Friday The 13th: The Fans Review

Check out what some fans thought on the way out of a screening. Courtesy ReelzChannel.

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110 Responses to “ Friday The 13th: The Fans Review ”

  1. and as many of u know…it will make a lot of money. the movie deserve it!

  2. What a staged “reaction” interview session.

    This movie is balls.

  3. The movie was way better then expected.

  4. can’t believe that are fans that didn’t like it. come on i’m 34 i’m an old fans this film is very very very good with the best jason so far (sorry kane).

  5. Just watched the best Friday the Thirteenth. I’m 29 so I grew up to love Jason, but at least somebody finally modernized him.

  6. I have never been this perplexed before! I have been more excited for this film than ANY other movie to hit theatres. I walked out with the initial feeling that it could have been better. I loved the kills but though they could have been messier but I am suree the MPAA had there way with this piece so we will have to wait and see for the DVD.

    I noticed that even my initial reaction wasnt the greatest that my urger to go see it again and again was and has been growing like a weed! I really liked Derek Mears as Jason… he was just amazing! my main issues I guess was the score! (I hate the music in this flick)
    and certain little things that were pointless like the bells that jingle from the trip wire… jason never thought that far ahead haha, he just finds you by hunting you down and then… well we all know what happens then!

  7. Jason Came He saw and he owns everybody’s A$$, Jason will live on and never DIE !!!


    Check it out!! $20 mil on fri night. Estimated to make $51 mil. That would far exceed FvJ’s $36 mil opening.

    How does a 100m f13 grosser sound to you??

  9. I’ve been a fan of Friday the 13th for 25 years now, and it is with a heavy heart that I say this film was terrible. The characters aren’t the archetypes we’ve come to expect – the nerd, the jock, the cheerleader – they all seem to have fallen out of an Old Navy commercial, and they’re the most hateful and bland bunch since part 7. I couldn’t wait to see them get killed, but the direction is so bad, you can’t tell how half of them are killed anyway. Another note – Jason is not Leatherface. He doesn’t torture his victims. Burning someone alive in a sleeping bag is not becoming of Friday the 13th. I’ve been looking forward to this movie since it was announced about 5 years ago, but it was so bad I actually got my money back.

  10. decent movie. best since the final chapter. derek kicked kanes a$$

  11. What I liked about this movie is how much faster Jason is to kill you. HE CAN RUN! And can I mention his archery skills are pretty good too!!!haha I loved the movie!

  12. People can say what they want, but finally we have a Friday the 13th that isn’t stupid (Don’t get me wrong I’m a big fan of the originals, but this is the way that Jason should have always been). Hell Yeah!!!
    So go ahead bitch amongst yourselves, I may be sometime.

  13. as u i’m divided! but come on for the very first time people reaction are great. not only critics (29% on roten) but people in the movie theater were scared and got some fun.

  14. I luved this movie when I saw it evry one in da audience jumped, scream, and stuff, it was a pretty fun film.

  15. I thought it ROCKed. They didn’t carbon copy Jason. They gave him more depth. I think those of you who hated it thought they would just take from the originals and just play out the same scenes. I think jason came across as a bad ass who didn’t take crap from anyone. I was cool not to see the same kind of stereo-types in the movie. And the death scenes kicked. I like how they made him smart and cunning, not just some mindless zombie. I will have to see it again ’cause I always catch things I missed the first time. For those of you how didn’t like it lets see you make the next one.

  16. i was one of the first to see it….12:00 midnite, man! It was amazing!

  17. Ok, so, I went to go see this movie last night. And, first thing’s first, the theater was completely PACKED! So many people were sitting on the floors and in the aisles that the manager came in about 45 minutes into the movie and stopped it to get everyone into seats and then RESTARTED the movie. I’m a HUGE horror movie fan. I love slasher films and thrillers and suspense and creepy sci-fi films. I’ve seen all of the original Friday the Thirteenth movies, including Freddy VS. Jason and Jason X (the straight to DVD version of the famous 1980’s killer stalking people in space after being chryogenically frozen). I figured that this “remake” would be a big joke. However, it wasn’t really a remake but more like the story coming back to life. And although it wasn’t a remake like I thought it was going to be, it was the first scary movie that actually, well, SCARED me. I was absolutely terrified. The theater was filled with screams, including mine. The movie was absolute GENIOUS! It was the scariest movie I’ve ever seen. I spent most of the movie hiding in my boyfriend’s shirt, which surprised him seeing as how I’m always the one to laugh at the idiotic teens running around like chickens with their heads cut off, and by the closing credits I had somehow ended up in my boyfriend’s lap. It was the best movie I have ever seen. 10 out of 5 stars for sure! Scary movie and Jason lovers, go see this asap. It’s awesome!

  18. Ok guys, here it is this movie was definately better than i expected. I have grown very tired of this constant bombardment of remakes of movies that I have loved and cherished since I was a wee chap. and after prom night I really was not expecting a proper revitalization of one of my favorite series. That being said I am still loyal to the franchise……even after jason x which I still watch from time to time so needless to say deep down I was still somewhat excited to see Jason get a few more kills on the big screen. But I actually got more than I expected. I will agree with some of you that the main group of campers were bland and not of the same archetype of the previous victims. But Lets face it guys after ten movies and going on thirty years we have seen our share of bad casts this one not being the worst in my opinion anyway.The Gore could have been better but I would be really surprised if there isn’t a beter unrated cut for the dvd. the kills were good basic but good I felt like they brought it back to the beginning just Jason, some sort of bladed implement and the tears of some topless camper. And lets face it thats what makes the franchise work and thats what you build upon. As long as the next one does not go the way of TCM:The Beginning I think the foundation has been laid to really take the franchise where it needed originally go after part four. No copy cats, no taking manhattan, no zombie jason, no possesed worms, no uber jason all of which I loved but for all the wrong reasons the camp or how badass jason was…and still is not for the scare factor. But I really think they put the scare back into Friday The the 13th. I give this movie an 8 out of 10 there is definately room for improvement but it is a good nudge in the right direction to bringing jason back to the masses so that he can stab them all. Some of you wont agree and thats alright this is just my 2 cents and thats all i can say.

  19. I saw the movie for about 21 hours ago and i have to say I’m still in a chock. This is absolutely the best movie I’ve seen since the 8th part. I was very doubtful of this “remake” and thought it was going to be a disaster, but I’m so ****** glad I was wrong. THIS IS THE BEST MOVIE EVER!!! I even cried when Jason found the hockeymask, all the feelings since I saw the first movies came back.

    The absolutely best murder was definitely “the car-murder”. I laughed my ass off!


    / Jens in sweden

  20. I thought it was better than IO thought it would be. I am 35 and been watching Jason ans his mom since the early 80’s, but with such a big production you would of thought they would of done some research. I live in Jersey and we are not allowed to pump our own gas. It is against the law and also not wearing a helmet is also against the law. Just saying.

  21. my only complaint is that it went by too fast, which is too be expected these days, I mean the old ones were slow and creeped you in, this one jumped out and just started running full speed. It\’s like they couldn\’t wait to get the hockey mask, but it was amazing, I love the new Jason, fast, smart, demeneted. The way he should be

  22. Hey Friday fans!

    I love this site and love the feedback, I blogged a personal review of the movie…I’d appreciate the feedback from all of you guys!

    I tried looking at the film a little differently, value all of your thoughts


  23. I was born in Jersey and was just up there two weeks ago. It is also illegal to grow and smoke weed, water-ski topless, and kill a bunch of people there. The Crystal Lake Police force really needs to step it up! :)

    The pumping gas part was likely just a lack of attention to detail. The no helmet part was likely done for appearances. The genre has never really been well-known for its attention to detail, though.

  24. Just saw it last night! I have been a fan of Friday the 13th since I was about 5 years old (my parents never barred my viewing.) Sorry guys, but I really do think it was the pits. Not a shred of that “feeling” that I got from the original series. Heck the new My Bloody Valentine 3-D was better than this movie (although not as bad as that abortion called “Rob Zombie’s Halloween”). I was not impressed at all. And Derek Mears was… meh. He’s no Kane Hodder (or Ted White or Steve Dash or C.J. Graham or Ken Kirzinger for that matter.) Gotta give it the old THUMBS DOWN!

  25. I really lied this movie alot. I grew up watching the 80\’s slasher films and Jason was always my fav.I lied how elements from the first 3 movies were put into this thing I REALLY liked alot was how Jason moved.he was fast and very deliberate!! movie makers please don\’t slow him down!!

  26. I liked the movie but it should’ve been longer. I can tell they cut A LOT out of it. I also didn’t like who played Pam.V.

  27. This movie was good …very good…

  28. I honestly loved the opening scene!! The rest of the story was solid, but I tend to agree with the die-hard fans here. Jason Vorhees never took a “hostage” in any of the movies prior to this and I was extremely disappointed in the use of the wood-chipper. It was teased throughout the movie that it was going to come into play and I wanted to see Jason get sucked into it!! He always gets the most violent death and I felt a little slighted when he didn’t. Hopefully they’ll do a follow up, because I think Michael Bay definitely produced a great movie and can definitely build on it from there.

  29. OKay… Just saw it last night. There was no doubt weak points to the movies but overall I thinkit did what it was intending on doing reaching out to the newer Generations… Us the older Generations were left to suffer over, The fake titties who dosn’t like naturals? The revalation of the Hockey mask could have been beefed up more. The Tunnels, So I got from the tunnels that when Jason wasnèt killing he like to dig tunnels. the weed , I love me some weed but it wasnèt to necessary for a Friday… Some of the kills were bad… But that fallows suit to the old films lol.
    Derek Mears did a good job… But we all know Kane perfected that role.
    For a reimaging I give it its due, for the newer crowd.
    For the true fans we know what this film is to us…
    and as a fellow fan I will not down anyone for not liking it…
    The film could have flopped big time. But it seems to be doing well and we should appreciate the fact that the series is back , and not just have faded into oblivion

  30. I’m 25 and i think this movie was great and i agree on $100mil grossing for the weekend and by the way seth i’ve been a fan all my life and I believe that kane can kick all the other jason’s a$$es but derek mears did great but he can’t live up to the kane hodder jason no one can cuz kane kick’s a$$.big up’s to KANE HODDER

  31. Anyone who says they are a fan of Friday the 13th and didn’t like this movie is full of sh*t. The movie was great. Nothing groundbreaking about it just good old fashion Jason Voorhees fun. These movies never get good reviews by the critics but don’t let them asswipes ruin it for you. If you like violence, ifyou like pot references, and if you like topless women then this is definitly your movie.


  33. Well I went to see the movie twice last night and I thought it was pretty good. I’m still not sure how I feel about it. It did seem quite rushed to me. The time just flew by. My main gripes is you don’t get to see much of Jason especially with the burlap sack. You don’t get to see him unmasked in the movie and some of the kills are totally bloodless. And Mrs. Voorhees scenes are way to quick and her decapitation is bloodless and you don’t even see it. How can a machete going into someone’s head not be bloody at all?

  34. this is a new beginning!

  35. I can’t even believe most of you people liked this film…it was horrible as a movie and as franchise reboot tool, it was like “Wrong Turn” with only one stupid looking redneck (i thought “WT” was ok because i knew what i was getting)…his new look was total garbage…he sounded like he was a giant monster when he stomped around…the lights on his homestead were ridiculous, and why was he killing? was he just protecting his weed?

    Honestly how anyone could like this movie even as just a movie is beyond me…

    both One Zero & Pantallica seem the only sensible and sane people on here…they summed it up nicely.

  36. For any of you who went in expecting the greatest movie ever made, you suck. How unfair was that to expect such a thing. It was never going to be that kind of movie, man. I have seen ever F13 in the theater, and I have to say, this ranks up there with the best of the series. I had a good time, but then I wasn’t expecting Oscar worth screen plays, acting, special effects. I was expecting a Friday the 13th film, that’s what I got.
    Derek rocked the roll of Jason!! Welcome aboard dude, hope they give you the chance to play him again.

    Only problem with the movie was the music. They dropped the ball on that one. Could’ve call Harry and asked him for help or input and it would’ve been better. And I missed the Ki Ki Ki, Ma Ma Ma’s, not enough of em.

    So stop the weining and enjoy the next chapter of lake lore.

  37. Alright. I’ve read other fans’ reviews here. I was pleasantly surprised. I despise Michael Bay, but as I mentioned here before, he seems to do really well with horror movies. Yeah, some parts of this movie reeked of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but i expected that a bit from Bay.

    The movie was well polished, so it didn’t seem so low-budget. I liked the fact that the gore factor was kept in check, so as not to be another movie trying to out-do the Saw series. Instead, they relied on the old formula and used tactics to get you to jump, instead of just gross you out with over-the-top gore. The kills came fast and unexpected(the boat scene rocked! BEST DEATH-Willa Ford).

    The Asian guy was awesome. His one-liners were hysterical! I wanna smoke with that guy.

    I also noticed little homages to previous Fridays. I really LOVED the cop getting the spear in the eye. That was a big middle finger to the MPAA for always editing out gory eye-deaths.

    I have two big gripes with this movie:

    1. The continuity sucked. Period.

    2. The camera work was really shaky. It was very hard to tell what was going on when the black guy ate it in the tool shed. I know some of it is done for effect, but come on! The other big scene that was ruined was the last battle in the wood-chipper shed. Clay vs. Jason. Fists flying, limbs flailing, Jason uppercuts Clay with a 2×4…. Yes! That was awesome, I think?! Couldn’t really tell. It was too shaky and choppy. And, and, and… How was it that, at the very end, after getting his face slammed into the bus a few times before getting his face pummeled with a 2×4, he has not one scratch on his face? Hmmm….

    Overall, I loved it. Still the best horror slasher of all time. I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE SEQUEL!!!! GET TO WORK MICHAEL BAY!!!!

  38. It didn’t make my jaw drop, and I didn’t feel like I’d seen the best (Friday) film ever, but I liked it. It’s a fun popcorn flick that delivers what we’ve come to expect, and I’m glad the characters weren’t the stereotypes we’ve seen a trillion times. Jason is more interesting than ever as well, and the fact that he just happens upon the mask is actually believable for a change. It didn’t fall out from the heavens with dark gothic choirs singing bloody mass, it’s just an old used up piece that some kid played with several years ago.

  39. As with any Friday film you are just going to have some backlash. There is no such thing as a perfect film. But everyone is entitiled to his/her opinion. I thought the movie kicked ass!! Jason was back to true form-merciless, fast and brutal. Kane was great, but Derek Mears now owns this role. Say what you want, but he simply WAS Jason Voorhees. I loved the fact that it showed him find the mask…that was worth the price of admission. No its not a perfect film, but I dont care. I loved it, and I know one thing is for sure- all of us will be watching PART 2 within the next couple years. The best Friday film since Part 4. Gonna make a ton of cash, and that’s good for us fans who WANT TO SEE ANOTHER ONE!!!!!!!!! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO JAAAAAAAAAAASSSSOOOOOOOOOOOONNN!!!!! LOL

  40. Saw it last night. It was ok – MUCH better than that crap Rob Zombie Halloween, but nothing that made me jump or get scared. WISH I could get that from just ONE movie. BUt I\’m kinda sick of this genre insulting it\’s audience. Like the 2 guys that smoke pot and want to jack off to magazines – what r they 14? Or was that crack? I don\’t know any guys that are that sexually retarded from smoking a little bud. And I am so sick of fake tits in every movie.I have beautiful firm natural 36 C\’s and they don\’t look like cement softballs. And with the internet, who cares anymore? We dont\’ need that cheese in our movies for us to like a flick unless you\’re a 40 year old nerd who can\’t get a date !! Oh, and the tunnels and keeping one girl alive…. been done 2 many times and didn\’t add to film AT ALL !!! Made it less scary if anything.

  41. Saw A Midnight Show last night and it was PACKED it was great to see it with a hige audence I was Scared when i saw the first show and there was about half full as my view of the new movie I loved that Jason is finally back in the woods and I love all the little nods to the series Like

    as some have said the wheelchair was a nice touch,the kill with the fireplace poker in the face reminded me of Chilis death, The girl being tossed on the car reminded me of Tinas Death From final chapter she was practically wearing the same thing also many more thing sprinked out the film I cant WAIT for that DVD so I can see all that deleted stuff Ill say one thing I waslked out of there more Satified then I did seeing Michaels Return and I hope to see Jason a Lot More in the future

  42. i wanted to love it………but…….the story line should of went back further than it did,i mean you cant do that with the remake of HALLOWEEN & THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE and not this one and except this film to be a success,but on a positive note, out of all the actors/stuntman that has played jason ,,,,,,,DEREK MEARS,,,,,,YOU ARE THE SHIT!!!!!

  43. I watched the movie last night, and all I can say is that it’s easily the best Friday the 13th I’ve ever seen! I really loved the way it was a re-imagining as opposed to the “remake” that alot of people were worried it was going to be…

    Jason is no longer a slow, stupid, lumbering zombie, but an immensely angry, menacing and murderous man on a mission haha! I also like how they made him more “human-like” in this version. The part with him taking Clay’s sister captive was a nice touch, and made perfect sense when all was said and done!

    Great movie indeed! LONG LIVE JASON!

  44. i really really wanted to love this movie, having grown up with the series and thrown so much money at it buying every edition of every movie, every piece of memorabilia, etc… but somehow, the exact opposite of what i expected, i walked out of my bloody valentine 3D saying ‘holy shit that was actually pretty awesome’ and i walked out of friday the 13th saying ‘holy shit i really didn’t get into it that much’.

    they didn’t really deliver with the gore, and i know it wasn’t entirely the mpaa because my bloody valentine was MUCH more gruesome.

    this was like a texas chainsaw movie to me (the 2 platinum dunes ones of course)…the locals, the redneck aspect, jason setting bear-traps and torturing victims, cameras too shaky to tell what the hell is going on (does anybody actually like that?), little to no music, they get lazy with making the kills good towards the end, ending too abrupt, no epic feel to it…

    anyone saying this is better than any of the originals is insane. yeah those movies might seem cheesy now, but in the 80s me and everyone i know nearly shit ourselves when child jason jumps out of the lake and pulls alice in. the shock at the end of this movie didn’t surprise anyone…we all knew it was gonna happen.

  45. SPOILER!!!!…oh yeah and the way they kill jason, so lame. that’s the finale we waited 90 minutes to see? it looks like they just made it up on the spot because they couldn’t come up with anything. ***SPOILER!!!*** simply using the machete on jason does not make it an epic ending. it’s been done before. i wanted something explosive, something that tied in with the rest of the plot and made something come full circle. some cookie-cutter redneck character’s wood-chipper is not significant enough to use for the finale.

  46. GAH.
    Im going to see this movie tomorrow,
    well im planning to.
    Im 15.
    Think they’ll let me in?

  47. OK. First off, I liked the movie. Quite a bit. Let’s clear a few things up:

    1. The old movies suck. Period. I love them but they suck. The acting sucks, most of the time the direction sucks, and the premise gets dumber and dumber with each movie. Stop revising history and pretending these movies were classic cinema. The also weren’t that way on purpose. Looking back on them, it adds a certain charm. To try and make a new movie, in this age, and copy that way of film making would end in disaster. This movie is suffering from the same thing as the new Star Wars movies did (and this new Friday has better acting.) Everyone goes into it with all this built up hype and revisionist slant that no movie could EVER live up to. These are popcorn movies about a guy in a mask killing people in the woods. Stop expecting the next Citizen Kane.
    2. Jason is NOT a weed farmer. At no point in this movie was there anything that should make you think the weed in the woods is his. Some sloppy filmaking may cause a little confusion when he goes after the wood chipper guy but I think he went after him for going into that part of the woods…not because he took some weed. This plot point has been overstressed by too many people on this board. He’s still killing people cause of his mother, the fact that he’s a little slow, and extremely unsociable…not because he’s a pothead who doesn’t want his stash touched.
    3. The score isn’t as bad as people say. I don’t want overbearing music every 10 seconds. The complaint about the use of “ki-ki-ki, ma-ma-ma” is accurate. It was used too little and very random. Doesn’t make sense at all.
    4. Finding the hockey mask was done very well. Again, people are expecting too much because they go into this new movie with built up hype and love for the series. His sack was damaged, he noticed the mask, admired it briefly, put it on, and was happy with the way it looked in the mirror. Another poster accurately points out that one of the trophies in his room was for hockey…nice touch. What did you want? The mask to decend from Heaven with a bright light and a rousing music crescendo? The hockey mask means more to you than it would to Jason…get a grip.

    Bottom line is go see it. Do yourself a favor and realize this is 2009 not 1979, go in with NO expectations, and be happy it’s not in space, on a boat that gets to NYC with 10 minutes left in the movie, and that you will actually see Jason and not worms crawling into people’s bodies. Enjoy

  48. I defintiely agree with you Jerry – alot of the criticisms levelled have been a load of old rubbish. And no one should be telling people not to go. Even if you hate something you shouldn’t never tell other people not to go; and as a viewer, if it catches your attention, don’t listen to critics; go, see, make up your own mind!

    I definitely (think the complaints about the hockey mask have been hilarious – I mean, it got more of an intro in this film than it did in part 3! XD)

  49. I seen this movie twice so far. Once at the showing in my town @12:01 and again the next day after work. I have to say I was happy that they re did Jason. I’m just hoping one day we will get to meet his father. I like the kills and all that. But to the chick that said JASON X was straight to DVD…. I must have been dreaming the day I seen it theaters in 2002.

  50. Jason was raped by Platinum Dums, they just need to rot in hell once and for all. This movie bored me beyond belief, I wanted it to end like 30 minutes on it.

    1.- Jason finds the mask on the bloody floor? that´s the best they could come up with?

    2.- Insipid & unogirinal killings, those were sooo lame

    3.- Stupid and grating characters.

    Everything sucked about this wreck….

    My Bloody Valentine 3D pisses all over this caca fiesta!

  51. The weed belonged to the hillbilly. He tried to sell some to buddy who was looking for his sister after telling him he had ‘lots’

  52. The fifteen minute or so intro before the title was awsome.

  53. The fans who are giving this movie bad reviews, are the same clowns who never wanted the remake, to begin with. So, quit whing and get a life !
    Plus, nobody gives a damn, what Ebert thinks. What a
    I had high expectations of this movie, going in. And it exceeded all my expectations and also, surprised me. Very suspenseful and scary. Definately the best, since part 4.
    Going to see, again. Can’t get enough of the new Jason. This is the rebirth, of Friday the 13th. Thank god. I couldn’t take another outer space

  54. My God are you serious? Your complaining because clay didnt wear a helmet and they pumped their own gas. Are you serious? Wow it amazes me how incredibly stupid your gripe is. Please enjoy the film for what it is. It modernized the series for a new generation plus brought back the greatness of Jason Voorhees. To complain about helmet laws, weed laws, and water skiing topless is, WOW! I cant believe how anal some people are. Why dont you make a movie about the helmet laws and the other laws that you complain about not beeing observed and lets see how much money that makes. Get over it!

  55. This movie was utter trash. I don’t care what anyone thinks. Those who thought this movie was good are not true fans of the Friday the 13th series. They took Jason’s mask and took a crap in it. Handed it to the theatres and gave us it. They completely ruined Jason. Friday the 13th, the original, was fine the way it was. Part 2 was fine the way it was. This remake was an insult to the series. The characters were the usual lame bunch of stereotypical teens that have been rehashed and repackaged millions of times before. There were plenty of plotholes involved as the story went on that never went on to be explained. Like how the survivor girl came to realize Jason thought she was his mother. Never explained it. She could have put two and two together, but they never gave off that impression. She simply just knew after telling Jason, “It’s okay.” Which no one would think, “Hey, he thinks I’m his mother.” Lame. And they gave Jason way too many brains than he’s supposed to have. Seriously… Jason? Planning ahead? With lights, traps, and trip wires? No. Just… no. Jason has always been a walking, stalking killing machine. Not some MacGuyver slasher who plans out ahead of time for people to come into his woods. And Jason never takes hostages. So, why the hell does he kidnap survivor girl? Tsk, tsk… If I was Sean Cunningham… I would be pissed. Maybe I’m too old school. Maybe I’m wrong… But this movie was utter trash in my opinion.

    If this has been any other movie, besides a Jason movie, it would be fine. We need NEW horror icons. I love Jason. I love Friday the 13th. But the lack of originality in Hollywood is sickening. They need to produce a new horror icon. They haven’t created an original new horror icon since the Scream movies. Hatchet was pretty close, but will probably not get the recognition it deserves. That’s why it simply went to DVD and not the theatres. If Hollywood has so many ideas to ‘reimagine’ our beloved slashers, why the hell can’t they reimagine the horror genre as a whole? Why not make a new slasher? Why not bunch all these new “ideas,” if that’s what you can call these, and produce something that’s not been done before? Sure, the saying goes “There’s nothing new under the sun,” but re-creating what’s been done before is lazy, dumb, and unoriginal. I’d rather take the originals over a remake any day. They need to make a new icon to join the ranks, and stop trying to fix what’s not broken.

    That’s my ten cents on the movie.

  56. Not my favorite….(still part 6), but not my least favorite…(part 9.) Some points I’d like to make….

    1. People stop bitching about Jason running!!!!!!!!!!! He ran in parts 2, 3 and 4!!!!!!!!!! Did any of you supposed fans who are bitching about him running not see those installments? I could see if Myers ran because he always walked…but old school Jason did run! This was a reboot of parts 2-4 not 6-FVJ. Old school Jason RAN!

    Spoiler alert…..

    I did hold my breath when they made it look like he may have been driving…..damn that would of been crazy to see.

    end spoiler…..

    2. I too loved Kane as Jason, but the many takes on Jason are what made the series intresting IMO. Kane is great…but not god, lets not forget his Jason movies were the lowest grossing of the bunch.

    3. I agree the kills should have been more inventive. I mean part one had more inventive killings…well at least one. That was kind of one more than this new one had.

    4. Jason as a pothead?! LOL….give me a break. I do agree though some people were living a little to close for comfort.

    5. Way better than Zombie’s Halloween……thank god for that.

    6. Derek Mears wasn’t the best Jason…but he did outbeat Part’s 2….the wanna be five….and Freddy VS. Jason’s version.

    7. I would rand the movie somewhere in the middle of the franchise.

    8. I’m I the only one who thinks we need to finally see snow in a Friday the 13th movie?

    9. The acting was about as the same par on the rest of the franchise……a few better exceptions….Lar Par…Thom Matthews…

    10. If this does make as much money as I hope….it will be like living in a dream.

    11. Best kill in movie is to the girl in the lake…most of you have seen in trailer.

    12. Ending was weak…could of been way better.

    13. Would have like to seen more of the story with kid Jason….best part of FVSJ was the dream of Jason being drowned.

  57. Disappointed, mainly because of the horrible direction and camera work. The kids (except for Clay and Jenna) were horrible. The black guy was the worst, they apparently don’t know how to cast. The score was weak too, hoping for a much better sequel.

  58. The new Friday the 13th movie is great, will see it again.
    Jason is more lethal than ever. If there was ever a movie to be made to feature Jason and Michael Myers I hope that Derek Mears plays Jason. Jason would waste Myers. As far as a sequel to this new Friday the 13th goes, I think the directors, producers etc should build on what this new film has established. thought the new score was good, it went well with how Jason runs after his prey, next film should use it and a mix of the old manfredini score. Crank up the song by Alice Cooper “He’s Back” crank it up LOUD folks because it’s so very very true. Don’t miss this movie.

  59. Loved the New Friday the 13th movie. It’s not perfect, but I think if we are honest, I think most of us were so hyped for this film that it was impossible to live up to our expectations. But after seeing it again I have to say that this film is a breath of fresh air for this series. It is a step in the right direction. I think the score was good, no it’s not like Harry Manfredini’s classic stuff, but it works, the way Jason chases the soon to be victims, the score fits. Theater I went to just about all the showings of Friday the 13th were sold out or close to it. People were scared by this movie to. People screamed, people yelled, and so on. JASON LIVES.

  60. ******SPOILER ALERT*******

    Those of you complaining about the deaths not being inventive, is because most of them were tributes to the earlier films.

    1. machete to head in bear trap – (IV) same kill as George McFly when he took a machete to the head w/ hand stuck.

    2. Arrow to head in boat, first kill after hockey mask – (III) arrow to eye after hockey mask with harpoon.

    3. Jason being watched under dock through boards in water – (VII) Jason being watched in through boards in woodshed.

    4. Sharp tool going IN neck of the asian – (IV) sharp knife coming OUT of girl w/ bananna or (I) w/ Kevin Bacon’s kill.

    5. Axe in back of black guy and crawling – (VII) sharp tool in back w/ guy carrying wood and crawling.

    6. arrow in eye of cop hanging on door – (I) arrows in body of guy hanging on door.

    7. Jason getting hung at end (not dead) – (III) jason getting hung at end but not dead.

    Guy looking for sister was the same guy in part IV looking for sister.

  61. I was able to see the new FT13th today and I thought it was pretty good. The opening 15 mins were intense and the remainder of the movie moved at a decent pace. I liked the old school Jason with the running, the potato sack and his shack is back complete with underground tunnels.
    Some things I didn’t like were the hard rock score, the shaky cam which thankfully wasn’t over used, and the annoying cast. With the exception of the final 3 survivors I was waiting for Voorhees to put a whooping on these morons.
    Overall this was one of the better remakes I have seen and hopefully will reboot the franchise in the right direction. I also like that there were several knods to the first 4 movies in the series, and the arrow to the boat driver scene was my personal favorite.

  62. that movie sucked!! just another chain saw massacre movie…bells!!!!! whistles hang up like a collection! what!! prisoners! underground tunnels! anyone ever seen texes chain saw 2! why dont we just bring out grandpa and have human chili! Michael Bay sucks!!! he ruined a great moive genre!!!

  63. To anyone who didn’t like this movie:

    Don’t bother seeing the inevitable sequel to this awesome movie. Pulling in 50- 60 million dollars on its opening weekend tells me alot of people aren’t going to be agreeing with the nay sayers.
    I’ll be buying the dvd the second it hits the self.

  64. lmao you those those people are not fans like us
    there idiots you ask them what did jason use to kill people the
    most in the early movies they would say “duhh a machete when actually part 6 is the one when he primary used that as his fav killing tool, when looking back at part 1-5 he really uses a ax the most, i wonder how the machete became so iconic, prolly cause it’s like a sword

  65. oh and “Ryan” you were wrong on explaining the deaths.
    Crispin glover has hit in the face with a meat cleaver not a machete but i guess i can see the omage. I actually thought none of the deaths were like the oringinal series except the arrow in the cops head

  66. hey “DialM4Murda” don’t you dare try and say if i liked this movie i ain’t not friday the 13th fan. I have 3 screen accurate hockey masks that i paid high dollar for, all of the comics, books, action figures to date. Are you kidding me, what was wrong with jason planning ahead that was so cool, it finally made jason differn’t from all the other slasher wanna-be’s. Plus, if jason was such a bumbling retard, how come in all the old movies he can’t be detected and moves perfectly wielding a machete. Him being a retard is just the sterotype for jason, his sterotype is him having a machete and walking like an idiot. In the original 4 and ahaha jason x, he knows where to hide and stalk his prey and no retard would know how to string his victims up to either hide the body of freak out a future victim. I always thought of jason as being one of those kids who are disabled and deformed but are very smart just slow at comprehending things, trust me im still in highschool and the first assumption you see with a deformed person is there retarded but there far from it. HAHAH a retard wouldn’t care to hide they face from humanity or wear somthing to strike fear into people b/c they wouldn’t comprehend what that means. JAson is just a 8 year old kid caught in the body of a 28year old

  67. ***Spoiler Alert****

    Thanks for the correction “The Question.” Throughtout the movie i just thought Bay was paying tribute to the originals.

    1. Jason looking down at the house from part of the roof, just as he looked up in part III.

    2. The Barn at the end w/ the haning

    3. girl acting as jason’s mom at the end like in part II, when Paul was about to get killed. (correct me if i’m wrong about the Paul thing).

    4. Some camera footage behind Jason’s feet when walking through the woods resembled something i thought in part VII.

    5. when the guy at end running from Jason jumps in a puddle, like the cop in part II jumps in a small puddle (but chasing Jason).

    6. Jason coming up from the lake through the dock like in part VII.

    7. Jason looking in window of house, like in part VII

    8. of course there had to be a sleeping bag kill.

    9. Old lady warning people, like crazy Ralph.

    10. The asian dude going out to the shed and Jason pops up and thanks it’s a joke, just like in Part III when the hippie goes out to check on the generator and Jason pops up thanking it’s a joke.

    i would have to watch it again to catch more.

  68. my main problem is the creators THINK they did a much better job than they did, which will inevitably set the bar lower for future sequels.

    thinking about it further, i have the same complaints about this one that i’ve had about most of the recent sequels…

    overuse of the machete, jason does little to no stalking, few shots being through the killer’s eyes, no drawn out shots of the moonlight on the lake to create atmosphere, little music to give atmosphere, feeling of seclusion at the camp…

    it just doesn’t feel like a f13th, and none of these film-makers seem to understand the importance of look and feel and atmosphere, when you would think they would know better than anyone. these guys just understand what’s on the surface–young people partying and a super brutal killing machine going around picking them off to avenge his mother’s death. that stuff’s obvious. i think these guys need to have a little more modesty, because they have much to improve on.

  69. This movie is the best F13 of them all! The gore was a little light, but the story was solid. I do wish they would have shown more in the opening scene with Joson’s mother (I would love to see a prequel with her as the main killer). I have been a fan of F13 since I have been old enough to walk and I can say that the origional series went in the wrong direction (hell and ….space), this movie was one hell of a way to restart the story of Jason.

  70. all you people that think this was a awesome addition to the series and that it was so bad ass you are a bunch of dumbasses you call yourselves fans since you were kids thats so lame this movie sucked its in my top 5 worst movies! Quit saying derek mears was so good he was ok kane hodder is the best if your a true fan of this series you shouldnt like this film!fucking wanna be fans that dont know shit. all you people that think you know about this series dont know shit. Micheal bay sucks and he should stay away from horror.

  71. I have seen every F13 and this one is by far one of the best. The people who do not like it, I think that you are reading too much into the movie, instead of it just being a slasher flick.We are forgetting that this movie was not meant to win an Oscar. This movie had all the right elements. The idea that they made Jason more human was outstanding. I agree that there was over-emphasis of sex and pot. Again, that is what makes F13, teens, getting high and having sex. The thing that got me thinking was that, do the residents of Crystal Lake know about Jason and they just leave him alone? ‘We just want to be left alone and so does he.’ Why didn’t they ever try to get rid of Jason? Other than that, I thought the kill scenes were good. How many times can you do that and still be original. There could have been a little more stalking and Jason theme and a better soundtrack, which was way below standard. IMHO, I take this movie as a stand alone film but with homage to the prior films, ie; the barn and the crazy woman. I still see an opening for a sequel and I will definitely buy this when it come out on DVD.

  72. “old school fan”…what did you expect from the movie? Did you think they were going to just replay part VII at the theatres? Derek Mears should not be compared to Kane Hodder. Derek should be compared to Ted White, Warrington Gillette, or even Richard Brooker for that matter. I liked Kane, but Derek’s character wasn’t based off a lumbering guy who just walks. It was for part II III, and IV….and Mears took it up a notch, with an “in your face” style and did a great job for a 2009 movie.

    If you see my earlier posts, you’ll see that Bay did a good job paying tribute to the originals with the style of the movie.

  73. your’re right on Carl. This movie had the Jason elements (sex, drugs, and murder). You can relate almost all parts of the movie to the orginals. You had characters that were diffferent from each other, just like the originals (cool kid, cocky kid, dorky kid, slut, goody goody, etc.) My earlier posts point out that a lot of scenes can go back to the originals. Another one i just thought of was the rich kid taking his friends to the cabin, just like Russell in part VI. Maybe Bay didn’t intend to do that, but the movie was definitely Friday the 13th. None of this space stuff!

  74. correction,

    “Another one i just thought of was the rich kid taking his friends to the cabin, just like Russell in part VI.”

    meant part VII

  75. Carl…you say the it wasnt based off an lumbering guy who just walks what the….? that is who jason is he walks and kills people! I didnt want micheal bay to pay tribute i wanted to see a new path for friday the 13th to go down. but i do agree that this is better than jason x and goes to hell. I wish they should of showed it more through the eyes of jason i wanted to learn more about him,they took to much stuff out of the old classics and put it in this one they tried to hard to pay homage to the others as a fan i want to see something fresh like freddy vs jason!!!!!!!

  76. I watched the movie on the 13th….theater was packed….I enjoyed the movie….on a scale of 1-10….I would give it a 7…based on the fact that I hold every Friday to such a higher standard than any other movie cause….Friday the 13th has always been my favorite movie my whole life I have them all on dvd and review them whenver I feel neccesary…just 2 parts I didnt like were…the very begining when Ms. Voorhies was pleading with last counselor from 1980….rainstorm was SCARY AS HELL…but…pleading was not cool…felt…corny we all know the story….it will be easier for you than it was for Jason…come on now…..they could have done betta than that…..and my second fault with the producers was……JASON NEVER KIDNAPPS……I thought to myself…..CORNY…..CORNY….F**king….CORNY…..wen the dvd comes out I will buy it on that day….message to Micheal Bay and those boys….In the 1st 11 movies Jason has never let a chick hang out with him….that made it lose it’s luster….as a crystal lake flick….It started to have a Leatherface feel to it then….or TCMassacre….so dont pick up the series if you gonna make a merciful JASON VOORHIES…..still it was good enough to add to my collection of he and his mother….coming out of the water was kinda CORNY too…..

  77. sorry,not carl ryan

  78. i agree harold wick

  79. This is my top 5 Fridays……Part 3 will always be my favorite….cause he copped the scariest mask in the history of horror movies….plus guy walking on his hands….was cool looking….part 6 is second….barely….it was the best begining to any of the 12…music everything….part 2 is next because the window scene… the end…..would make a micheal myers piss himself…next 2009…I gotta see it somemore but I aint gonna lie….Derek Mears handled his buisness….last I would say part 5….just cause…the picture quality of dvd….is cool plus….at the higiet of the movie was a driving rainstorm….crystal lake esck….my bottom 2 would be the 1st simply cause no jason….and part 9 goes to hell…..but dont get me wrong i love and cherish alll 12…..dearly….yo…peace..

  80. I alugh at all the people that say “if you liked this movie you are Not a REAL Friday The 13th Fan”? Sorry but you are very ignorant and people that loved this film and can point our the scenes where it tributes to the old silms are the real fans. I love the Film, i think it is the BEST Friday The 13th Film made. And dont say i am not a real fan..

    And to everyone that loves this movie as much as i did, FUCK YES! There will be a sequel!

  81. i have alot to say

  82. Talk about oxymoron! How can someone not like the nudity but be ok with the language of the film? They go hand in hand, com’on people. For all of you who had a negative effect of the movie, get that feeling of nostalgia out of your head and realize that this movie is to bring to modern times. If you’re such a fan of the original I feel sorry for you. This is 2009, ya’ll must still be stuck in the 80’s listening to the cure and wearing those big hair band t-shirts watching The Cosby Show reruns or something. This was never meant to be seen by little children. Bringing them only takes the feeling out of the movie; we have to listen to their bickering and cry’s. Keep them at home! Ya’ll know what to expect from a Friday flick. Everyone now has been jaded with these foreign film remakes and imports, this is AMERICA, they don’t have Mr. Vorhees ? Now, back to the camp. This movie is hands down the best since the original and maybe parts 2,3,4,6 and 7 respectfully. Derek Mears is the premiere Jason now. A big nod to Kane Hodder but this is a new young and vibrant Jason and not the zombiefied of before. Granted there is weed and sex, when has there not been in the series? There were two things that I was disappointed at: the person who should’ve had the worst death didn’t and the person who died, shouldn’t have. But what can you say. You always need the funny, the hero and of course, everyone else to fill in the kills. What was also great about this film was that it paid homage to its predecessors. You can get lil glimpses of parts 1 in the beginning, part 2 with the pillow case mask, the wheelchair and the wall pop out and part 3 with the hockey mask. I have to defend my guy Vorhees here. If ya’ll felt different about this new flick shame on you (refer to above comments). Lets preserve the originals and start anew

  83. this was an awful attempt at a remake, the 2 minut intro with mrs voorhees was an absolute discrace to the franchise, after that i almost forgot i was watching a friday the 13th film, the words “remake” or “reinvision” should have never been used, take out the 2 minut intro and it could be a sequel to any friday film. nothing about this movie even came close to making me feel like i was watching a remake of any of the original films, they didnt even use the F13th music…what a pos. bay and nispel should be ashamed. and the camerawork for dark death sceens was unbelievably shakey and nearly impossible to see
    letting the MTV and the TCM people work on the film was the first and biggest mistake, i didn’t even feel like i was watching jason through most of the movie. would it have been that difficult to get harry manfredini’s Friday the 13th score for the film? of course because MTV is involved and they will promote music up any ass they can fit their heads in. and instead of the unsteady dark shakey camera (that hasnt worked since blair witch) to make cg deaths look more believable, they shoulda asked for some help from the master…Tom Savini, he did work in the straight to dvd lost boys sequel, im sure he would have been more than willing to put in work for the new friday, but no, they didnt ask because they dont care, this was just another movie that got shat outta hollywoods big fat fuckin ass to generate profits from friday fans

  84. How can you people keep saying that this shity remake is the best one in the series that is ignorant to even think that i would rather watch hitchikers guide to the galexy ten times in a row then watch this hollywood bullshit again. some of you people have got so use to big buget production shit that hollywood puts out that you forgot what a got horror/slasher film is supposed to be. if this is what i got to look foreward to in the future is slasehr films like this im gonna start watching that high school musical crap!

  85. makaveli and harold wick are the only ones ive seen who now whats going on! unlike some of you people

  86. “old school fan”…i know you said Freddy vs Jason was something fresh and i agree, I’m one of a few who liked Jason X, becuase it was something new. A new direction i think was done after many tries w/ Jason Goes to Hell, Space, F vs J, and even Manhattan was tried as a new thing. This movie i thought went back to it’s origins w/ cult classic. If there is a sequel, look for it to be like TCM 2: the beginning, which would show how Jason develops. I don’t agree it should be done, because I thought this movie gave just enough. We all know Jason saw his mother die and that he kills anybody who comes near him. I think Bay wanted to attract all people to this movie, and not just the fanatics, and he did that by telling a short story at the beginning with the campfire.

  87. All in all I liked it – not the best of the series, not the worst. I’m glad that in a time when they can churn out 6 saw movies in as many years, they can still se fit to put out a Friday here and there. I’m happy they spent some money on it and had a half-decent script.

    What I didn’t like – I realize it was a tribute to previous movies, but there’s a fair line between tribute and straight up rip off – which is more or less what this was – but also, maybe why i liked it – I liked the movies it ripped off? I could have made a cheap version of this movie in my basement with the Friday box set, the remake of TCM and some editing software.

    I didn’t like the tunnels. Where did the tunnels come from? They seem to be trying to dispel some of the “mystery” around Jason, like how he gets from one place to another so quick (I guess me has a car in the tunnels somewhere that helps him get around? Maybe a Segway?), but then there’s other places where the gaps are enormous – like yeah – he’s all of a sudden torture Jason, or the fact that after being chained up for 6 weeks, the girl can up and run and kick his ass with not effects at all (maybe he had her out for 1 hour exercise everyday – it was summer camp – or maybe she had to dig the tunnels for him?) also – if she looked like his mommy and that’s why he kept her alive, why did he chain her up? Did he want to keep his mommy chained up too?? That’s a whole new spin on Jason, maybe?

    Running Jason was running Jason. Personally, I find it creepier when he walks, but he’s run before so whatever. I thought the mask scene was weak – “How do I look in this mask I just found lying around beside this fractured mirror?” Cheese ball symbolism, anyone?

    I like Kane Hodder, but even more, I like the idea of a different actor everytime – keeps him creepier I think. This guy was too much like the remade Michael Myers. Hopefully they’ll go with a tiny person for the next one just to keep us on the ball.

    Anyway – all in all, it was a new Friday the 13th movie, so pretty good no matter what.

  88. I was a bit disappointed. I am a huge Friday the 13th fan and was really looking forward to seeing this one, although I wasn’t expecting it to be great (especially after seeing the remake of Halloween). I went in with an open mind, though, and I wasn’t that impressed.


    I didn’t care for the first scene, and as for the second scene, I was actually kind of annoyed with the sleeping bag kill. Jason holding someone over a fire, torturing them? I’m sorry, but that is just not his M.O. Jason never tortured people! As for the rest of the kills, they didn’t do much for me.

    Okay, so when did Jason start taking prisoners? I know that she looked like his mother, but still…I thought it was ridiculous. I liked how she talked to him like Ginny did in Part 2, but the Jason I’ve grown up watching would never take a prisoner, even if she did look like his mother.

    And as for the music (or lack thereof), there definitely should have been a classic Harry Manfredini score in there. Music is what keeps you in suspense and this movie had nothing.

    This movie was also way too focused on the weed, getting high, getting drunk, and having sex. That seems to be a pattern in horror movies these days. Yes, every other Friday the 13th has people smoking weed, drinking, and getting laid, but those elements are not the main focus like they were in this movie. I mean, topless water skiing? Who does that? It just seemed to me like the T&A were more important than the murders. I couldn’t stand the characters, either; they were the same as they are in every new horror movie with absolutely no originality. And that hick who had sex with a mannequin? Was he really necessary?

    I didn’t like the ending and I was really disappointed that we didn’t get a good look at Jason’s face. And the battle with him at the end was way too short.

    There were a few aspects that I enjoyed, however, like when Jason broke through the class and grabbed Clay, just like he did to Tommy in Part 4. I also liked the hanging scene, the part when the girl fell on the car, and the fact that Jason wore the burlap and the hockey mask. There wasn’t a lot of gore in this movie, either, which I liked because most movies today go crazy with it, but the killings looked more real in this movie. Throwing in the song “Sister Christian” was also a plus for me, and there was comic relief with Aaron Yoo handing Jason the hockey stick.

    I know I’ve written way to much, but I guess I just wanted to get everything out. Sorry. Anyway, I think it was a decent horror movie, just a bad Friday the 13th. I know it’s a new generation and almost 30 years later, but this just didn’t feel like Friday the 13th to me. It didn’t help that I was surrounded by 12-year-olds who screamed every time Jason came on, a girl next to me who kept saying that she hated scary movies, and two older guys and a 7-year-old behind me who wouldn’t shut up, but all in all, I’m glad I saw it.

  89. my favorites simply 2-3-6-8-10-11

  90. 2-3-6-8-10-11 r my favs

  91. WOW! That’s all I can say to encompass the vast feelings of contempt I have for this movie. I want my money back thx. Chainsaw – Remade and f**king awesome! Halloween – Remade and f**king awesome!! Hills have eyes – Remade and f**king awesome!! Friday the 13th…..BLEW! Instead of carrying on an already long established franchise with the same monotonous crap, why didn’t the directors grab some faint notion of uniqueness that didn’t include rerunning the same crap from decades ago bundling it up to look new and then try and sell this rehashed garbage bin of a movie??? C’mon now. Jason living like a hermit??? Jason keeping a prisoner???? Jason JUST finding his hockey mask??? FFS when you borrow all the other stuff from the past movies don’t try and tell us it’s something that just came to be. What a far cry from a good watch. F**king morons just reproduced the worst aspects of all the movies ever made instead of trying to create or recreate something that could have been fantastically horrifying. Such a tragedy that it came out like another POS teen movie. Next time just borrow a horror movie monster and put the thing on an hour long episode of Supernatural so it’s easier for us to change the channel.

    LOL Jason living like a hermit, scratching his ass going “Umm, kill a squirrel today??? Yeah yeah, THAT’S evil man….then go pick some of that hillbilly’s bud and sit and get high with mom’s head shrine. Yeah, evil man, evil.”


  92. Jason kicked ass! JASON is BACK baby! With a vengence I might add. Saw it Friday at 10:00pm cause the earlier showing had sold out! Good sign for a horror film fan who wants more F13 films to be made! If I have one complaint its that the kills weren’t violent or gory enough. I mean not that thats what makes a good horro flick or that I’m a psycho who needs to have Saw type gore in all my movies but I’ve become to expect certain things from our boy Jason & violence is one of the things that attracts us to him & the F13 saga. He is strong & manhandles people! Which he only done a little. But Derek was a great Jason & the site & settings were great, classic Jason shit! So yeah should saved some of that R rating for the kills & not so much wasted on the nudity (but we did need SOME!). And I loved the beginning with the flashback and all the nods to some of the classic Jason scenes & actions. I loved how he was reaching out in a scene at the end ala pt 3. But I do hope the last scene was part of a dream sequence like the old ones. Now hurry up & make alot of money so I can have a even better sequel!

  93. And for what its worth I’m a big Kane Hodder/Jason fan (pt7 is my fav F13 film) but Derek was a good Jason cause he was playing the Jason that was in 2-4 & not the “zombie” Jason that started in pt 6 thats Jason Kane always played although I wish he would have gotten a chance to play a human Jason. And I am a big F13 fan, I have quite the collection in my house (hell I wear a hockey mask buckle on my belt i bought from a guy who used to make them not to mention my e-mail address is F13 related & I rock a couple shirts from the old Crystal Lake Collectibles website)and I use to post on this site all the time before it crashed. Now I have a reason to come back thanks to the film.

  94. this movie sucked micheal bay is douch when is holly wood gonna learn when they do remake they SUCK and yes dipshits this is a remake from the other 11 classic films except for jason x that just sucked! a SEQUEL oh my god are you kids serious if this remake sucked i sure as hell dont want to see the sequel didnt hollywood learn any thing after texas chainsaw botched remake it is not hard to make a good jason movie 1-you need teenagers 2-you need beer or pot or both 3-sex of course 4-setting in the country 5-pond or lake 6- let the crazy guy kill every body and what they dont need 1-underground tunnels 2-pot fields 3-holding people hostage 4-shity teenage actors with dumbass lines in the movie it is not hard to figure some people say that has been over done bullshit that is friday the 13th!

  95. I can’t throw off on Bay he gave me Transformers which kicked ass & I loved both TCM re-imagining movies. And we got to remember this was a RE-IMAGINING not a RE-MAKE! There is a difference! They were giving nods to 1-4 not zombie Jason or Uber Jason. I am an F13 man & if its got Jason in it I can defend it somewhat. My fav films are 3,4,6, & 7. And I liked F VS J as well. And again this one had all the classic F13 shit, pot, sex, nudity, woods, barn, old camp/cabin, dumb teens played by unknown at the time actors and actresses. And yes it was to much nudity & the kills could have been a little better but it was still a decent old school type horror flick. Hopefully we will get Tommy in the next one and start to see Jason turn a little towards the zombie side but for now lets just appreciate that Jason is back & on the big screen and has still managed to avoid straight to DVD hell! And I say this after seeing(& buying) tons of horror fims. What can I say I collect F13 stuff, I am a fan! Man, I miss the old F13 forums!

  96. This movie was ultimate!

    it was not a remake….

    IT WAS ANOTHER CHAPTER “Being introduced to a new age of people that never seen the old series”

    and because of that this movie is all that and a bag of Chips!

    They will make more new Friday the 13th movies now, and I have to say i will look forward to it every time…


    Long Live Jason

  97. So I guess anything that has Michael Bay’s name it someone will complain about. It’s not like he wrote and directed this movie. Anyways this was a good movie right up there with TCM remake. Both good horror movies. Obviously to some people neither will ever surpass some of there predecessors but hey, it could of been Jason X2 and what happened to the TCM franchise before Bay got his company involved? If it wasn’t for this man we wouldn’t be watching and discussing these modernized horror classics. Lighten up and just enjoy these movies for what they are and stop looking for some sort of groundbreaking ultimately scary horror movie. For me and probably most I became a horror fan at a young age when such movies really frightened me. As I got older i still enjoy them but the fear created by these kind of movies is gone. For others like me that is why no remake or will surpass the original but they are still tons of fun to watch.

  98. Went to see the movie last night and made a vow to myself to imagine that i didn\’t know any thing about the F13 history or movies and just accept it for what it is.Well after finally seeing it i think it is exactly the kick up the ass that this saga needed.Kane Hodder will always hold a special place in mine and many other Jason fans hearts but Derek Mears is the new king.He is seriously awesome as Jason(don\’t get me started on Ken Kirzingers pitiful portrayal in F vs J).I think the new movie stays as faithful to the originals whilst trying to appear modern and fresh to a new audience/generation.I can\’t get over the fact that some \

  99. mr digital, rob zombie did a way better job remaking a classic than bay and nispel (which isnt saying much) but, lets see what zombie did that friday forgot about…the original movie score, original character names,recreated scenes, he also used danielle harris from parts 4&5, also zombie used classic rock to set the mood, i actally felt like i was watching a halloween movie, friday DIDNT DO ANY OF THIS! not even the friday score…holy shit, i cant believe how badly they messed this up, i cant stress enough that this is a god awful remake or reinvision or reimagining, or whatever the fuck bay and they boys decided to call this piece of shit.

  100. Also i feel that 2009 was way too short….even by fridays standards…too be consider to best of alltime….I remember sitting in the theater about 20 minutes n2 the movie saying I gotta go piss next thing you know credits……blah….

  101. I love how all these people say if you liked this movie your not a true fan, HEY IDIOTS!!!!!! TRUE FANS ARE THE ONLY ONES WHO VISIT THIS SITE SO STFU. This movie was friday in the modern day, friday movies are about sex drugs and gore, now i wish the deaths were more brutal but it was still good. And do you even know what a producer is, all michael bay did was pay for production and make sure things were going smoothly, he didn’t direct or write the movie. FVJ was ok but come on jason was a big whiney asshole in that movie, he didn’t have any character at all, i loved this movie and i hope in the sequel the kills are more brutal and jason in it more

  102. on this website you will notice a timeline first 11 films. I was thinking how to make an alternative timeline to the new friday.

    i think you could use the original to start the new timeline because the remake using it at the beginning with the date june 13,1980, with the remake happening in our time. i also believe we could add part two into the timeline as well because jason has the sack and won’t get the hockey make til the remake and the camper at the beginning of the remake said jason came back in his story after his mom died, probably prefering to part 2.

    so you have the original friday in 1980 with the mother, part 2 storyline takes 5 years after the first(1985)were he takes his first revenge, then goes back into hiding until remake in 2009 where the locals know he’s out there but just leaves him alone and the campers just tell him as a story.

    the reason you cant add part 3 is because he get the mask and is left for dead at the end nor could you add part 4 because he is killed by tommy, making no sense with the alternative timeline. nor you could use 5-11 becuase he is a zombie. what do ya think


  103. “hockey make”

    meant to type “hockey mask”

  104. this is off the subject sorry but i gotta know is my bloody valinetine worth seeing. ANYONE!!!!!!!

  105. Ask “chris” about MBV he’s been the main promoter on this site.

  106. i like to think that this is an entirely new timeline. i have been thinking about like this: everything in part one happened as it did in 1980. Jason comes back from his watery grave as a boy the same age he was when he drowned in ‘57. things are relatively quite in crystal lake for the next 29 years outside of a few missing hunters/campers here and there and some unconfirmed reports of Jason sightings. then we pick up with f13 2009. so basically i think of f13 2009 as a new sequel to part one. it is the start of a new time line for jason voorhees. parts 2-fvj never took place. This movie is the new part 2 of the story of jason and his derranged mommy. thats how i look at it right now.

  107. old school fan, MBV3D in my opinion was better than F13th…the exact opposite of what i was expecting. both were good but MBV took the all of the story points from the original, changed them for the better to keep you interested, and delivered alot more gore and memorable kills. although if you haven’t seen the original, it may have less charm.

    to some of you, quit arguing over who is true friday fans. we all are, but we’re different people with different opinions. praise for the new movie is great because it encourages them to make more, but critiquing it is good too because it motivates them to do even better. if friday fans weren’t so critical, we’d still be getting shit like JGTH, JX, and FvJ.

  108. go buy the new double dvd if you havent already its called “his name was jason” its f*#@king awesome

  109. I love it it’s good

  110. I just went and got it today……..shows all crystal lake’s heritage…..and then some.

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