Reusing ‘The Final Chapter’ Tent For New Blood

I have seen a certain number of films in a franchise reuse footage from older films to tie movies together within a series to give fans the feeling of continuity. These scenes are usually applied in a prologue or a flashback scene. However, have you ever witnessed a shot from a previous movie used to progress the story of a new movie? Perhaps it is more common than I know.

In Friday the 13th Part 7: The New Blood there is a scene where the Judy, the camper, is waiting for her man, Dan, to come back and a POV shot is inserted in to give the audience the impression of the girl being watched. Problem with this shot is that one, it’s a dome tent, and two it is raining. The tent shown in The New Blood is square and there was no rain in the forecast. This POV shot was obviously lifted from The Final Chapter when Trish is waiting in Rob’s tent.

So, I pose the question to you all, could this be looked upon as a cheap way to get a POV shot during post production or could it be a clever nod to an older movie as a way to tie the films together within the franchise?

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9 Responses to “ Reusing ‘The Final Chapter’ Tent For New Blood ”

  1. Cheap, that’s all it is. They ran out of money and wanted to add a POV shot. So someone mentioned going back and looking at the older films to see if there was something they could use and found the POV from Final Chapter & hoped fans wouldn’t notice.

  2. Cheap cheap cheap, just like the Jeep from Part 1. But forgivable, considering the low-budget nature of the films.

  3. Yeah it sounds to me like they either did it on the cheap or in post they realized they needed a POV shot coming towards the tent and didn’t have one. So instead of going to the expense reshooting just that one shot, they reused the Final Chapter shot. That’s my guess.

  4. I do think is cheap as well. I mean how could you not notice the difference between both tents, one is squared and the other is dome. Also in the Final Chapter it was raining in that scene and in The New Blood it was not. So as far as adding continuity to the series in this particular aspect it did not

  5. I think that John Carl Buechler was just such a huge fan of The Final Chapter that he had to find a way to sneak some of that film’s footage into his own. So he sat down and thought, “What was the best scene from TFC? What scene had the audience members on their feet in applause in the theaters and made everyone a Friday fan? What scene tied everything else in that movie together, and truly definied who Jason is, and why he is killing?” The answer was simple: The POV shot of the dome tent. It didn’t matter that the tents and the weather didn’t match up. It’s what the tent’s shape and the rain represent that added emotion and depth to an otherwise simple story. Sometimes you just have to look a little deeper. These movies aren’t just mindless bloodshed and boob shots strung together for our entertainment, guys.

  6. Cheap for sure. What was that about the jeep in part 1?

  7. I think Buechler commented on this but I can’t remember what he said. Maybe we can ask him on facebook, he’s quite active.

  8. JASon have a DEJAVU

  9. I think its a nod to The Final Chapter. Part 7 is alot like part 4 in many ways. Tinas house and the “party” house are right next door to each other much like the Jarvis house and the other house. Tommy grew up in Crystal Lake much like Tina grew up in Crystal Lake. I noticed the tent right away. Being obsessed with part 4 as I am, I recognized the tent instantly. Theres even a little nod to part 2 at the end where Tinas being taken to the ambulance and She calls out to Nick. Ginny did the same thing calling out to Paul. Only difference is We see Nick, and are clueless as to where Paul is. My theory on part 7, John Buechler must be a huge fan of part 4. Oh and I almost forgot. David in part 7 slams a beer and almost chokes. Tina and Terri did the same thing in part 4.

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