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Posted 08 Oct 2010 in Website

I have been receiving emails from people who are contributing to the Fridaypedia with questions about adding content to the knowledgebase and I figured I would let everyone know that there is a section within the Fridaypedia for discussions. Visit the discussions section and add questions you have there and either I or Dusk will answer them within a day or so.

Remember, there are discussion tabs at the top of the screen for every page that is created in Fridaypedia. Use these to ask questions or discuss problems with a particular page you are visiting. Also, you can leave comments on changes you may have made to a page so toher users understand your reasoning for updating someone else’s contribution. Thanks to everyone for their help in growing the knowledgebase. There has been a huge amount of images and information now added to the Fridaypedia.

Remember, the contest for the Sideshow Polystone Jason Voorhees ends next Thurday, October 14th. If you want a chance to win the statue, get involved in the Fridaypedia today!

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Posted by jasonsfury

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  1. JB Demented (08 Oct 2010, 21:22)

    I want to get more involved with the Fridaypedia, I just keep getting tied up. I am signed up though. So far I think its pretty cool.

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