Summer Of Contests: 30 Years Of Fear Package


What better way to close out our Summer of Contests then by giving our visitors a chance to win a 30 Years of Fear package presented by Creepy Tees. We have featured this amazing combination of artwork, memoribilia and actor signatures in the past and now in celebration of 30th anniversary of Friday the 13th, our visitors will now have a chance to win this unique package.

For those that are not aware of what is included in the package, check out the information poster and shirt below. Each poster has the signatures of Adrienne King (Alice Hardy), Ari Lehman (Young Jason) and Ron Milkie (Officer Dorf).


Visit and scroll down to the bottom of the page. Join their mailing list by entering in your email address. That is it. Very simple and easy to enter! Sign up by end of day Thursday, August 12th. A drawing will be held on Friday August 13th and the lucky winner will be contacted via email by Creepy Tees. They will be shipping out the package directly to the winner. We will let everyone know here when the winner has been chosen. Good luck to everyone!

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7 Responses to “ Summer Of Contests: 30 Years Of Fear Package ”

  1. Wow what a way to end out the summer with this awesome package.
    Thanks goes out to creepy-tees and for giving us the chance to win this. The shirt looks awesome and who wouldn’t want to win a poster with Officer dorf’s name on it hahahaha :)

    Goodluck All

  2. AWESOME! a drawing on Friday the 13th. Everyone is kicked back on the couch watching some old classics with the laptop close by then BOOM… right when Jason pops out of the lake someone wins a T-shirt…

    Win or lose, this contest will make the best Holiday even better!

    JP/Dusk, you guys have been so generous this year. Thanks!


  3. Plus considering we only got ONE Friday the 13th this year, we needed something to make it extra special..

    Sad part is we only get one next year also BUT if the world doesn’t end in 2024 ;) we get THREE then.

    I’m always bummed out when it’s only one a year.

  4. JP/Dusk, you guys have been so generous this year. Thanks!

    We are here for everyone that are fans. We are just as big of fans as everyone who visits the site, so it is our pleasure to make these contests available to people!

  5. Good luck to one lucky Friday fan! Will contact you via email on the 13th.

  6. this is awesome good luck to everyone and of course good luck to myself.

  7. This is the last day to enter for the contest. Thedrawing will be tomorrow and winner announced.

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