HorrorHound #15 featuring Jason

Set sail to your nearest book store and pick up Horrorhound #15 if you haven’t already! This issue features an article that looks back on the evolution of Jason throughout the franchise. Also not to miss, is an article that revisits the original set locations from the first Friday film with now and then photos.

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3 Responses to “ HorrorHound #15 featuring Jason ”

  1. Bad Ass. i shall find this magazine

  2. I already have the magazine, very good article. I loved how the character of Jason Voorhees evolved throughout the film series although some storylines could have been done a little bit differently, like Jason Goes to Hell for instance and Jason X. Jason X felt more like a sci-fi comedy than a horror movie. I mean the kills were good in that film, I really enjoyed them but they could have done better with the story. I liked Freddy vs Jason, there was nothing wrong with the story for that film, it was nice to see that Jason got more kills than Freddy did in this movie. They could’ve fixed up Jason’s wardrobe a bit and remove the platform boots and could’ve had him use other weapons than the machete and the steel pole. I think they overused the CGI a bit too much for the blood splatter and so forth.

  3. Thanks for the info potatojoe… I need to find this magazine!

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