Young Jason Voorhees Mask/Bust For Sale

As you don’t normally see too many of these types of masks made or even sold, I thought that this was a bit refreshing to find out there. This mask is made by Jason Wylde and is up for sale at eBay right now.  I think the mask is a pretty fair rendition of Ari in full makeup and could be a nice piece to add for the right price.






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5 Responses to “ Young Jason Voorhees Mask/Bust For Sale ”

  1. wow! yeah it is nice to see a young jason being sold, def for a person who buys everything to do with him!

  2. Wow, that’s ugly! In an intriguing sort of way. ;) I agree with cat, it’s for obsessive collectors and I personally would’nt want it myself.

  3. theres a way better young jason on

  4. unfortunately this isn’t great work. just being honest.

  5. lovely looking mongoloid!

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