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Having run Friday The 13th: The Website for 2 and a half years now, the start of the new year is the perfect time to take stock of how far we’ve come and what’s on tap for 2010. When I purchased the site in mid-2007 my gut instinct was purely to preserve the legendary home of all-things Jason that Blake & Brenna built up over the years. But I knew I’d need more than placeholder plans to nab the joint, because the way I hear it those cats were certainly offered more moolah than I was willing to pony up, so I drew up a 10 Year plan. Yeah, talk is cheap.

The first phase was to revitalize the site, so I went into action with near-daily updates while my personal style (assigning roman numerals to the New Line films? You bastard!) clashed with memories of the past. The second phase was to bring some form of discussion back to the site while holding true to my verbal agreement not to restart the forum. Hence the Blog debuting in Feb of 08. It’s been a tag team of authors joining in ever since, eventually whittling down to just me and Jasonsfury, whose knowledge and connections within the Friday fanworld run deep. Thanks bro, you’ve carried the torch in spectacular fashion while I attend to phase three. Which is…

Main Site & Chat
Yes, I hear your groans that the 500 pages of the old site aren’t up-to-date. I’m only one man, man. So I never even bothered trying. HTML is slow and excrutiating to stay on the ball with in the age of WYSIWYG. Instead, my plan was and is to redistribute all the content into new clearly defined areas powered by modern tech – such as all the images and multimedia slowly but surely heading over to the Coppermine-powered Friday The 13th Gallery. And when I’m done, I’ll still keep the old site online as an archive to honor the fantastic work B&B achieved. I went ahead and gave the site a new frontend anyway, with a return of our old favorite – the much abused but strangely endearing Chatbox.

newhomepage…Go check it out now!

All information from the site regarding the Movies, References, Locations, Timeline, etc. is moving to a massive new encyclopedia format that will put everything at your fingertips and add/edit your own content to some degree. That’s right, no more 50 emails a week pestering me about nitpicky bloopers to post, YOU are all gonna be joining me in running this massive place! Time to cut out the middleman (me) and get unprecedented access to the premiere Friday The 13th website. Coming sooner than you’d expect.

Message Board
As announced in SciFiNow Magazine last year and blogged about here, the site will finaly be getting a forum back. As I’ve stated before, it won’t be anything like the old one, so throw your preconceptions about Friday forums, and even forums in general, out the door. Blake and Brenna have given their blessing, which was the key ingredient. So thank them heartily. The board is quite complex to pull off so it will take some time to set up, and is being worked on as we speak so while it won’t be here say, this month, as soon as I have something concrete I’ll let you all know.

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15 Responses to “ 2010 Preview ”

  1. Sounds very cool Dusk. I’m sure it will be great. Good luck with everything!

  2. Dusk and I have been working hard on adding the main ingredients into the Fridaypedia, and like Dusk said, you guys get to do the rest. I think everyone is going to have a lot of fun contributing your knowledge about the franchise to this website.

    Besides the Fridaypeadia, I have been doing the fun part here, posting anything and everything about the franchise. Dusk has been doing all of the “work” which I am sure sometimes is not fun at all, but when he is done we will have the best Friday the13th website on the www, period!

    Thanks, everyone for your support with the website and the franchise!

  3. Well, sounds great. Thanks for keeping this running. While am not here as much as I used to be in the old days. It is nice to have a site I can trust for info on the man Jason. So again a BIG thank you!
    Also, nice to see you keeping your word with Blake and Brenna to the point of consulting all these years later. Nice!

  4. “. As I’ve stated before, it won’t be anything like the old one, so throw your preconceptions about Friday forums”

    can u give any details about what to expect?

  5. All sounds awesome! Can’t wait!

  6. Hope everything goes to plan!!!

  7. this is lovely to hear. i have been watching this site since 1998 and this just warms my heart

  8. That all sounds great, I’m already amazed at the amount of items posted every week/day. You’re doing a wonderful job at keeping the Friday The 13th franchise going and not to mention, keeping my geekness fuelled.

  9. It really is a joy to know that there are so many “Jasonheads” out there like myself that visit this site on a daily basis.I heartily applaud Dusk and Jasonsfury for their tireless efforts in running this site by keeping us well informed on any breaking Friday news.Man what i would have done for this site when i was 9 years old(i’m 30 now but still feel like that kid discovering Jason for the first time).Thanks for keeping the scene alive guys and here’s to another blood drenched 30 years…………..KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  10. I like the new look to the site. I\’m also glad to hear about the upcoming messageboard, because the old one kicked butt. Hopefully the new messageboard will be just as good, or close to the awesomeness of the old one.

  11. I love this site. Keep up the good work guys!

  12. I’ve always loved that ONOTD image up top… :D

    We always knew that Dusk would evolve the site, and he is entirely right about the hundreds of hours it takes to update all the HTML pages. Back in the olden days, I had to go through and update all those bloopers and Where Are They Now? pages by hand. Now with all these new fangled internets, it should be much easier to update and get everyone’s input. ;)

    I always look forward to seeing your work, Dusk! Thanks for keeping the legacy going.

  13. Very nice of Brenna to stop by and praise all of the work that Dusk has done to move the site to this point!

  14. Hey. I love the site all the way. I have no intention of leaving… Keep rocking guys!

  15. It sure was a pleasure working here….I do miss it

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