Jason set to make another appearance in Mezco’s Living Dead Dolls series

It has been announced that Jason will be making his second appearance in Mezco’s well known Living Dead Dolls series! Previously, Jason appeared with his look from Friday the 13th part 3 (see pics in our interview with Mike Drake of Mezco HERE). This time around, we will see Jason popping up in the series in the form of the upcoming 2024 relaunch of Friday the 13th. The release date of the new Living Dead Dolls Jason has yet to be determined.

For more information on Living Dead Dolls and other products by Mezco Please visit the following http://www.livingdeaddolls.com and http://www.mezcotoyz.com

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7 Responses to “ Jason set to make another appearance in Mezco’s Living Dead Dolls series ”

  1. I don’t like it. I want to but I don’t. And the price is a little high IMO. Hopefully there will be much better figures coming out for the new F13th Jason in the near future.

  2. Yeah. Mezco has a few different figures coming out for the new movie including a 7 inch Cinema of Fear figure as well as a 12 inch version.

  3. They should release a figure of the new Jason w/ the hood.

  4. Now we’re talking! I love the Cinema of fear figures!! Awesome detail and so much better than McFarlane’s!

  5. “They should release a figure of the new Jason w/ the hood.”

    Indeed they are in a sense. The Mezco Cinema of Fear 7 inch and 12 inch figures both have alternate heads that can be switched to your liking.

  6. Can the hockey mask be removed for the Mezco Cinema of Fear ones? I seen a photo of one of them I think it was the seven inch one in the current horrorhound magazine. I like what I have seen in that. I need to buy some Friday the 13th figures to put on my dresser. I have a lot of posters on my wall, but I’m missing Friday the 13th posters. Does anyone know a good site that sells all of the Friday the 13th posters? I definitely need some to put on my wall.

  7. There is an ebay seller called poster planet or something like that. That’s where I got all of my Friday the 13th posters. I’m not 100 % sure if the mask comes off the Mezco fig or not. Hard to tell from the pics. All of the other Cinema of Fear figs have removable masks though. So maybe. I need to post pics of my entire horror movie room sometime. lol.

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