Jason Wants You To Cuddle His 7 inches

Funko is expanding its Jason Voorhees line since acquiring the license from Warner Brothers and now they are getting ready to offer fans and collectors a new Jason to bring home. They recently produced a Jason bobble head figure that seemed to make a decent splash with fans. Now, Funko is making a new Jason available. In February 2011, Funko will be selling a new 7 inch plush Jason Voorhees doll.

Jason has never been so cuddly. Pre-order your plush Jason today and give it to someone you love for Valentines Day.

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16 Responses to “ Jason Wants You To Cuddle His 7 inches ”

  1. Definitely an interesting title to the article. It almost sounded like we were talking about and XXXtremely new parody movie.

  2. *lol* To TD:

    Yeah, I nearly spit out some of my Simply brand Lemonade when I saw that title. Oh dead God i don’t believe Jasonsfury accidentally might’ve not known how that sounds. But yeah, it was really amusing.

  3. I may have known what I was doing when I created the title ……

  4. Cute!

  5. Im just imagining some little kid sleeping with a plus Jason. FT13th has come a long way over the years.

  6. I do not mean to offend those who like stuff like this or may want this item for themselves but….WTF? This kind of stuff is sooo stupid! Who the hell wants to see Jason like this? I don’t know about you guys but, the thing that intrigues me about the Jason Voorhees character is not his cuteness.

  7. Not surprise I wasn’t the only one to get that “7 inches joke. Did you do that on purpose, jasonfury?!? :D :D

  8. Perhaps…… ;)

  9. Oh it’s seven inches of the one that’s afraid of water. Pfff.

  10. @ [email protected]

    It doesn’t bother me there are “cute” plush Jason toys-it just goes to show how popular our fave slasher is after all these years. I wouldn’t chase it down, but I’d buy it for my kid. Let’s face it. Jason’s an action figure 7, 12, and 18 inches lol. He’s a bobblehead, a horrorclix, he’s on t-shirts and shoes…I want some Friday the 13th boxer shorts. Bring it on.

  11. I think it’s adorable. I’d cuddle up with it each night and feed it hot chocolate and Starburst….you know, until it strangled me in my sleep.

  12. Love it!!! hahaha!!

  13. Still waiting for a “Jason Voorhees” boxer. You know a boxer with bunch of Jason around it than the lame hearts. ;)

  14. Hey NW, maybe the boxers could have a huge bullseye on the crotch saying “insert harpoon here!”. Those would be the underwear of choice for the hardcore Final Chapter fans!

  15. Nice…. I agree. I wished the would come out with boxers and even sleep pants of Jason. Hell, the universal monsters have gotten boxers and even baby onesies. I’m not sure I would have put my one year old in a Jason onesies though. I surprised they haven’t made those yet. As far as the Jason doll, I’ll probably get it to put with the rest of my stuff. I know Funko is making a Micheal one also. You know 25 years ago, we all would have killed for something like this. Now, it’s just part of the times……

  16. LOL, this reminds me of the plush Cthulhu!


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