My Reasons “The Final Chapter” Is King

Before I begin, these are MY reasons why I think The Final Chapter is the best. I am not saying this is Ten Commeandments set in stone, this is law or else kind of remarks. Please read with an open mind. I am prepared to be lashed out at or, even better, agreed with.

Part 4 brought me into the franchise. It started my growing love for film. There has always been something special about this movie that caught my attention. As I got older I realized the things that made this movie work for me more than any other in the franchise. Now, I love every movie in the franchise, but Part 4 to me is the benchmark. It shoud be the film that anyone who is being introduced to the franchise for the first time should watch first.

Reason #1 Why The Final Chapter Is Awesome
Bruce Mahler from Police Academy gets his head debacled!

Reason #2
Bonnie Hellman pissed that Lawrence Monoson asked if she had a sister!

Reason #3
Crispin getting pumped for River’s Edge (Click Pic to see Crispin in action)

Reason #4
Crispin finding out he really was a dead fuck

Reason #5
Judie Aronson showing her assets then being embarrassed and starring in Weird Science. She censored her nude photo from this post. Sorry Guys!

Reason #6
Ted White kicks everyone’s ass as Jason. Not only does he run with authority to get Trish next door, but he knows that he’s a bad ass. I know that Richard Brooker may be his equal. Brooker had a cockiness in his portrayal as Jason, but Ted White didn’t have to show it, he knew he was a pimp.

The Final Chapter took the formula that was created by the original and that was expanded upon by Parts 2 and 3 and polished it up into the seminal Jason/slasher movie. The production value on this movie far surpasses the previous entries and also had established actors who had worked in the business before getting this gig. Friday movies after this did look even better in terms of production, especially Jason Lives and Jason Takes Manhattan. However, none of the other movies can compare to the characters, writing, acting, special effects work and direction that The Final Chapter has.

Alright now, everyone, let the bodies hit the floor!

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I've been dedicated to this franchise for most of my life and am happy to be contributing news and information to all of the fans out there. Happy Friday The 13th!

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  1. I agree with you. I thought this was the superior film in the franchise right up there next to Part 3. Ted White’s portrayal of Jason was really good, he had an intimidating presence about him when dressed as Jason. Ted made the character very scary and gave a good reason why to avoid running into him in the middle of Crystal Lake. The kill scenes in the movie were very well done. I liked the corkscrew death scene as well, Crispin not only gets his hand stabbed with a corkscrew but a meat cleaver slammed into his face. What more could you ask for? Also Jason’s death scene was by far the best death scene he could ever have. I loved how Jason’s face slid down the blade of the machete and how his whole face was moving at the same time. I would like to get the soundtrack to this movie, the score was one of Harry Manfredini’s best renditions. It had a very ominous feel to the score. I thought this was the number one sequel that was worthy being in the Friday the 13th franchise.

  2. I go between parts 2 and 4 as my favourite, but part 4 is definitely the better movie. (Part 2 I think I have such a fondness for largely because of Amy Steel’s performance.)

    “The Final Chapter” is everything I wanted this year’s reboot to be, and I think it’s everything tried to be but failed - kids that were likeable, silly but funny, and that you cared about … starring in a movie was had an atmosphere of sheer brutality.

    Jason was a right bastard in this movie, not just because we saw him killing people, but because Ted White was protrayed him as terrifying, and Joe Zito knew how to make a firm of reeked of something … NASTY!

    It’s a benchmark slasher movie.

  3. Sorry … I wish I could go back and edit that post - Typo City! I hope you all understood it anyway.

  4. Part two for me. I just always loved the bag head Jason.

  5. Parts four and six, for different reasons!

  6. I agree, Ted White is my 2nd top favorite Jason. I loved how he gave so much brutalty and a new deph for Jason. Everything the body movements he did were great. He held the title as Number one Jason for about 6 years where I really started to pay attention to these movies and not just mindlessly watch them. I notice alot now these days since im more mature. Derek Mears (my current favorite jason,)in my own opinion gave Ted a run for his money.

  7. I’m a bigger fan of part 3. I just love the creepy barn setting, and the final chase scenes are the best in the series.

  8. 3 and 4 are my favorites. Both together are even better. I did like the new one though. It reminds me of the old Jason.

  9. It’s always a toss up between 3 and 4 for me. Heck, put them together and you have three-hour epic. But 4 is by far the bleakest of the series and that’s great. “all dead? SOME EMERGENCY!” 4’s Jason grunts, has nasty fingernails, looks slimy, and has a hideous mug. The kids are hilarious. The kills are the best. I also like the music a lot, and the theme song has a certain urgency. I think part 5 adds some closure too since Jason isn’t around. You appreciate part 4 more because of it. It was a bloody battle to the finish!

  10. I agree 100%. Final Chapter is awesome. The part that I think makes the movie so awesome is seeing Corey Feldman totally own Jason in the final scene. That kill is like my second favorite movie death (behind the head explosion in Scanners).

  11. omg. scanners and jason’s 4 death. two scenes where there was a fire alarm at the mpaa or something. total shockers! Hey, what does the mpaa do with all those film reels after they’ve watched them and rated X’ed them? Is there some vault somewhere with all these movies uncut? I know, not bloody likely

  12. I think part 3 and 4 where the two best in the series by far followed closely by part 6 and 7, all the rest in the series 1,2,5,8,9 and 10 where nowhere near as good.

    Although Kane Hodder did make Jason his own and he did make a great Jason in 7 to 10 plus he played Jason more than any other actor.

    The new Jason Derek Mears is extremely good to in the role, brought back memories of the old Jason from Parts 2, 3 and 4 when he was more human than undead zombie like.

  13. I totally agree with you. The Final Chapter is the benchmark of the series. Parts 2, 3 3D and Jason Lives are soon to follow, but the Final Chapter is the best. Ted White plays a kick ass Jason, I couldn’t have said it any better myself in your blog.

  14. I love 1,6,7,8 fridays

  15. FINAL CHAPTER BABY! My favorite, great kills, they kept Jason in the shadows a lot until the end. Best mask, I mean look at the picture of the Doug shower kill and that’s the creepiest looking mask of the serious, but I liked that Jason was Big & Strong , but not DEBO. I mean in part 3 he had that neck and shoulders of a inmate and in the new one he looks like he just got off his Bowflex. In 4 he was big but it looked like a natural out of shape though strong combination. I think that made him look more human and his movements looked very natural.

    Jasonsfury.. you know the best and though we all may differ this one had all the right moves! I was hoping the remake was going to be this, but hey it was ok… no part 4. Plus I don’t care what anyone says, when I was a kid and Jason’s chasing Trish up those steps right on her ass I always like “run bitch!” I felt her fear more than any of the others.

  16. 1 word -yup

  17. I agree with you guys that said 3 and 4 go good together,I think they go GREAT together and are the best of the series with 6 right behind (I think someone else already said this :D)Let me say this about 3 though,..My wife hates my Jason movies(no taste I guess :D)but the other day I was watching 3 and noticed my wife watching and starting to enjoy the characters and the situations and was becoming very interested and asked “whats this?” of coarse after I told her what it was she lost interest :D…but my point is the movie has likable characters in interesting and sometimes funny situations as does part 4 which make these movies stand out in the series.

  18. You know it’s extremely distracting to look at Jason’s eyes through the eye holes of the hockey mask in parts 3 and 4 and his eyes are perfectly straight. I still can’t get over that. At least in the remake his right eye is deformed and looks awesome! :-) As does the rest of him in the remake! :-) DEREK MEARS IS JASON! :-)

  19. Yeah, 4 (perhaps 5) was the cutoff point for being somewhat believable. I think the quality of the film was great, and they had a real likeable cast. I mean, that group could have had a sitcom.

  20. i like to think 3 and 4 as 1 big movie lol

  21. hey Travis Laffoon i didnt know u were a friday geek lol loser

  22. i agree 100%…..the finakl chapter and part 2 brought me in to the series…..halloween night 2003 there was a marathon on AMC and i saw them both….my love grew from there.

  23. and i also love part 3 and the orginal

  24. Love some of your reasons, but I still think part 3 is the best, followed by 6 then 4.

  25. Hi there fellow bloggers.My favourite entries would have to be parts 4 and 6 respectively(can\’t decide between the two of them).Part 4 captured Friday The 13th in all it\’s atmospheric glory whilst part 6 spawned new life into the legend by making him undead and making him more powerful than ever.Basically part 4 is the penultimate pre-undead entry whilst part 6 remains the best undead entry to date and also the best soundtrack………….KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  26. Part IV aka the Final Chapter while not the first one I saw it is the first one I ever bought. When I watched it I just loved it, its definitely my favourite of the early ones but Jason Lives is my favourite over all. I dont totally agree with Ted White been the best Jason though, I didnt like Richard Brooker so he was definitley better than him, I think I would rate Ted White 3rd behind Kane and Derek.

  27. I’d have to throw in my hat with those who see the first four as one big beautiful epic slaughterfest. I certainly adore part 4. Tommy’s a great character, and I always like it when the non-Jason cast gets some personality so I care when they’re in danger (it’s a shame Sam got taken out so quickly. I liked her). Part 3 is probably still my favorite by a margin, but props to 4.

  28. Very good write-up. Reminds me of good ol’’s annual Friday the 13th movie review write-up.

    For me, Parts 2, 3 and 4 are my favorites, with a special shout out to the ‘black sheep of the series’ Part V.

    but definately a toss up between Parts 2, 3 and 4 for me.

    ALSO BIG News:

    Next week, on they’r next Friday the 13th show, the good ol’ boys on over at will have Steve Dash, the REAL Part 2 Jason Voorhees, on they’re show. So yeah, let’s all listen in once the show is on and let’s enjoy it!

    I SO can’t wait; I’m pumped as Steve is one of my favorite early Jason’s. :D

  29. A tossup.My first film I ever saw was part2.So I have a deep love of part2 and Terri was the first nude girl I ev er saw at the age of 12.WOW.

  30. I agree. final chapter is the best one.

  31. yup, a toss up between 3 and 4, with 6 a very close 3rd. ted white is without a doubt the most menacing jason there was. everyone talks about how kane used his body language for jason and how awesome it was, well….watch ted. look at the way he fills in a doorway. and the slow walk-turned into a run while chasing trish up the stairs. this guy was without a doubt the scariest jason of all. i mentioned before the way he looks out the window after trish jumps out, he moved with a sense of, if she is alive, she is not moving to fast, i’m going to take my time and enjoy this kill.

    richard brooker was also a very scary jason. again with the way he moved. like when he is searching the barn for chris, or the way he comes running at the door with the axe, but the best is the way he keeps rick quiet while chris is yelling out to him, thats some scary shee-it.

    kane was good but not as good as these two guys or even cj in part 6.

    mears was excellent in the remake and ranks right up with white and brooker, and even dash, and thats for one reason…..he is human. not a teleporting zombie.

    so remember the ever important words of ringo starr…….peace and love, peace and love……

  32. Yeah Parts 4 and 6 seem to me as the best in the franchise.The reboot took alot from the earlier films,but the score kinda made me not like the reboot as much as I wanted to love it.I think the next sequel they should bring back Manfredini and Savani.

  33. Part 4 is and always will be my favourite entry to the series… the only thing I could contest is that when I indroduce new people to the franchise I will always tell them to “just watch them from the beginning” part 1 is untouchable as are most of the sequals. I say watch them from scratch and then after most people cant deny that part 4 more often then not blows them away!

    I have a hard time picking an ultimate favourite after 4… probably 1,2,3 and 6 I love as well.

    thanks for posting this… it was an interesting read to say the least :)


  34. “Final Chapter” was the best of old series!!! I love the very first F13, but the 4th movie was the most bloody, violent, and scary one of them all. I agree that this movie had all the elements required to create a really good (almost perfect) horror film.
    Some of the best scenes:

    #1, perverted geek getting his head ripped off in the clinic
    #2, Fat chick getting killed while eating a bananna! What is worse than a hippie chick? A fat Hippie chick!
    #3, And I have to say that the final chase scene that eventuallt leads to Jason getting his head sliced oped still scares the shit out of me.

    The new movie had soo many elements of “Final Chapter” lets hope that they continue to make Jason as scary as that! I advise sticking to what works,…putting Jason in New York and outter space is just plain STUPID!!!!

  35. Jason: AMEN BRO!

  36. No doubt, part 4 kicked ass. But, it finished second, to the original. The original, one didn’t know what to think when they walked into the movie theatre. This type of slasher, had never really been done. The original was cleverly written and the killer was well disguised, even before Momma Vorhees admitted she was the killer.
    Part 4 had the best cast, to this point. Most of these people, followed up, in another movie role or two. Or in Crispin’s case, still is going.
    Here’s my top 6 friday films, in order. But, that’s just my opinion:
    1. the original Friday the 13th (The king of slashers)
    2. part 4 (Nice kill scenes. Plus, plenty of nudity)
    3. part 2 (I liked this one, because the real story of Jason was told at the bar scene, by Jenny. Younger Friday fans, need to watch that scene. This was the real Jason)
    4. part 6 (this movie was well scripted and directed)
    5. part 3 (The 3D effects kicked butt. Booker was a bad-assed Jason)
    6. The recent remake. (I liked it. Brought back the old memories of the 1980’s slasher flicks. Plus, Jason was reborn)
    Parts 5,7,8,The Final Friday and Jason X were a waste of production money.

  37. Ugh.. I never understood the love fest for Ted White. I think its performance HURTS part 7.

    The film is still the tops because of the great shooting, great cast (most of which actually had careers before and after), awesome score.. and incredible Make-up by Savini.

    I grew up on this series. I saw 1, 2 and 3 on cable and back then it seemed as if that was it. I will never forget the day I saw the TV comercial for Part 4… just pure black with narration and the mask tumbled to the ground. I was hook from then on. I saw 4 thru X in the theaters and even caught 1 and 2 on the big screen in 1997 (3 is the only one I never saw on the big screen)

    Anyway.. while I never had much of an opinion of White one way or the other when I was young… as I got older and each new movie came out I began to realize how little presence he had in the part. Richard was SO much better. While Hodder was in some silly ass movies, Ted can’t touch his power and agresstion.. AND actual acting skill. It all became really clear in 2001 when I saw part 4 on the big screen again for a local festival and I really so how muhc Ted ‘isn’t there’ he has no screen presence at all and just lumbers around.His make-up is amzing and sells some scenes for him.. but he just sin’t scary at all. In fact one of Jason’s most powerful moments in part 4… isn’t even White.. its Tom Savini! (The Bannana kill)

    Ted White hurt TFC and I think the movie being so good can’t hide the fact that he is lacking. If Brooker had returned TFC would actually be PERFECT.

  38. Hurts part 4 i ment.. its late :)

  39. Final Chapter Will Always Be My fav scariest Jason fav kills

  40. Thank God that this type of praise for The Final Chapter has come out. It is, quite simply, the BEST of the series. Quick brutal kills, Tom Savivni fx, slick production values, a kick-ass quick, no messin around Ted White Jason-c\’mon!!! What\’s not to love!!!??? LOl I was 15 when I seen this opening night on the big screen, and it was the best crowd reaction I have seen from a F13th film. (I did\’nt get to see 1-2 @ the theaters as a note.) Maybe it was the thrill of seeing a kick ass Jason film as a teenager,…those years are special for a variety of reasons, but for whatever reason you could type down here-PART 4 IS SIMPLY THE BEST!!!!!! Then part 3,…etc. I love them all, but part 4 has a special place for me. Jason\’s look was also excellent.

  41. Hello everyone, glad to see that there is so many other fans of our beloved Jason:) I only started watching his movies a few years ago when I bought the 5 DVD pack (I watched 7 movies in a single night! part 1-2 then 4-8, having seen part 3 a few years before)

    However, when I was younger I remember hearing stories on Jason, how he drowned, about his mother and the fact that he supposedly never kills children (must come from part IV) which made it all the more attractive and special.

    I started watching them again to introduce my friends to them and from memory I remember that original FT13th to Part 4 are absolutely great and formed a close-knitted sequel (the wrestling and personification scene in Part II are awesome I think)

    However, several persons have mentioned Part VI as being the best movie of all. Maybe it is simply the weird beginning where, if Tommy hadn’t tried to “make sure” Jason is really dead, Jason would have remained dead for real, it’s kinda corny and “killed” the movie for me unless I am missing the subtleties in that scene. I will watch it again for sake of being open minded and have a good fun anyways:)

    Hoping to get some good reactions, it’s nice to see that Jason still lives!

  42. parts 2 & 4 my all time favorites, part 3 very close, the remake is ok, but needed more blood and guts, they were shy with the kills to avoid the torture porn label, maybe next one will deliver the blood, i think they didnt push it to the mpaa like in the early installmnts…part 4 its more agresive and the kills were memorable…jason’s death scene its awesome.

  43. ps: Amy Steel is the best heroine in the slasher genre.

  44. when ted is running from one house to another in IV watch it its hilarious it looks like lance bass running with a hockey mask on Richard was a way better jason.

  45. 4 and 6 are my favs.

  46. “Judie Aronson showing her assets then being embarrassed and starring in Weird Science. She censored her nude photo from this post. Sorry Guys!”

    Okay, sorry but didn’t get that one (to Jasonsfury the author), namely cause I own both films, and I don’t think Weird Science or her nude scenes in TFC are embarrassing. They’re sexy and titalating, of course. ;)

    Bythe way, the guy from has a lot of fine older catalog Friday reviews/write-ups. His Final Chapter one, Part 2 one and his Part 3-D are easily found on th search function of the site and are the best, including his Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2 review as well.

    He names, amusingly and interestingly enough, a lot of the same reasons for digging The Final Chaper as we all do, by the way. :D

    Enjoy! Again, very cool read …

  47. peewee, Im one of the biggest friday fans if not the biggest in Elkhart Indiana lol.

  48. Ted White had a beer gut, which looks a little silly on Jason. But he was a pretty vicious Jason- the Dr Axel kill was great, the shower kill was great. The final chase sequence with Trish is totally sick, although more because of Trish’s excellent acting than Ted White. Anyone notice the homage to Psycho during part 4 with the house and the window?

  49. And oh yeah, part 4 is the best in the series- closest the whole franchise will ever come to an actual laudable film. Derek Mears is great in the remake, but everyone else SUCKS

  50. i so agree! but i do not have a favorite movie in the series
    i love them all 1-12 but you got a very good point

  51. Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter - best in the series - I totally agree!

    As someone mentioned earlier; when Jason is chasing Trish up the stairs and there is that moment when he reaches the landing and she’s desperatley looking for a way out…frakin’ fabulous scene! You could just feel her terror.

    The score was brilliant (sorely, real sorely missing in the reboot!) and the atmosphere was brilliant as well. And I liked the cast (why the reboot was full of so many dislikeable charaters I’ll never understand…I wanted most of them dead right away) - there was really no sympathy for them like in the good ‘ol Friday’s.

    My ratings for the series would be;
    1 - Part 4, the Final Chapter
    2 - Part 3
    3 - Part 2
    4 - Part 1
    5 - Part 7, the New Blood
    6 - Part 6, Jason Lives
    7 - Part 5, a New Beginning (even without Jason kills)
    8 - Part 8, Jason Takes Manhattan
    9 - Part 10, Jason X (up until frakin’ Uber Jason shows up)
    10 - Part 9, Jason Goes To Hell (for me, there will never be a worse “Friday” movie - this totally sucked).

    I don’t know where to place the reboot as I missed the “Friday/Manfedini” score so badly I almost felt like I wasn’t watching a Friday the 13th movie (for me, it felt like a “Jason’s returned” kind of movie rather than a true Friday installment). It was a decent enough attempt though (the movie; not the score).

    I do not count FvJ as a Friday the 13th entry.

    I hope they do not take too long for remastered versions of the whole series (except Part 9 - I’ll never care).

    Ki, Ki, Ki, Ma, Ma, Ma

  52. Final Chapter has always been my favourite. Ted White rules as Jason.

  53. The Final Chapter is definitely my favorite.

    No one seems to mention the kill scene in the basement…though they could have shown a little more, it is one of the few times in the series that you really FEEL for the victim, because he is totally helpless, and taking a real sh!tkicking from mr. Voorhees and his garden tool, screaming “he’s killing me!” like he can’t believe it’s actually happening. Awesome.

  54. My top 5:
    1. Part 2
    2. Part 3
    3. Part 4:The final Chapter
    4. Part 1
    5. Part 6

    For the longest time I said the original was the best because Betsy Palmer scared the hell out of me at the end of the film and because of the surprise visit by Jason. I remember seeing the first film in the theatre like it was yesterday. I was just a kid, 9 I think, but WOW!!!! What a climax….It was the beginning of the greatest horror series in the History of Cinema

  55. I have to agree. The Final Chapter has always been my favorite of the series. I like the Remake most right now strictly as its something fresh I haven’t seen 300 plus times already. But as far as The series as a whole is concerned The Final Chapter turns up most often in my DVD player. Ted White in my opinion epitomizes the character of Jason. His MO is more realistic as far as true to like killers are concerned. Most of them strike stealthily and brutally. That is totally under this incarnation of Jason’s belt. Overall this Jason was the most brutal, the most vicious, the most ruthless, and the most unrelenting. Jason never kills children in any of his films, but Tommy about made him break that rule in this film at the end we see Jason lurching foward Tommy with an outstretched hand aimed right for Tommy’s throat. If Trish hadn’t followed suit, Tommy’s little stunt would have accounted for absolutely nothing…

  56. I agree, The Final Chapter is my favorite of the series. I am actually old enough to have seen all the movies in the theatre. I can remember very vividly seeing Part 3 in the theatre with my cheap 3D glasses. It was really cool seeing everyones reactions. Sorry I got off the subject. I think Part 4 is the most complete and well rounded of the series. It had great kills and make-up, courtesy of Mr. Savini, a great cast and a overall creepy atmosphere. Ted White was excellent as Jason. I don\\\’t understand some of the negative feedback on the new Friday, I think it was well made and enjoyable,except for the Soundtrack.

  57. He could have ended up muscular as hell genetically, but probably more lean (Mears) than bulky (Hodder). The guy was living in the woods, not lifting in a gym. I don’t think chubby is realistic living off of squirrels. I think the body-type from 2 is the most realistic.

    And this will draw fire, but height would have nothing to do with nutrition because Jason presumably ate well until he drowned as a boy, so moving into adolescence, he could have ended up tall and lanky like he was if F v. J. But that dude’s movements didn’t scare me.

    Long story short, Hodder had the breathing thing, yeah, good man. But Brooker and White (3 and 4) were scary as hell. That was one Jason that I just did not want to run into. I’d beat that hillbilly from 2’s ass, and just run away from the zombie, but Jason from 3 and 4 was terrifying.

    Mears, is badass in a wrestler sort of way… like constant effort, brutal, in your face. Great stuff. I wouldn’t want to meet that dude either. He was like the type of Jason that would punch you in the face. He was the most human. I’m glad they showed him turning the lights on and behaviors like that. The fact that Jason can think and reason is horrifying.

    If I had to have sex with one of them, it would be Mears first, then the dude from part 5. I would never have sex with the Hodder version though.

  58. Tommy it was a great joke a few weeks back. Let it go now.

  59. I would have to agree - part IV was the best of the Friday the 13th films, followed by Part III and Part II.


    The most recent Friday the 13th with Derek Mears was nothing to write home about. Considering that Part IV was made in or around 1984, that film was better than the modern 2009 version with all of the special effects and advanced computer effects which are available at the present time.

    One thing that I did not understand was how did Jason in the Friday the 13th movie (2009) able to build underground tunnels around Camp Crystal Lake. I mean, there were underground tunnels which required bulldozers and other heavy machinery. Also, Derek Mears did not really impress me as playing Jason. I still prefer Kane Hodder to play the role. Derek Mears changed the persona of the Jason character - for example, he would run after his victims to pursue them instead the Jason in the previous versions would have a fast walk. Finally, I can’t recall Jason keeping one of his victims hostage as he did in the 2009 movie. This was so unlike the traditional Jason.

    Does anyone else have any other critiques of the F13th (2009) movie?

  60. Tommy made some good points in his last post. Maybe by Tommy coming on our site and expressing his wants and desires for Jason, he feels complete and can function normally in his everyday activities and that is making him post thoughtful points about Jason and maybe the franchise……. Na, he’s just crazy in love with Jason. But hey, who are we to judge! At least he’s not griping about how bad all of the Friday the 13th movies are as some people who visit us here do.

  61. Jason, the tunnels were the left over remnants of an old abandoned mine.

  62. …And as for the kidnapping,,, knowone complained in part 3 when Jason supposivily raped Dana Kimmel’s character which I always thought was very weak. The relaunch is now my favorite F13 with The Final Chapter a close 2nd!

  63. I couldn’t agree more. . . Final Chapter is my favorite of the series. I, like Jasonsfury, had my introduction to the series with this installment. I must have been about 8, and I remember setting up a “fort” to hide behind if I got too scared. Turns out, I didn’t need it and within 15 to 20 minutes I was out and on the couch thoroughly enjoying it. Laughing, jumping and in total awe of Savini’s work. Constantly asking myself “how did he do that?” Actually this movie started my love for the entire genre, and gave me my first professional “idol”. Though I am a graphic designer, I credit Tom Savini for opening my eyes to the art of those special effects. I wanted to BE Savini.

    A few other notes. . . Jason’s Best Death was in this one. Sliding his head down the machete. . .beautifuly gruesome.
    As well as the spear gun thing to the groin scene, and the always charming fat girl with the banana. McFly getting screwed and meat cleavered in the head was nice too.

    I would rank them this way:
    1. Final Chapter
    2. The New Blood
    3. Part 2
    4. Part 3
    5. Part 1
    6. Jason Lives
    7. New Beginning
    8. Jason X
    9. Goes to Hell
    10. Manhattan
    If this counts. . . im not sure. . but yes, I would put Freddy Vs. Jason as in the top 3 somewhere. . perhaps at #2.

  64. My favorite kills from part 4 were,

    -the hacksaw/twisting at the morgue

    -the shower head crushing

    -the cork screw/meat cleaver kill

    -and last but not least, Jasons machete head split!!! CLASSIC!!!!!

  65. Parts 1,2,3,4 the best out of the entire series,i liked 5 and 6 and moderately the rest, but the whole franchise had a real eerieness until jason became too unbelievable (like after part 6), so parts 1 with Pamela Voorhees then Jason in parts 2, 3 and 4. after that it loses its steam :)

  66. Trish is the absolute BEST! Hot and she got MAD SKILLZ!

  67. I picked up 4 on dvd finally just a few weeks ago. I had it on VHS but well, haven’t had a VCR in years. So its safe to say I hadn’t seen the 4th one in a long time. So I tossed the dvd in and watched it shortly after seeing the reboot.

    I have to agree that 4 is the best, mostly because of the cast. The characters were sitcom like, and they all played characters that seemed to actually have history together. Corey did a pretty good job for a kid, and the twisted ending was great.

    According to Wiki, 4 also has the most nudity out of all of the films, excluding the reboot. So a good cast, lots of titties, a great Jason, and Crispin Glover trying to dance..

    Total win.. and I got it on dvd for 4 dollars. Gotta love

  68. AWESOME REVIEW!!!!! The Final Chapter ( and Ted White ) will always be my favorite Friday film, for all of the above reasons that have already been listed. I was hoping that the remake would have been more like this film. It truly was a perfect film in every way. I also think that hollywood should remake 3 and 4 in some form, and I would love for it to take place in winter like the script I heard about a while back, that had been proposed. As far as the one reader saying he never understood the Ted White lovefest, then I guess they’ll never know a good Friday the 13th film when they see one, and it definitly wasn’t the garbage that came out recently. I was a least hoping for some origin of Jason’s invulnerbility. Anyways, awesome read, and all these fans can’t be wrong……..LONG LIVE TED WHITE’S JASON………….PEACE—JOHNRYDER1981

  69. I think, part 4 has the best ending, part 1 has the best atmosphere, part 2 is the best over all movie and part 3 has the best chase scene. I don’t really have a favorite though.

  70. It’s all about the Final Chapter, to be honest that movie was a nice way to finish the franchise, no need for more after that one, it set the bar way too high.

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