Seaweed Covered Young Jason Mask

firstjasonThis mask was made by Bump in  the Night and was recently sold on eBay. I like this mask a lot as it is covered with seaweed and is pretty life-like. It may not be the most faithful to the screen rendition ever made, but I think it comes close enough and would be worth owning to add to your collection of Friday masks.

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11 Responses to “ Seaweed Covered Young Jason Mask ”

  1. love it

  2. Eh, not too bad.

  3. Yeah not too bad!

  4. Had one and Hated it
    its WAAAAAAY to big
    my Boy in The Lake is better

  5. Now I know what a retarded hobbit from The Lord of the Rings trilogy would look like.

  6. Nice detail, but the head isn’t big enough

  7. thats nasty,cool mask!

  8. Looks Cool!

  9. Has anyone ever dressed up as young Jason? I guess it would require walking around pretty much naked and covered in seaweed. Maybe if I lived somewhere warmer that be a cool idea for Hallows’ Eve lol.

  10. Thieves! They’ve stolen my Precious! We wants it back!

    Sorry, but it looks more like Gollum to me than it does Jason

  11. i really like it.It looks just like how he did in the end of the first movie very well done i like thumb up from me.

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