T-Shirt Price Slashed: What Would Jason Do?

Our friends at Crazy Dog T-Shirts have discounted their What Would Jason Do tee from 15 bucks down to $4.95 in time for Halloween.

Link: WWJD T-Shirt

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9 Responses to “ T-Shirt Price Slashed: What Would Jason Do? ”

  1. That’s an awesome price! Everyone should try to pick that one up. ;)

  2. Got mine.

    Thanks for the tip on that

    Great price indeed

  3. That is a great price. Think Im going to get Myself one. It looks cool.

  4. Thanks for the tip. Just picked one up. At that price it’s a no- brainer.

  5. Great shirt to add to the collection, and awesome price!!!

  6. Just ordered mine! 7.50 with shipping!!!

  7. I’ve had this shirt for years. But the new knives at the bottom are nice.

  8. Got mine in the mail today…sweeeeeeeeet.

  9. If only the mask on the shirt look more closer to the films than the little cheap ass one you can find at Wal-Mart, Party City, etc., I would buy that shirt then. That an imposter mask there. :p

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