In Progress “Shrine Pamela” From Dead End Hollow

Posted 20 May 2010 in Fans


This is an in-progress project from Dead End Hollow. There have been a few Pamela heads created in the past and offer another collectable from the franchise for those diehard fans. While Josh Stephenson is finishing the final touches on his Pamela head, an official name has not been chosen for the project as of yet. Keep an eye out for the finished product in the near future. Meanwhile, if you had a chance to name this, what would you call this mummified Pamela head?


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Posted by jasonsfury


  1. Chris (20 May 2010, 6:53)

    Very sweet!!!

  2. jasonsfury (20 May 2010, 15:24)

    Josh has done a great job so far. It looks great!

  3. Richard (20 May 2010, 15:45)

    I would call it either “Mommy Head” or “Mommy Pam”.

  4. the2ndsuitor (20 May 2010, 15:52)

    I’d call a mummified head “Tasty” or how aboot “Palin”.

    That one, I’d call “Rotten Apple Pam”.

  5. Scott (20 May 2010, 16:06)

    They should make these for Easter, looks delicious. All jokes aside, nice work!

  6. SPAZ (20 May 2010, 18:25)

    Josh just put this one on evilbay

  7. Josh (20 May 2010, 18:57)

    “Palin” did cross my mind…what a horrible woman. Thanks guys, the one on eBay is just the test copy, the paint on all the rest will be somewhat lighter in tone, or per request. Email me if int’ersted.

  8. JB Demented (20 May 2010, 20:20)

    That looks badass. Great job.

  9. Heidi Montag (21 Dec 2010, 22:40)

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