Realistic Life Size ‘The Final Chapter’ Jason!

This past April we showed you a full Jason statue from Part 3 that was displayed at Monsterpalooza and it looked very menacing. Now a fan, “Boogeyman78″, at the TGIF forum has shared photos of his spectacular Jason Voorhees lifesize statue from Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter. The statue is made of fiberglass and is not poseable. That being said, this is eerily close to Ted White’s portrayal of the character. Notice the cut in the left hand that Trish created with the machete! Purely awesome!

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15 Responses to “ Realistic Life Size ‘The Final Chapter’ Jason! ”

  1. god I wish that was my room

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  3. That’s the stuff of nightmares right there.

  4. Wow, that’s cool. Is the mask removable and if so any pics unmasked?


  5. I want nothing more than a collection room with full size Jason, Michael and Freddy. This guy is hardcore.

  6. Very cool room indeed. If I ever win a PowerBall lottery here in my country, then I’ll have an additional room or so in the well over 800,000 several acre ranch-style home JUST for my old school Horror genre memorabelia of retro Slasher films, Exploitation films and older sci-fi Giallo’s and zombie epics. :D

    Until then, I’m currently saving up for life in order to live better. Life-sized props and the fine hockey masks and Myers masks of the Shape from Halloween are a bit too pricy for me, so posters that are much cheaper off eBay on occasion as well as the defenative versions of the films themselves on Blu Ray, will simply have to do for now.

  7. God love to have that in my house!!

  8. Its so god dam brillient!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Wow!! That is simple incredible! He look so real on the closeup of the mask/face in the 4th pic. It like that is a real person there. I would like the creator of that to show pics of his work on Michael Myers & Freddy Krueger too. :)

  10. that is really awesome and scary!

  11. Picture 2 made me cringe. It looks like a real hand with a nasty slice in it. Picture 4 oozes menace. It looks like a live stuntman in a mask. This figure is the best.

  12. Very good work.

  13. These are to die for; obviously the Jason is awesome but that Michael, sheesh; makes me wanna build one :)

  14. That’s too cool. Here’s a link to the thread at TGF13,


  15. i would love to have a lifesize fiberglass figure of f13 part 4 jason!

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