DVD Covers Revealed Already?

These covers for Standard and Unrated versions of the new Friday on DVD have been floating around various blogs. But something about them doesn’t sit quite right with me - for one there are a number of really awful design decisions (i.e. placement of taglines and other elements in relation to each other) that call out Amateur Hour. Another is they’re woefully incomplete, lack consistency between back covers and one even uses an old part 1 synopsis!

I’ll be happy to eat crow if these turn out to be legit studio designs. but if that’s the case it’s not just me that loses, you all do because these are quite frankly, not up to par and would need drastic improvements. If these are simply fan creations that others have spun into internet reality, hopefully the artist won’t be too offended - as fan art they’re fun takes, but I’m simply judging these within the context that they’re supposed to be legit.

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  1. Not real. Notice on the bottom of the second one it has the R rating, on special editions they are usually unrated. We’ll just have to keep a look out for the real ones that will be surfacing up soon, besides it’s way too early for the cover of the DVD to be coming out.

  2. Even if they aren’t real, I still would like either of those for the covers. Both are great pics, especially the full-body Jason shot.

  3. unless Warner Home Video, Inc. is releasing the DVDs they are fake.

    Thats who the barcode number is registered too. If they were legit im sure they would say Newline?

    Not only that, but both bar codes are the same. If one was an unrated version Im sure the number would be slightly different? But hey, what do i know?


  4. I saw the special edition back cover on one blog with a different back than one that is posted here. I then also saw a third different back cover. None of these are real and that’s why I didn’t bother posting them here. I figured that if my sources never heard of them yet then they aren’t real.

  5. Also another giveaway would be that there is no reference to what has been confirmed by Brad the unrated edition with the scenes that where removed to maintain r rating, I assume there would be a reference too this as there will be both versions released in one edition, where’s the blu ray cover lol

    I can’t wait to see the version they wanted us to see…

  6. Blu Ray Please

  7. i just hope for the blu-ray!

  8. These are good amateur efforts but are not the real deal.I was on play.com and they have it listed as a June 28th release date for blu-ray/dvd.

  9. totally fake both versions will be one on disc

  10. The official announcement shouldn’t be too far away, probably out within a week or two, keep your eyes peeled on dvdactive.com, they have the best and most legit early info and great cover artwork (I like the idea of using both the teaser and one-sheet posters as covers though, just..better).

  11. why would someone spend so much time making bogus covers and put them on the web?…there’s nothing to gain from it except maybe a few people will think they’re real and say “cool!”

    whoever you are, you are such losers. get a life.

  12. I like the way the special edition cover looks.

  13. Do you guys know what getting trolled means? That’s what is happening to you right now. And also…

    As long as Damian Shannon and Mark Swift have nothing to do with the making of this sequel. STOP THEM FROM WRITING THIS!! Freddy vs. Jason was shit, the characters made it so. And the same problem with the new one, the characters were shit. Damian Shannon and Mark Swift cannot write. Watching the old movies I didn’t want people to die. In the ones these dicks wrote I wanted everyone to die including myself. FUCK! Don’t let Damian Shannon and Mark Swift write this one, ANYONE WITH ANY AUTHORITY HERE READING ANY OF THIS, HEAR MY PLEA. STOP THEM NOW!!! Victor Miller is still alive, why not? Everyone wake up and look at what I am saying. Why did the last 2 movies not even compare to the older ones??? Damian Shannon and Mark Swift. Jesus Christ!! Stop them!

  14. I just entered that UPC into secondspin.com and it came back as “The Lost Boys” 2-disc edition.

  15. Im sure there will be a Blue Ray disc for this movie … if they Blue Rayed that freakin’ “Strangers” movie they better blue ray Jason !

  16. Real or not the special edition one looks cool.

  17. i’m really not a fan of the “from the producers of the texas chainsaw massacre” thing. can’t this entry stand on it’s own? ..especially after making over $60mil at the box office.

    is that really such an important selling point to anyone interested in it? we all know who made it. nobody new is gonna see it and go “hmmm what’s this new f13th? oh it will be like the recent TCM installments. ok i’m in.”

    in my opinion the f13th franchise is far superior to TCM’s (not that it’s not great too). and when they do something like this so much, it kind of feels like this movie was made in the shadow of the bigger, more important one.


  18. I have to say to all who are so damned obsessed over the cover art for friday the 13th, the cover will be what the cover will be, it will excite some people and piss others off, find another topic to blog about, and yes I am pretty sure that it will be released in blu ray, most movies now come out on blu ray.


  20. “it will excite some people and piss others off, find another topic to blog about”

    isn’t point of blogging to give reactions to things? i wouldn’t say any other blog topics here are more sophisticated or special than this one…or whatever it is you’re hoping for. if it doesn’t interest you, skip to the next topic.

    you must not realize that many of the people involved in these productions read these blogs to get the voice of the fans.

    given the choice, i’d prefer the cover to look good, so in the event that the real cover designer glances at this site while working on it, i’m going to make sure my opinion is visible. it might or might not matter, but at least it’s there.

  21. Yes the first one is a fake, but the second one does look really good! just hope that people will stop throwing out fakes!!

  22. I think the top one should be the Special Edition

  23. it comes out on DVD June 29th
    they are real DVD art ! heres the DVD YV Spot

  24. I noticed that on the back cover of the “Special Edition” one that they mispelled “Specter”. Isn’t it spelled S-P-E-C-T-R-E?

    Not to mention they have a spot for special features but nothing is listed under this. I smell a rotten hoax.

  25. on the second one it says “the best friday the 13th you could hope for” by Roger Ebert…. lol now thats funny!

  26. There is no way that the DVD’s are hitting the shelves June 29th. Almost every single new release and otherwise always hit retail on a Tuesday (with few exceptions). I have no doubt the discs will be out in June but the 29th is a Sunday.

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  28. I really think these are fake. I really don’t think Eberts’ quote would be on this movie, even if it were a better line. He gave the movie 2 stars, when new line/paramount have a ton of peple who gave it a lot better review.

  29. Eh, they don’t seem THAT bad to me. Granted, the back cover’s tag line sucks, but I rarely look at the back. The second DVD cover sucks though. It’d never be used. Why? It’s got WAYYYYY too much blank space. The first’s back cover looks a little more “on par”, but the synopsis’ are quistionable. HOWEVER, Paramount still has 3 as saying “camp counselors”. Lol.

    I just hope New Line doesn’t take forever to release it on DVD.

  30. I agree with Jon. Its a fake because on a Special Edition there usallly isn\’t an american ratting(Instead it says Unrated) but There is always A Canadian Rattin on DVD no matter what kind and this one dosent have the canadian Ecuevillent of one(18A) on it. so…….Its POSSIBLY a fake. The reason i say Possiblly though is because not all special editions are unrated(IE T2,LOTR) because of the fact that the directors actually meant for the movie to be like the way it is(\

  31. No, they are NOT OFFICIAL. I designed them, check out my site. There’s more where those came from. :)


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