whatever. Those people, it seems to me, haven’t put in the time that I and others have. Patiently loving these films, and waiting, hoping, that the day might come someday when someone would actually take us seriously for once.

    What this remake and documentary will be is quite simple. They will be the only two pieces of our beloved F13 franchise in a VERY LONG TIME that anyone making them gave a sh%t about ! They ( specifically the doco ) will be the only things that will have truly tried to satisfy the fans. I applaud the makers of these projects wholeheartedly, and wish the detractors would shut up and f%ck off. If you’re just going to whine about “the jacket” – “this actor’s not in the doco” – “Kane Hodder should be Jason, what are they thinking?” – blah, blah, blah…then you’re missing the point.

    The point is this. The series has been in existence since 1980. It is now 2024. And with the exception of TWO BOOKS, and ONE rush-job DVD ( Killer Extras ) there has been NOTHING put forth for the real die hard fans. In 28 years !! You know, the ones who have purchased VHS, DVD, and boxed set versions of these films. Lets not forget the collectibles, and posters, and memorabilia. The people who have basically bankrolled this franchise since day one. The people who have seen their “investment” in F13 squandered over the years.

    I may be a sucker for punishment ( actually, i’m sure that I am ) but these new projects sound VERY right to me, and they have my full support and enthusiasm. I can’t wait to see them, and all I hope for is this: That the people making them give a shit about people like me. The people that they are making them for. If they do, everything will turn out just fine.

    Agree ? Disagree ?

  10. I agree, finally there is some interest brought back to the Friday the 13th franchise. The documentary and the remake will change things for sure. I’m looking forward to seeing what else will come out in the future. The remake is being made for a new generation of horror fans who are looking for sheer brutality and this film will deliver that.

  11. Damn right, people shouldn’t be whining about Jason wearing a jacket & other shi+ like that, i mean at least it beyond surpasses his look in FvJ. I think it may even be better than JTH or JX since they’re starting fresh, I also heard they’re gonna make him kinda sympathetic in this one, but I hope that only goes towards the chicks & small kids (if there are any at all in this one)

  12. I doubt there would be little kids in this, maybe in the flashback when Jason was young.

  13. This will have interviews from the best Jason’s too (Richard Brooker and Ted White). I loved 3 & 4, and those guys did Jason right. DLC, good point about the whole space deal, and NYC. I realize to keep the “general” audience insterested in Jason, you have to change things up a bit, however I thought there could have been a little more creativity, but then again I’m just a fan, not a genius writer like some of these guys. If I really knew what I was talking about, my name would be on the credits!

  14. I thought the whole body jumping thing was ridiculous. That wasn’t Friday the 13th, that storyline was a complete failure. I did not like it one bit. The only part I liked about it was where the girl got split in two with the pole as she was riding her boyfriend. That was the only kill I liked in that movie. Jason Takes Manhattan would have been a lot better if it had actually taken place in Manhattan throughout the entire movie, not mainly focusing on the love boat. I can see Jason lurking on the boat and stalking the teenagers until they get to the actual city, I can see Jason then killing the teenagers when he arrives at the city with them. Oh and I can definitely see Jason slaughtering those around him, not what he was doing in the movie by just standing there and looking around like he is lost. That movie could have been written better. What this franchise needs is to go back to the basics which they are doing and by the looks of it they are doing a fantastic job. The legend of Camp Blood will be there, the whole idea about the campground being cursed should be incorporated into that as well. I’m looking forward to next month’s Horrorhound, there will be an article on the remake and part two of the interview with Derek Mears. 2024 is going to be a good year for Friday the 13th.

  15. This list is all well and good but one person is missing. Crispin Glover!!! LOL!!! It turns out that George McFly wasn\’t a dead f*ck after all. Put that in your computer Teddy Bear!!! LMAO!!!

  16. LoL! That shit was funny with Crispin Glover & Ted about the computer. I see what you guys mean about part 8, I never really liked how they had him in Manhattan for less than an hour, it shouldv’e been the whole movie & he shoulda had more brutal kills & break people who destracted him like those punks who shi+ themselves when they saw his face, He could have taken em all on at once. Jason Goes to Hell was a terrible movie simply cuz they hardly showed Jason & the body jumping thing was dumb as fu<k, but what do you expect when the guy who wrote the script got killed second.

    I’m not even gonna get into Jason X which started nowhere & ended nowhere & was Sean Cunninghams idea believe it or not, but regardless none of the kills dissapointed me.

  17. The kills in that movie were good, they were creative but good. I liked how he dunked the girl’s head into the nitrogen and then slammed her frozen face onto the table. Bringing back the sleeping bag kill was fun also.

  18. “Oh, and the IMBD-page also lists Jensen Daggett (yay!)…”

    HORAY! The always lovely Jansen (Rennie from Part VIII) shall be in here as well! Too cool. I had such a mad b-movie star crush on her as a young lad when I first bought the super-shit quality SP mode VHS tape from Cashamount. ;)

    and to DLC:

    Dude, mega applause to everything you said!!! Right man, man, right fuckin’ on. :D Your such a fellow diehard fanatic like myself. :D


    Yeah bro, so true. Long live Mr. Brooker and Mr. White. My favorite Jason’s.

    And hopefully, this and the remake shall make Cashamount (those evil pricks are *far* worse then Mrs. Voorhees, Jason and Roy Burns/imposter pseudo-Jason ever were! lmao) finally, let us all hope, re-do the special edition boxset the RIGHT WAY for once and for all.

    Let’s all hope so …
    [crosses fingers]

  19. “HORAY! The always lovely Jansen (Rennie from Part VIII) shall be in here as well! Too cool. I had such a mad b-movie star crush on her as a young lad when I first bought the super-shit quality SP mode VHS tape from Cashamount. ;)

    She’s definitely one of (if not the) most real and honest actresses in the entire series, same thing with her character. There are few heroines you’d actually like to see survive, and she was one of them. :)

  20. “She’s definitely one of (if not the) most real and honest actresses in the entire series, same thing with her character. There are few heroines you’d actually like to see survive, and she was one of them.”

    So true, so true. Do this day, I’ve never seen her listed sitcom work as during the ’90s I avoided The Single Guy and Home Improvement like the plague (though I had relatives who loved’em both–go figure). If anyone any finds her stuff (aside from Part VIII, of course) on YouTube, please share.

    Also, being insanely beautiful and having an attainable looking beauty also helped greatly, of course. ;)

    Also, Rennie was also written in a nice way; for my money, Part VIII was the last true Friday instalment, and it ended the series for my money, and she defeated Jason. The New Line Cineme years never happened. They’re all pretty fuckin’ terrible.

    So glad to meet another Dagget fan outside of the IMDB …

  21. I was gonna ask about that chick too, she was hella hot back in part 8, but I also hope Dana Kimmel (Chris) & the other chicks from part 3, the twins & that one chick who got a hatchet in the chest from part 4 & Ashley from part 6 get in on this cuz you all know they were fine eye candy

  22. I tried to find some of her other stuff before, but was only able to come across her episode of “21 Jump Street” (“Awomp-Bomp-Aloobomb, Aloop Bamboom”). Guess she had some plot about her boyfriend going on, and she was in a bikini for her entire half of the episode. But I can remember really being knocked silly by seeing her in “Step by Step” (“The Marrying Dude”), she looked stunning and it was an instant connection to Friday the 13th. I guess Will & Grace and (just maybe) Brisco County Jr. should be possible too though.

    Anyway, that’s a bit off-topic. It’ll be great to see what they all have to share, I love hearing opinions on the series as a whole phenomenon – some support it and understand it, some never will, but are alright with it either way.

  23. I’d personally like to see this in the documentary:

    Rob Hedden ( Writer/Director Pt 8 ) The make-up crew from Pt 8 ( Responsable for Jason looking like someone threw up grey Play Doh on a manequin ) – Adam Marcus & Dean Lorey ( Writer/Director Pt 9 ) – and Sean S. Cunningham & Todd Farmer ( Who decided to launch Jason into space and turn him into a cyborg ) all sitting together. Then they could all look at each other confused and laugh uncomfortably when asked the $64, 000 question…

    “What the f%ck were you thinking ?”

    Then quickly cut to a shot of some kid wearing a dunce cap before they start stumbling over their words trying to justify the stupidity that they unleashed upon us.

    Just thought i’d vent a little. It’s only one man’s opinion.

    Thanks for listening.

  24. P.S.


    Nice to have a likeminded friend here, glad someone shares my point of view. And yes, Jensen Daggett was pretty cute.

  25. I have to say that I am absolutely stunned that Ted White took part in this. I mean, I am thrilled, but I figured there would be no way. Lol. This just keeps getting better and better. :)

  26. “Rob Hedden ( Writer/Director Pt 8 ) The make-up crew from Pt 8 ( Responsable for Jason looking like someone threw up grey Play Doh on a manequin )”

    LOL!!! You can say that again. That’s a pretty good description of what that looked like. For the most part there was some continuity with Jason’s look from part 3 to part 7. Then comes part 8. Not only did they get the eyes flip flopped but it looked like uuum play doh. A huge departure from part sevens awesome makeup. And don’t get me started with the whole child Jason in the fetal position when the waste drains off. WTF??? New Line didn’t help the look. He kept changing outfits, jackets and hockey masks and the unmasking in Jason X looks like a grade school kid did the effects. Go watch it and pause it when his mask gets cut off. You will have to turn your head since it’s upside down but you will notice the horrible work. Part 3 and six are my favorites but this series ended at 7 for me as well. Don’t get me wrong. I did have fun with elements of the later films with the exception of JGTH. That movie was complete shit!!!!!

  27. No Thom Matthews?


  28. Lol. Glad you liked that J Miggidy. I agree the ending was also pretty stupid.

  29. I’m so happy that they’re able to get so many freakin’ people on this thing! This is seriously going to be the greatest documentary that they’ve had. I seriously can not wait!

  30. DLC:

    Hey bro right back at cha. ;)

    And to Robin:

    cool, big thanks! Anchor bay has the 21 Jump Street DVDs out. And I got the Brisco County J.R. entire series boxset, but I haven’t touched some discs. I’ll now have to finally finish’em this year!

    Big thanks again …

  31. Every time they put Jason as a kid in part 8 was plain inbred, they never did that shi+ in any of the other ones which made it even more stupid. It was so dumb that they decided to show him looking different every time she saw him too & especially the most dumbest shi+ was at the end when they showed him lying in the toxic water sleeping, like wtf was that shi+ about?

  32. Good to see Amanda Righetti and Travis Van Winkle added – I like them both. Demon Jason, the axe chick from Part 4 is Barbara Howard (Sara) – it’d be cool to get her and Kimberly Beck (Trish).

    Where oh where is Juliette Cummins (Robin, A New Beginning) on the list!?

  33. From what I remember, Jason was born horribly disfigured, he wasn’t a normal looking kid. The makers of Jason Takes Manhattan didn’t do their research with how Jason looked as a young child. As far as the remake is concerned, I would like to see Jason use a different variety of weapons, he should have a toolshed full of them. I liked how creative they were with the first four movies, they used a different variety of tools. The speargun in part three was a very cool kill. I would like to see an homage to that one kill in the remake. From what I saw of the teaser trailer this remake is going to deliver sheer brutal kills. I can’t wait to see them.

  34. ” I liked how creative they were with the first four movies, they used a different variety of tools. The speargun in part three was a very cool kill. I would like to see an homage to that one kill in the remake.”

    Dude, your not alone, as me and DLC have been discussing it in the latest Blog. As I mentioned, I wanna see the more exploitation style killnings, with a wide variety of weapons, and not just that damn machete glued to his hand the whole time, and I feel the film makers should have studied the first five Friday instalments to see how it’s done.
    And gotta agree as I LOVE that spear gun killing of Vera in the awesome classic Part 3. :D

  35. “Who are you ? Hey now cut that’s not funny !” — WHAM !!

    Yes indeed, a classic. First kill ever while wearing the mask too !

  36. Hey DLC:

    Here’s a new articale, today, from Fangoria.com:


    Enjoy everyone …


  37. just wondering why no corey feldman? would’ve been nice to see an interview with him.

  38. It’s weird that no cast members from FVJ are in it (so far). I don’t care for the movie, but still…

  39. Thanks for posting that link captain_brandon1980. Good little article.

    Too bad Steve Miner won’t take part, I would have liked to hear more from him. Kevin Bacon though…ah whatever. I sort of get the feeling that he might rather forget about F13 completely. After all he did go on to star in the critically accliamed “Footloose”. And it’s not like he played a pivotal character in the series or anything.

    As far as Thom Mathews is concerned, too bad he didn’t make an appearance. I liked Pt 6 alot, and he’s also acheived “cult favorite” status for his work in the “Return Of The Living Dead” series. It would be cool to hear what he has to say about F13 all these years later.

    But Corey Feldman ?? Yes of course he was the original Tommy Jarvis. Pt 4 is a great installment. He was the marquee star of that installment. But didn’t anyone see his contribution to the “Killer Extras” DVD ? To me he came off like a real goof who is just barely aware that his time to shine is over. I’d rather hear Corey Haim talk about Corey Feldman’s involvment in the movie. Stay with your reality series Corey F. It is undoubtedly your last kick at the stardom cat.

    At least that’s the way I see it.

  40. Oh your welcome DLC, as well as everyone. It’s cool. ;)

    Yup I remember seeing Tom breifly in the interview parts to past year’s fresh Return of the Living Dead disc (which, already knowing it was from the same only so-so print of the seminal comedy/horror classic, I bought for the cast reunion commentary track and the fresh interviews), and I too was kinda baffled that he finally wasn’t gonna be on the His Name Was Jason documentary.

    I wasn’t really surprised to see Mr. Bacon not on there. He rarely talks about his earily stuff, such as John Landis’ classic Animal House (1978) or the first Friday. He actually has joked about it a few times, so I don’t feel he’s embarrassed; it’s just that he’s moved on to projects directed by Clint Eastwood (Mystic River) and the lot, and he works on such super serious and interesting films as The Woodsman, and I feel that maybe he feels that all of that work is not meaningful and oddly inferior, even though it helped him be who he is today? Who knows. you maybe right, though.

    I was as well really disappointed Mr. Matthews wasn’t on there, though. He always seem’s like sucha cool, laidback guy from the very few interviews I’ve seen of him. I had no idea untill I looked him up here and on the IMDB that he’s been friends with George Clooney for years. Apparently they’re basketball buddies and drinkin’ buddies and all. Whoa, cool, huh?

    Gotta agree Part 4 was a great instalment (that and 5 were the last ones I truely *LOVED* for numerous reasons; they’re the last Exploitation feeling Slasher instalments before a ton of humor kicked in for one thing). And indeed it was Cory who helped it. I feel that he’s kinda eccentric in a way, and yeah a bit of a goof ball, not wanting the ’80s to end, and in fact, hanging onto them in many ways. I didn’t really get his Friday 20 idea, although I can see where he was goin’. If he wanted to come back as the Tommy Jarvis character, that would be interesting. I feel him, John Sheppard especially, and Thom Matthews, all did fine in they’re respective instalments for the character.

    It wasn’t untill some fun counted on Wikipedia and I looked’em up out of boredom that I just realized how very little the Tommy Jarvis character actually said in Parts 4 and 5 recently. No lie, it’s under 30 words for each of them, minus laughter and crying out, ect. Very interesting.

    But yeah he kinda need’s to let go of the past. I keep hearing the latest Lost Boys was super a piece of shit. Too bad.

    By he way, the last two days I’ve wanted to post, but the “Enter the code shown in the image:” letters were just a big X. Did anyone else see that and have that problem? I was worried I was banned or somethin’ for my Harry Manfredini joke two playful blogs back! *lol* Just wanted to ask.

    Peace …

  41. Valid points all captain_brandon1980. The nice thing I guess, is that even without Kevin Bacon, Steve Miner, and Thom Mathews, this is still going to be an excellent documentary ! Appreciate your take on it though.

  42. Thanks DLC. Your gettin’ to be my favorite person to talk to on here.;)

    Indeed. With all of the folks on here, this is gonna be an excellant documentary! Never before have I been so excited about a documentary before. I just hope, appearing on the STARZ channel first, that it’ll be better then the dullard and only so-so Going to Pieces: The Rise and Fall of the Slasher Film. Which I didn’t really like like many (I recently re-watched it cause it was one; it was okay, namely cause when the original directors and investors spoke about they’re films, but too many ‘talkin’ heads” from people who didn’t have anything to do with’em, ect).

    Of course, this is shaping it to be a very, very cool and intersting project. I don’t know how it can fail. And also, with anyone with a debit/credit card like me, be sure to pre-order this on Amazon or DeepDiscount (both of which I have accounts at) when it hits DVD supposedly in Febuary, as it’ll be sure, like supporting the remake rather you truely are interested in it or not, cause it’ll spark Paramount to one day re-do the 2024 boxset right! :D Please everyone hear my call, as supporting all this Jason Voorhees is the only way.

    Nice talkin’ to ya again, DLC. Later bro …

  43. Um, if anybody hasn’t noticed, Corey Feldman isn’t in the list of interviewees. What’s up with that?

  44. Wow, that’s a good catch Travis. I must agree on what’s up that one? He’s got to be on this somewhere. He did do an interview on the F13th boxed set bonus disc. This DVD is going bury (no pun intended) that bonus disc deeeeeeeepppppp into the ground as far as interviews go though. I can’t believe they got Ted White! That’s my fav. human Jason actor. He’s always stated that really wasn’t big on the part and did it for the cash. It’s cool of him to contirbute since he feels that way.

  45. WOW!! what an amazing list!!!
    but where are:

    Corey Feldman
    Frank Mancuso Jr.

  46. I’d personally love to see Joe Bob Briggs on this list! :-)