Final Girl Grudge Match: Whitney Miller vs Pam Roberts

Yes, the Grudge match is back. This will be very similar to the Jason Voorhees Grudgematch where each Thursday two Final Girls will square off against one another. There is no bracket here where  the winner advances. That was covered in the Bracket Challenge last year. Here, the Final Girls will get thrown into the ring and you the fan get to decide who is the tougher lady of the two. So, on with the showdown.


Whitney Miller (Friday the 13th 2024) vs. Pam Roberts (A New Beginning)

We have an interesting pairing to kick off the matches as one lady defeated a reincarnation of Jason for today’s audiences and the other lady defeated a lone pyscho’s interpretation of Jason Voorhees. Pam endured Roy’s repeated attacks and delivered a devastating blow to his shoulder and arm via chainsaw. Whitney delivered the final blow to Jason using his own machete, right through his chest. This after being his captive for 6 weeks.

Which Final Girl is the toughest of the pair and should be chosen as champion of the match?

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45 Responses to “ Final Girl Grudge Match: Whitney Miller vs Pam Roberts ”

  1. That’s an easy one, it should be Pam Roberts.

  2. My vote goes to…Pam Roberts (A New Beginning)

  3. Pam Roberts

  4. pam roberts

  5. Pam roberts

  6. PAM!

  7. Hmm… I don’t know. Pam gets the nostalgia vote, for sure. But Whitney went through a lot more over more time. Would Pam have done as well? Probably, I guess. I will go with Pam, too.

  8. I like Pam but I’m going with Whitney. Like Wings said she went through alot through the film and still made it to the end of the film. Pam may have broken and gotten herself killed. Pam’s got the halfway house working against her because being around so many troubled kids could have affected her over time and made her weaker against Jason if she were to have been held hostage.


  9. Two good performances in two questionable films. I don’t really have any loyalty to either one. I agree with Wings as well. Pam definitely gets the nostalgia vote but I’m going with Whitney. I just feel hers was the better acting performance and her character had to endure more. But if Pam and Whitney just want to settle this via a Jello match or something, that would be fine.

  10. Whitney went through more and Pam never actually dealt with Jason himself. I’ll go with Whitney.

  11. Whitney!!!!

    Pam never fought with the “real” Jason, so we will never know if she could have dealt with his “powers”…..she only had to worry about an imposter ambulance driver!!!….yippee

  12. Whitney! she fought and beat the real bad ass jason

  13. Whitney!

  14. Pam all the way
    she may have never fought the REAL Jason but Roy went through some shit I mean come on how many ppl would get right up from being hit with bulldozer and hit in the arm with a fucking chainsaw and no “TIME OUT” thats pretty hardcore and almost stabbed in the little Voorhees’s by Tommy
    AND He also smashed through a god damn door

    Whitney never went ONE ON ONE with the Jman she had her shitty acting bro doing all the work
    all she did was toss out some shitty FVJ one liner and stabbed him with the machete…………..GAY

  15. and Whitney didnt go through NOTHING
    its not like Jason was down there raping and beating the shit out of her everyday

    Bitch prob didnt even get a splinter

  16. and and and
    its got to be easy as hell to ram a machete through someones chest………………………………..when there fucking chained up


    ok thats it………I think lol

  17. Whitney!!

  18. Whitney was held captive by the smartest incarnation of Jason we’ve seen and not to mention the fact that until we see another movie we have no idea if Whitney and her brother actually lived.

  19. whitney. and what wrangler said pam was fightin roy.

  20. Pam. Part V may be the most hated sequel, but at least she didn’t deliver one of the most cringe worthy one liner’s in the history of the entire franchise. ;)

  21. Monica Keena in FvJ owns the cringe worthy list. She’s got several “gems”.

  22. Whitney! All her friends(and boyfriend)get killed. Then she watches another wave of people get killed. She also is the only person that Jason has ever kidnapped! She went through it all. To top it all off, she uses Ginny’s move from part 2 and pretends to be mommy to Jason….. then finishes him off. Besides this, only one of these girls fought the Real Jason.

  23. First of all I got to say Pam is the most annoying of the Friday survivors. Dont get me wrong, Shes very hot and I love the scene where Her shirts soaked from the rain and You can see right through it. But Her performance is just annoying. Her scream is like nails on a chalkboard, especially where Shes running from Roy and hits the ground right before Reggie busts out with the steam shovel. She was probably the only survivor that I wished wouldve bought it.

    But this is a grudgematch, so on to the point. I think Whitney is more tougher and had to deal with alot more than Pam. She had to watch her boyfriend Mike get brutally killed in front of Her, as well as Her friend Richie getting a machete to the dome. But most importantly She was held captive by Jason for a month. And I always wondered how did She go to the bathroom, and what did she eat for so long. If She starved for a month, Shed either couldnt move or be dead. And when She escapes the first time, She seems to have alot of energy. Plus Derek Mears’s Jason is probably the smartest of all, Hes not easy to take down. But She did outsmart Him by pulling the old Ginny Field pretend Im Jasons Mom thing. As for Pam, yeah She got Roy in the shoulder with the chainsaw. But after that She shouldve jammed it in His gut. Roy was already damaged there from the steam shovel. If You ask Me Tommy and Reggie got the best shots off of Roy. So therefore My vote goes to Whitney.

  24. I am voting Pam

  25. My vote goes to Whitney Miller. I like Pam Roberts from part 5 but keep in mind she did not even face the real Jason which is a minus. As to which one is the toughest I think both Whitney and Pam are tough they had to go through a lot in their respective movies, but Whitney was kidnapped for 6 weeks and she had to survive the worst of situations. Also I think that Whitney went through a lot more emotionally, being kidnapped, watching her friends and bf get killed. And yes even though her brother did everything to stop Jason at the end she still pretended to Mrs. Voorhees and managed to kill Jason with his own machete at the end. So definately my vote goes to Whitney Miller.

  26. Gotta go with Whitney. She went through a shitload more then Pam.

  27. Pam Roberts

  28. Whitney was in the better movie and she definitely went through a lot more emotional trauma, but she never stood up to Jason the way Pam stood up to Roy. But that’s probably because it was freaking Roy…the ambulance driver. I bet the only reason he was ever any kind of threat to anyone is because he was hopped up on stolen drugs. Facing off against a drugged-out, psychotic EMT isn’t anywhere on the same level as standing your ground against Jason Voorhees. Whitney, all the way.

  29. I’m going to have to go with Whitney Miller. They both put up decent fights, but Whitney’s ingenuity in taking apart that phone and using the pieces to pick the locks on her restraints is what puts her ahead for me.

  30. this one is tough, I do like Pam, but some good points were raised specifically the fact that she did not take on the real Jason.

    I don’t care how tough Roy was he is no where near as strong as Jason is, pre or post Zombie.

    Whitney all the way.

  31. Pam

  32. whitney cause she fought the real jason and not a copy cat.

  33. Pam

  34. Seems like everyone that voted for Pam have no reason why. They just like her.
    Imagine if Jason didn’t kill you like he did all your friends. He instead chains you up and holds onto you a while. Showing you his world of rage and death. Not knowing that any moment he will kill you. This is worse than being taken out by a quick kill, this is more like torture.

  35. Holy damn-which one is tougher? Even though Roy wasn’t near as powerful as Jason, he was still a badass all the same, and Pam put up a hell of a good fight. I think had it been Jason she could have survived. She wasn’t afriad to do battle, and having Reggie by her side didn’t hurt. Whitney, on the other hand, was Jason’s captive for six weeks before being rescued. That in of itself is mental torure-not knowing if you’re going to make it out alive. So, she was mentally tough, even after watching her boyfriend and friends get slaugtered right in front of her. It takes a chick with some serious intestinal fortitude to hold up mentally, and stand up physically to a six foot five inch badass with a three foot machete and a death wish. For me, this was close, but I’m gonna have to with Whitney.

  36. Pam, simply because I hate the whole Jason holding someone hostage thing. God the remake was bad.

  37. Ill go with Whitney here, she had to endure a lot more. Plus she fought off the real Jason.

  38. Pam, she was smarter and she didn’t give up. I mean come on, Jason was probably out looking for more people in that 6 weeks and Whitney was just sitting there screaming! Then suddenly she picks the lock with a piece out of a broken JPS! I don’t care if Pam didn’t fight the real Jason, Roy was just as freaking crazy! We got some of the most violent deaths in the series in that film!

  39. Pam, without question.

    Anyone (Whitney) who says “say hello to Mommy, in hell” would never get my vote.

  40. now “WHAT IF” Pam fought the Real Jason

  41. Whitney went through so much horror for so long. Pam only faced Jason for 15 minutes and it wasn’t even the real McCoy…LOL.

  42. Pam.

    No doubt.

    Cheeeeeeeers from sunny Marbella, Spain!

  43. id say pam for the fact that even though whitney faced the real jason she never really killed him. her brother is the one who beat on jason and jason still popped out of the water at the end. where pam finished the job and killed roy. even though he wasn’t jason a man hell bent on revenge for the death of his son is scary as shit.

  44. Gotta go Pam…

    “Cause she’s MY girlfriend”..


  45. I say Whitney.

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