Detailed Custom Jason X Figure

I found pictures of this awesome Jason X figure at the forum of and the work done is great. I like the detail of the face, hair and jacket. Well done. The figure was made by a visitor that hasn’t posted here in a while, SirMWK. So, if he’s out there, great job!






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18 Responses to “ Detailed Custom Jason X Figure ”

  1. THATS FUCKING SO COOL i would buy that.!

  2. I kinda don’t like Jason in nut huggers but everything from the waist up looks cool.

  3. Yeah, and whoever donated their pubes for Jason’s hair should be commmended.

  4. Oh, and the figure is pretty cool too. I didn’t want y’all to think I was trashing it.

  5. i love how he included the incision on his scalp from when they attempted to open up his head when he was laying on the operating table thing.

  6. Honestly, not one of the best, it looks like an old Duke of Hazzard figure from the 80’s. Not that greatest

  7. i think it looks pretty cool :) nice job sirmwk :)

  8. Not the best custom job we’ve seen on these pages but it beats the shit outta anything i could come up with…………KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  9. SirMWK is awesome & a very talented artist.

  10. Haha @ the pube comment. The hair was actually hair from an old Michael Myers mask. I just chopped it up small and glued it on. Thanks for the props though, guys. And thank you Jasonsfury for posting these here.

  11. HAHA…NICE!

  12. Nice package…

  13. Hey man I remember these pics excellent work man the hockey mask is so accurate as well as the face and great job with the shredded straight jacket and bullet holes hope u continue to do more of these Ive been doing alot of Myers stuff lately but I am coming with a new Friday remake figure soon

  14. I can’t wait to see it, One! I’ve been working on a few more customs here and there. I’ve got a 3 inch part 6 Jason almost completed, and I’ve got a 12 inch remake Jason coming too.

  15. SirMWK,
    Shoot me an email when you’re done with the figures. I would love to see them.

  16. heck yeah man I cant wait to see the new figs ill email u first thing

  17. What I don’t get is how he looks like a zombie in parts 6-9, and then 10 he looks human. Anyone else notice that? Makes no sense to me.

  18. J Low, it explains in Jason X that he regenerates.

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