WickedBeard’s Jason Takes Manhattan Costume

Tony posted a great interview he conducted with Wickedbeard this past August 15th and within the post there were some great pics of Wickedbeard in full costume.  Today, I found some pics of him in full Jason Takes Manhattan gear (which he proclaims to be his favorite) and wanted to share with everyone. Is that Kane Hodder or the legend of Wickedbeard??




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24 Responses to “ WickedBeard’s Jason Takes Manhattan Costume ”

  1. Woah. That is one awesome suite! I wish I owned that!

  2. As I don’t really care for Part 8, it has one of the best looking Jason’s.

  3. Part eight was the first that I saw when I was a kid. I remember it scaring the crap out of me. People would run and he would somehow just be there when they turned around. It freaked the hell out of me.

    Now I watch it and am so sadly dissappointed. Just not a good installment. However, I love the costume and the kills, just not the story, the acting, or the directing of the film.

  4. Wow, he might pass for Kane Hodder’s Jason doppleganger. Part 8 did have one of the best looks….

  5. Not bad.

  6. Looks great!!!!

  7. nice i think im gonna post my tnb costume this year but i dont think its as good as yours awsome job

  8. Part eight is actually one of favorites even though it mostly is on a boat I think it’s cool Jason stalking people through a rainy boat deck. That wet-slimey look look is great and only thing is the wrists look too thick.

  9. How does this guy keep making such awesome Jason costumes. That looks like he took the actual costume pieces they used for the movie. It’s so awesome.

  10. Pretty awesome, but these are for the most part old shots. Check out his more recent costumes at myspace.com/wickedbeard.

  11. part 8 is alternative , to me , the friday the 13 saga is not ended jason still in the lake ,the movies continues before part 7 part 8,9 10,fvj jx and remake, wat hapening ,jason is in the lake ,

  12. Ezequiel you have one long ass name and I can’t quite understand wtf your trying to say dude. Not even trying to be bogus or out of line.

  13. that is a boss-ass fucking costume.

  14. He’s great at what he does! He’s bringing along quite a few suits for Scare Fest. If you want to see these bad boys in person, then come along!

  15. Since I can’t make that, Tony, can you take some pics of him in costume and post them up here?

  16. sinz86, dude , trie to write 10 words in Spanish ,I challenge you

  17. hey sinz86,you cant use a spanish dictionary tho,lol,and welcome ezequiel,i think its cool to have iternational fans on board.

  18. thats prolly the best jason costume i’ve seen most of them look cheesy but sometimes you find really good ones i wanna see a good one from the remake

  19. WOW!! That looks amazing. I hate part 8 most of all but that is a killer costume. Well done. I’m actually making a Jason X (pre-Uber Jason of course) costume for this Halloween. I love that look for Jason in the movie even though the movie isn’t all that good. I hope it turns out cool.

  20. @ ezequiel

    Yo puedo hablar en Espanol mis padres son the Durango, Mexico y yo naci en Chicago, IL. No quise burlarme completamente. Que tenga buena suerte en aprendiendo un nuevo idioma. Paz amigo.

  21. Fantastic work!

  22. “Since I can’t make that, Tony, can you take some pics of him in costume and post them up here?”

    Yeah. I’ll be putting up a pic filled Scare Fest post shortly after the event.
    If I get time, I may even do it daily DURING the event. But I’m not sure how much free time I’ll have.

  23. Just like Mongol, that is an impressive costume despite the fact I loathe JTM. Excellent job so far, WickedBeard!! :)

  24. WOW these are truly amazing costumes, he should so be at universal studios halloween horror nights because that would be so authentic and real, instead of those store bought unreal looking jason costumes they use. that shit would be scary for sure.

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