Full Look At “Terror of Crystal Lake” Statue

This statue is just awesome to look at. I know that some people are not too excited about this as it is not a direct representation of one of the films of the series. However, I like to see variations on the character as long as it does not look too cartoonish. Thankfully, this statue does not look that way at all. I know the other deterrent is price and if you see how much these Jason statues and 12″ figures go for on eBay years later, you are definitely looking at an investment.

Check out the unbelievable pictures below and visit Sideshow on April 8th to pre-order this one of a kind statue of our favorite Crystal Lake slasher!

Jason Voorhees: The Terror of Crystal Lake Statue will be available for Pre-Order through the Sideshow Newsletter on Thursday, April 8th, which is typically published between 6PM and 7PM (Pacific Time). Exclusive Jason Voorhees Statue will be priced at $229.99 and will include an art print inspired by the statue, while the regular, without the print will be $219.99. The statue  will be sold on a first come, first served basis, so make sure you log into your newsletter account on April 8th to secure these pieces for your collection.

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25 Responses to “ Full Look At “Terror of Crystal Lake” Statue ”

  1. I wasn’t sure about the face at first, but after looking at the pics this is a great statue. I love the custom look they went for, and to top it off the pile of victims he’s standing on is like icing on the cake. I would love to own this.

  2. I really like it, especially the face. It\’s nice to see something new for Friday the 13th from Sideshow.

  3. only one thing:
    it’s an insignificat detail but i prefer jason with the locks of hairs from his head.
    anyway , it’s just a very good artwork ^_^

  4. This is actually really cool. At first, I thought I’d rather see a direct representation from a Friday film but after taking a long look, I think they did an awesome job. I love the scary teeth. Maybe this is what Jason from the upcoming Part II should look like. Great job!

  5. Thats freakin badass. I want it.

  6. BLAH


  8. Does anyone else feel this is just a slightly different version of Jason from FvJ? That’s all I see. Still cool, just not as “original” as I had hoped.

  9. I like the design, but the head is just too small. I’m not the only one to notice it either. If they fix that head, he’ll look way better.

  10. i agree with evilekim, the design is awesome, the head is too small for the rest of the body and the price is a bit steep, but of course I still want it…lol

  11. Man…I’d LOVE to have this! Seems like a combo of FvJ & Final Chapter to me, with a dash of ‘09 thrown in for good measure. Wicked cool, IMHO

  12. I like this statue a lot. I kow that complaints range from hating the FvJ look to the axe head being too big or even as mentioned above, that Jason’s head is too small. However, I like the detail and the bodies underneath him is a graphic part to the piece that I am glad they included.

  13. This looks crazyyyyy! I am digging the face. It sort of looks like the face from Part 4. Awesome!

  14. $200!! Um that’s way too much. However, that does look awesome!

  15. Oh man I saw the pics and want it so much. Then I see the price, WHOA. Damn economy making me be spend less and save more, DAMN YOU!!

  16. This has turned out to be the coolest Jason statue ever.The price is a bit of a downer but it looks to be worth breaking the bank for.I actually like the fact that it’s a concept image and not a movie representation.That pile up of bodies he’s standing on sets it off a treat.”Let the bodies hit the floor” lol………………KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  17. Yes… it\’s pricey, but an essential purchase as far as I\’m concerned! Personally, I think it\’s one of the best Jason statues I\’ve seen. I echo the praise for the generic look they\’ve gone for, also. My other figures & statues had better watch their backs, with this guy around!

  18. Well….. just bit the bullet & preordered the Sideshow Exclusive version! Even bearing in mind it’s hefty price tag, I think this release will prove to be very popular & should do well for Sideshow. :)

  19. Congrats! I can imagine that it will look awesome on display.

    Look for something special to be happening with this statue later in the year ……

  20. Really good, love it too pieces!!!
    More like Jason should be, tougher and meaner!!

  21. And yes, it is very expensive, but a must have if you have the cash!

  22. ‘Something special to be happening……’ Hmmmm… sounds interesting!!

  23. The ‘Sideshow Exclusive’ edition of this piece had already sold out, earlier today!!

  24. Ordered mine.

    It did sell out quick.

    Cannot wait to get it.

  25. It just ocurred to me,does anyone else notice the unmasked statue’s likeness to the post burned “Victor Crowley” of “Hatchet” fame or is it indeed just me……………….KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

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