Jason Voorhees Grudgematch: Reboot vs White 4

Posted 06 May 2024 in The Saga

Last week saw a very close contest between Space Jason and Manhattan Jason. It was duel to the end, but Manhattan won in a very narrow margin. I never thought I would see the day when this many people actually would pick Jason from Jason Takes Manhattan to win anything. Well, this week will be even more interesting. Lets see how many old school Friday fans visit the website and how many next generation fans are lurking about. Curiousity is piqued to see what the results of this match will be.

Reboot vs White 4

Everyone that has seen the reboot from last year agrees that Derek Mears and the Jason he portrayed was spot on for the character. Jason was a little scary again and brought a verocious demeanor to the screen that had lacked a bit in recent memory. Next to that portrayal is Ted White’s take of Jason in The Final Chapter. Jason was a beast in that film as well and it would be interesting to see what would would happen if Jason from the reboot and Jason from The Final Chapter collided. Well, now here is our chance. Which Jason would be left standing at the  end?

Unique Weapons of Choice
White 4:  Corkscrew
Reboot:  Bow and Arrow


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Posted by jasonsfury


  1. MadWorldDesigns (08 May 2024, 5:17)

    Easy win!

    “The killer from the cold room”

    Ted all day.

  2. DrJohnMan (08 May 2024, 11:21)

    Without doubt, Ted White.

    I don’t hate the new Friday, but nothing really stood out to me either.

  3. therock610 (09 May 2024, 13:44)

    being old scool have to go with ted white,but mears was better than everyone else after white.

  4. Mike S (09 May 2024, 16:34)

    Damn..my 2 fav Jasons. Have to go with Mears on this one, but Ted white was awesome.

  5. John F (10 May 2024, 7:32)

    White 4

  6. Corey (10 May 2024, 15:18)

    Hmm, I really had to think about this last night JF! White4 was the pinnacle of true terror and violence that JV stood for (IMO) the 1st 4 were overall the best regardless. H/E, after rebootJASON came back with a long-overdue vengeance, and a kick-ass appearance (after VS. jason), my vote goes for REBOOT JASON! It’s obvious White4 will get this, and though I love his take, overall, I just can’t turn from Mears-and hopes for his return. He had a brain-traps, floorboards, tunnels, stealing kerosine…

  7. baz (10 May 2024, 19:17)

    The future of Jason is safe and sound in the hands of Mears.But i gotta go old school and vote for White 4…………..KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  8. Tonyloomis (12 May 2024, 23:02)

    TED White….Friday’s from the 80′s rule!

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