Memoribilia Tuesday: The New Blood Custom Figure

Continuing our themed weekday showcases, Tuesdays will now be our weekly slot to spotlight a certain Friday the 13th item or items that are up for sale that may be of interest to the community. This week we want to make you aware that Ones Customs’ The New Blood 7 inch custom Jason figure has been put up for sale from the original buyer from last year.

This custom figure and diorama from the John Carl Buechler movie comes complete with forest base and tree. All of Jason’s weapons from the film have been generously included as well as the famous sleeping bag victim so you crazy fans can reenact Kane Hodder’s favorite kill. For morre info, check out the Ebay auction and see if you have the money to spend on this truly unique and one of a kind Jason collectors item.

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8 Responses to “ Memoribilia Tuesday: The New Blood Custom Figure ”

  1. Lovely, lovely, lovely!!!!!!!!! God thats good!!

  2. Awesome!! I want that! :D

  3. Thank you for the heads up! I bought this gem today.

  4. The fact that this set includes the sleeping bag makes it undeniably awesome.

  5. I see the auction ended early without a bid. I guess you made a nice offer, Aladdin Sane. Congratulations!

  6. Thanks for posting this bro I appreciate it! Yeah he made me an offer that I could not refuse, so I ended the auction. I hate to sell it but I got to fund my other life-sized projects so selling a lot of my figures for that. I still love this this masterpiece and I know it is going to a great home. One himself even wanted it back. :) I hope he does more or a 12 inch version one day. I just don’t have the space for figures and am more of a life-sized guy as most know. Stayed tuned for lots more Jasons coming soon! Thanks for the offer man, and again for the posting. :)

  7. This piece right here definitely helped solidify my Customizing career and i indeed wanted it back from sirbrad for a while now I was hoping to put a big last minute bid in but I guess that was the wrong move Ive been actually trying to track down a coulple of my pieces such as the 7 inch part 8 and reboot dioramas lol anyways thank u to Jasonfury and Sirbrad fx for all the support and i look forward to doing brand new Jason sculpts also congrats to alladin sane let me kno if you decide to sell it one day lol

  8. Awesome job. Ones Customs has done it again.

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