Play Here: Escape From Camp Crystal Lake

Here’s a fun little game called ESCAPE FROM CAMP CRYSTAL LAKE I was tipped about by my good friends at Horror Yearbook & Nightmare At Elm Street Movie.

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  1. It wasn’t bad I hadn’t played a flash game or visited Newgrounds in a while. Beating Jason like a pinata while he danced around like a South Park character on the screen was funny though. Really makes me wish they made a respectable Jason wideo game for the next gen consoles.

  2. We definitely need an awesome Jason game for the next gen consoles. Imagine using Jason’s machete on the Wii. I’m not a big Wii fan, but that would be awesome.

  3. Was kinda fun… but Jason looked terrible.

  4. The game wasnt bad a nice little point and click but jason was awful even the animation at the end was bad. AND what the hell was with the bat since when are ball bats supposed to be pin point accurate to hit someone THERE BALL BATS!

  5. XD I got killed! I liked that, it was awesome fun! :D

  6. This game wasn\’t to bad.i completed it with only 75 percent though.What was the last two box item\’s that i failed to get?

  7. it was fun. I enjoyed playing on the cabin computer. I was like “Ah, crap!” I didn’t want to turn around.

  8. I thought it was fun. Kind of an upgrade from the old Nintendo F13 game. I agree though, a good Friday game for the next gen consoles is in need. Maybe something along the lines of Resident Evil where the game takes you through a rough story line of the first four films. THAT would kick ass! You play as a councilor or something…. and of course Manredini’s score! Any video game deveopers listening?

  9. There’s only One game firm with the balls to make this.ROCK STAR.Resident Evil/Grand Theft Auto crossover style gameplay would really work on this kind of game.How about at the start of the game you choose whether you want to be the councilor/hero(ine) type character or if you want to unleash that inner psycho,you could play as Jason.How cool would that be?……….KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  10. I\’m piss just thinking that why is it that the saw franchise has a videogame coming out this year in time for saw 6. It\’s about time we get a dame Friday the 13th game for ps3 and xbox. The possibilties could be endless. It could bomb our it could rock, it all depends on which game developers are perfect for the job. Konami the creators of the silent hill and metal gear series are doing the saw game. But for Friday in this case needs a developer that can deliver an experience like no other. If a game was to be made I think michael bays group should get on it right away. Not developed by them but they should have a hand in the production of it. I choose Quantic dream, this gaming company could do it justice with thier sophisticated interactive cinema technology. Go to google and type in heavey rain their latest game they got in the works only for ps3. Look up the videos and u will get an idea on what I mean. It can\’t just be a game that\’s all about repetive hack and slash but needs to be a game that can deliver an experince like never before.

  11. I just got 100 percent completion. You’ve gotta unlock cabin 3. It’s really funny.

  12. If they ever did make a Friday the 13th game for next gen consoles (which I hope they do) they would need to make it bloodier than both Gears of War games, Dead Space, and Madworld combined. A grand theft auto style game would be perfect. You could go anywhere you wanted in the woods and have areas like camp crystal lake, the cemetery from pt. 6, even the harbor from pt. 8. (just not the cruise ship, that could be a downloadable extra). I would definitely buy it.

  13. It would be tough to pull it off. For it to be a success it would definitely need to stay away from any cliche movie games. Alot of those games without even playing them you can tell they’ll suck. It would have to be a very unique experience, but just the thought of walking though Camp Crystal Lake scared of stepping into bear traps or getting your head hacked off is great.


  15. travis,you have to wait until jason goes to strike you and intervien with the baseball bat,when you strike him three times and he becomes dazed,hurry and shoot him with the bow in the head!repeat this three times and you will if you only have the paddle then you just have to counter his punches.the first time you fight him you are only defending yourself with the paddle,the second time you beat his ass with the bat,the third time you have to cross the lake and this is where that bat and bow come into play.

  16. i keep getting stuck after i get 2 keys and a utility knife and a roll of paper then i just walk around and cant go down the dark paths how do i get past this PLEASE HELP!!!

  17. Hey sacrlet fry…you keep getting stuck? What you do is..after you get the 2 keys and the utility knife and paper…the dark path on the right of the office opens up. That leads you to the lake where you will find a decapitated head. Pick up the head and that will open up the dock. Once there you will throw the head into the lake. That will get you another key to the kitchen. In the kitchen you open up the refrigerator. There is a bloody head in it…(mrs. voorhees perhaps?) anyway, click on the head and a note will pop out that will give you directions how to go down the dark path. At the end of the path is…You’ll see! Don’t wanna give a spoiler. Good luck…Not as hard as it sounds. Hope this helps :)

  18. Thanks Rescue 911! OMG! I had played previously and didn’t see any of that coming! Played again it was great. Loved the decap heads! thanks

  19. I found the heads! Made my day. So cool! Now if only I can get someone to give me ‘head’…it would make my day grander!


  21. where is the key for cabin 3 ????


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