Teaser Poster Deadline One Week Away

I have received an enormous amount of poster entries and there is still a week left in the contest! The deadline is Saturday Friday the 13th. Send your entries to jason.parker@fridaythe13thfilms.com.

I have been getting some requests to see what posters people have been entering, so I thought I would tease with a random entry I chose. Enjoy!


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11 Responses to “ Teaser Poster Deadline One Week Away ”

  1. that is intense.

  2. I love that poster.

    fukken saved

  3. I hate it….

  4. “I love that poster.”

    “I hate it…”

    Ahhh…the internet. lol Well done, MadWorldDesigns. Love the empty canoe and the falling snow looks terrific.

  5. I like it, I love how Jason’s mask is faded in, it would make a great theatrical poster that I would love to have on my wall.

  6. Now that is one sweet looking poster. I’ve said this ever since I heard their was a sequel planned, but thier needs to be a winter Friday sequel. That is one angle that they have yet to try and I do believe that it would make for one freaky movie. Winter horror movies are some of my all time favorites. We’ll just have to wait and see once.

  7. I love this poster. Please make it happen.

  8. this poster is awesome

  9. Thats great work.

    Im still not sold on the snow idea though!

    This is a great contest

  10. Looks REALLY good, although it kind of reminds me of the JTM poster (not the I love NY one), with New York replaced by a snowy Crystal Lake.

  11. Man I wish I was that good. Excellent job

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