Very Detailed Jason Lives Mask

I haven’t posted about any Jason Lives masks before, but this one is very well done. It is highly detailed and I love the glossed over eye and the teeth look very realistic. I found these pics at and am very impressed!




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15 Responses to “ Very Detailed Jason Lives Mask ”

  1. I never really knew what Jason looked like (unmasked) in Jason Lives until I started seeing these masks pop up on the internet. The scenes in the film itself are so dark and shaded that you can hardly see anything at all…so I can really appreciate a detailed mask like this. Sorta fills in the blanks for me…

  2. Ahh that’s going to give me nightmares! :-o

  3. This looks suspiciously like the Night Owl “Maggothead” mask. The current version on their site is branded with a “II” now – so maybe this was the first version? It looks a tad different in paint and detail (more grey, less gloss and layers). Either that, or it’s a knock-off of some kind. Not sure. Here’s the mask currently offered over at Night Owl:

    Personally, I think the current Night Owl one looks better. They’re very similar, though.

  4. William B is right I actually noticed that as well, btw, does anyone ever wonder why after part 4 Jason’s right “lazy” eye suddenly became fixed?

  5. You guys are right, this is definitely from Night Owl. However, it looks like extra detail was added to this mask, compared to the image shown at the Night Owl website. Maybe more blood and other adjustment made by someone after the mask was prodiced. Just an observation without any real confirmation.

  6. I think Savini had no thought of a sequel in mind when he planned out how to kill Jason at the end of The Final Chapter. So, cutting into the good eye of Jason was an afterthought. However, when it comes to money Demon Jason, in Hollywood, anything can be made to work. ;) “Lazy eyes” miraculously straighten themselves out!

  7. I think that friday the 13th is one of the greatest slasher films of it’s time part 5 suck but the rest of them were great.Would enybody agree with me.And if so what was your favorite one 7 i thought was the best one you saw just what jason was capable of as far as killing teenagers.

  8. This IS the Maggothean 2 form Justin, the Nightowl catalog are just stock photos. I have both the hood and full faced, best part 6 undermask ever in my opinion. Justin also makes the best part 7 ever in my opinion. (Vengeance)

    Here is my Jason Lives costume with the hood.


    Not sure how to post pics here.

  9. Very cool mask.However even during the decomposition stage Jason would surely still retain his “mongoloid” looking charm.

    Ryan,whilst part 5 isn’t my favourite entry,i still find it has it’s plus points.It has soe ofthe most in depth and funniest characters of the whole series.My favourites of the series(i could’t narrow it down to just one)would have to be parts iv,vi and vii in no particular order…………..KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  10. DAMNIT that should have been “some of the”.I HATE IT WHEN I TYPO…………KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA

  11. don’t really know what our favorite psycho looked like in this film, but nevertheless this mask looks pretty friggin good!

    and to Ryan,
    my favorite Jason movie has got to be Part 8. i know many ppl hate this one, but for me it holds a special place in my heart since it was the first one that i saw as a young kid that i specifically remembered. it single-handedly got me hooked on the series.

    my least favorite installment is a tie between Part 1 and Freddy vs. Jason (if you consider it part of the series).

  12. part6 and 7 are not that scay faces

  13. That is super scary!!!!

  14. it looks cool i like it.

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