Friday the 13th 2009 Gas Station Location Revealed

Our regular visitor and good friend daizab is definitely a wiz of Google Earth. It is astounding how he is able to find these locations. Along with Germaniac, these two guys are going to single handidly discover all Friday the 13th locations! Well, now daizab has found the “Outpost” Gas station where Clay and Trent start their rocky relationship. Look at the comparison images below and a big thanks to daizab for once again sharing this awesome information!

11626-11698 Farm to Market Rd 1826, Austin 78739, TX, USA
30.1941306967, -97.9241671015

The Film Screen Caps Are On The Left, Location Shots On The Right 




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12 Responses to “ Friday the 13th 2009 Gas Station Location Revealed ”

  1. Cool stuff, I really appreciate the time these guys put into finding these.

  2. Hmm, when I go to Friday the 30th, wonder what the possibilities of hitting some of these Texas sites up is. Gonna have to check google maps and find out some driving times!

  3. i wonder if it was “Bubba’s” when they shot it and they changed the name for the movie. would be a shame cause i like the “Bubba’s” name more than “Outpost”.

  4. Well, if it was Bubba’s they would surely have removed it for the sake of the movie. However, it would be interesting to know if the name simply changed from Outpost to Bubba’s after filming. I am sure a fan will stop by and find out. ;)

  5. Store was the name of “Bubba’s Country Store”.
    Even if the location is understood, the thing that I visit the store is almost impossible.
    However, the thing that my information is useful for people is glad…

  6. hey daizab iv been to your website and it looks like in a couple of pictures you found the store from the beginning of part 3 do you have the location on google earth?

  7. Mr. jasonfan13:

    “store from the beginning of part3″ ?
    Does it mean the thing of Harold’s store?
    I can’t discover it. I’m sorry.

  8. jasonfan13,
    I think this is the location you are referring to:

    This is where Shelly and Vera encounter the biker gang!

  9. Vf80,
    That would be a great idea! I might look into that as well!

  10. ya it was harolds store i was talking about but thanks anyway, ill continue to look.

  11. I completely appreciate the fact that some of these rinky-dink businesses are still in existence in the USA. It just feels more authentic to stop at places like this when you are on a road trip instead of an AM/PM or 7-11. This is where I would go to get my gas pumped if I was in the neighborhood.

  12. TWM = The Walmart Man???

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