Meet Jason Voorhees At Scarefest This Weekend

The annual horror and paranormal convention, The Scarefest, starts tomorrow in Lexington, Kentucky and what an opportunity to meet two influential actors that helped create our favorite iconic slasher. Kane Hodder and Richard Brooker will be meeting fans, signing autographs and taking pictures.

Kane does appear at a lot of conventions, which is great, but it is nice to also catch up with other Jason actors. Richard has not been at as many conventions this year, so if you have the opportunity, head out to The Scarefest and have a scare of a good time!

The Scarefest
Lexington Convention Center
Lexington, Kentucky

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6 Responses to “ Meet Jason Voorhees At Scarefest This Weekend ”

  1. Wow wish i could go :) wish i was in the states I am in Canada and the best convention we have is fan expo held in toronto 65 000 fanboys over 3 days and they have the festival of fear, To all those that will be attending fearfest have fun :)


    Here is a video of the event for those interested yes they have huge horror aspect to the convention but mostly anime and sci fi in this clip, enjoy and come out next year

  3. U lucky lot!!! Love too meet them, esps Kane!!

  4. Looks like its going to be a blast. Wish I could attend.

  5. I live in Lexington and of course I’ll being headed over. I’m the ost excited about meeting my favorite Jason, which is Brooker. w

  6. I helped Richard Brooker find the coffee shop on Friday morning. Pretty cool guy. Scare Fest was great.

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