Jason Voorhees On Hold In Film And Comics

Last year Wildstorm Comics, which is a division of DC Comics, released the second series in the Freddy vs Jason vs Ash saga. The six part series was entertaining and successful and brought in a lot of characters from the respective film series. Since the release of the last issue this past December, there has been no news of further comics for Friday the 13th or Jason Voorhees.

We contacted DC Comics to find out if anything was in the works for new comic adventures for our favorite Crystal Lake Slasher and were told that “There isn’t anything currently scheduled”. It was announced last month that Wildstorm was closing it’s doors after nearly 20 years of operation. So now Jason Voorhees and other comic properties are solely in the hands of DC Comics. Do comic afficianados think this is a good thing or would the Friday the 13th property be better handled at a different company?

There were a tremendous amount of Jason Voorhees comics released in the mid 2000’s and fans of the film series were grateful for the new stories of Friday the 13th mayhem while waiting to see a new film. Recently, we reported on a few comic projects that kept Jason in mind during the creation process, which means that artists and fans still want to tell further adventures of Jason Voorhees. For now, however, just like the film series, it seems that Jason Voorhees and the Friday the 13th saga is in a holding pattern, waiting for some lever to be pulled to start the process all over again!

Recent Projects With Jason In Mind

Reported In June

SICK OF THE LIVING DEAD! (SOTLD!)” – is a slasher/horror comic (kind of like HACK/SLASH) about two teens who hunt down the creatures that go bump in the night and exterminate them with extreme prejudice.

The first short story is called “WELCOME TO CAMP KILL-A-WAY”. A parody of FRIDAY THE 13TH (my favorite horror movie) vs Danielle & Grin. Since I can not use JASON I created JOSH (Any F13 fans here know where I got Josh from?) who is a slasher at the camp.



Reported In June

This completely unofficial and unpublished outing just so happens to synch up with Allie and Seeley’s respective June 9 releases of “Solomon Kane: Death’s Black Riders” #4 and “Hack/Slash: My First Maniac” #1.

With each of these properties (and creators) scattered across the four corners of comicdom, it’s highly unlikely and probably impossible that this story will ever hit stands, but it’s nice to see that even busy pros can make time to create with friends for kicks.

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8 Responses to “ Jason Voorhees On Hold In Film And Comics ”

  1. Its ashame if they dont make more for you guys!
    If it was that popular, then i dont see why they cant!

  2. Give it time, I believe there will be more comics to come. Jasons just in major hiatus right now in film and comics.

  3. I hoped for much new information from the john carpenter! here was the first site I saw him collapse information.

  4. DC and Wildstorm are probably sorting out the licensing issues with the comics since Wildstorm went belly up. Even though it is a division of DC, there are still licensing issues…

  5. Whoa! What is that Dexter, Jason, Hack/Slash thing from? Just a piece of fan art? Pretty cool, whatever it is!

  6. Dexter Vs. Jason, awesome! I got Freddy Vs. Jason Vs. Ash: Nightmare Warriors last week, liked it, but it was’t as good as the first one. Nevertheless, there are some pretty good Jason comics out there.

  7. The rights will say at DC. Remember… DC comics is own by WB. The WB owns New Line. So Jason’s not going anywhere. I wish someone would release the Friday stuff from Avatar in a tpb. I have the issues but I have to dig them out everytime I want to read them. And Jason vs Leatherface in a tpb would be nice too. Oh well……

  8. The FvJvA series was a joint publishing project between Wildstorm and Dynamite (the latter is not owned by DC). DC is in the process of streamlining all of its properties and getting their house in order…they just dropped the price of most of their comic issues by a dollar …and it seems very unlikely they are concerned with doing business with any other company while this is occurring (so no Ash) and, since the F13 property isn’t an ongoing series and not part of the DC Universe continuum…well…probably not too high on the priority list.

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