Kane Hodder on FRIDAY remake & more !

Back in December, Fangoria caught up with Kane Hodder, who is perhaps the most notorious actor to don the legendary hockey mask. When questioned about the upcoming remake, he sounded very positive and that he was looking forwards to seeing it.
He may no longer be the face behind Jason Voorhees’ iconic hockey mask, but he remains one of the best-known names in the horror genre, thanks to his turns in the FRIDAY THE 13TH/JASON flicks and more recent fright epics such as HATCHET. Come February, the man who essayed Camp Crystal Lake’s number-one destroyer of teenagers on four separate occasions will look back on those days in the eagerly anticipated documentary HIS NAME WAS JASON: 30 YEARS OF FRIDAY THE 13TH.

According to the actor/stuntman, fans can expect an in-depth exposé that leaves no gravestone unturned. “I have not seen a rough cut yet,” he admits when Fango catches up with him. “But, knowing the enthusiasm of the guys making this, I can tell you it will be really well-done and extremely comprehensive. HIS NAME WAS JASON actually reminds me of the CRYSTAL LAKE MEMORIES book, which is, by far, the best publication ever written about FRIDAY THE 13TH, and which every fan should read. This documentary is very much in that vein, and it’s going to contain interviews with people you never expected. It has been extremely well planned, and even as a fan, I cannot wait to get the DVD.”

Hodder also takes the opportunity to talk up his latest fear flick: “I have a new movie in the works called SEE HOW THEY RUN, where I play a redneck who lives in the woods in his trailer. I cannot say much more than that at the moment, but watch out for it.” Of course, the four-time “man behind the mask” also recently breathed life into another memorably murderous role: Victor Crowley, the disfigured demento from Adam Green’s slice-and-dice homage HATCHET. Naturally, Fango has to ask Hodder about Green’s long-mooted sequel . “I haven’t talked to Adam in about three weeks,” Hodder says. “But I know they are trying to get a budget together for HATCHET 2. We all want to see it happen, but they cannot expect us to do it for less money than the first one. I know Adam has a script in mind, and from what he has told me, it will be excellent.”

And as for the upcoming FRIDAY THE 13TH redux, with Derek Mears in the Jason role? Well, let’s just say that Hodder, rather admirably, has no hard feelings. “I am definitely going to see it,” he says. “I’m a fan of the series and of horror in general. But, yeah, of course I was disappointed about not being asked to do the character again. I kept that guy alive for a lot of years, and really loved playing him.”

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Hardcore fan of horror films. I show interest mainly in the slasher genre of horror. Among my favorites are Friday the 13th, of course! I also enjoy the Sleepaway Camp movies, Halloween, and many others

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  1. can’t wait for Hatchet 2, the best slasher movie after F13.


  3. Yes, in my opinion Kane Hodder made the scariest Jason. Him, and the guy that played him in part 6 (sorry guys, Kane’s is the only name I can remember). Kane was way more menacing, and I think he could really get in to his character’s head. I still think the newest version of Jason reminds me too much of Leatherface. I can’t quite put my finger on it. Maybe because Jason actually runs in this movie, or because you see these images of him holding weapons over his head before bringing them down for the kill…I would still see the movie if Jason wore a t-shirt, shorts and sandals though. So I’m not going to complain.

  4. Adam, I think you have a great idea there about Jason in sandals and a t-shirt.

    Friday the 13th: Jason Takes Miami. He gets killed at the end by being run over by an old person.

  5. Kane needs to stop being disappointed! He’s a great man, but damn, his Jasons (IMO) were by far the worst.

  6. I agree, F13th series got really stupid after part 4. The movies in which Kane was Jason were horrible, no longer was Jason scary and in the shadows. Kane as Jason is like Jerry Springer as talk show host.

  7. F13th sucked after part 4. By the time Kane was Jason, this franchise had become laughable. Kane as Jason is like Jerry Springer as talk show host. F13th 1-4 rule, should have called it quits after 4. Part 3 is my personal favorite and it rules!!!

  8. yeah im with you guys on this scab and tim kanes f13th was really bad but i must say i did like 7 thats it but the story is kinda messed up im mean what the hell happen to the camp that was there is part 6 did i miss something or what???

  9. kanes jason were the best. they only got better after part 4. he took the character that no one gave a shit about and made it his own and gave awesomeness to jason once again.

    I understand why he would be upset of not getting the roles. He unlike the other jason’s never went to conventions that was all kane hodder up until a year or so ago. Now you can see CJ at alot of them hes pretty awesome as well.

  10. I think Kane was the best Jason by far in the serious. What he brought to the table in part VII will always be remembered as the ultimate Jason in movie history. Hope they finally release the uncut version of part VII this year.

  11. (IMO) Hodder IS the Jason MOST of us respect. He did bring certain elements to the character as he progressed wit hthe series. H/E, I personally enjoyed Richard Brooker. He always seemed more believable to what happens to him, and his on-screen murders were stealthy. Does he still live up in Hope, NJ? The outskirts of Blairstown…

  12. For me Part 4 was “The Final Chapter”! Everything after that is pretty laughable & too “Comic-Bookish”. I respect Kane, but the movies that he played Jason, was easily the worst Friday films.

  13. Kane was great. He breathed life, back into Jason. he was the reason,anyone wanted to see “Goes to Hell” and “Jason X”. Each stuntman brought their own unique style, into the series. Still, the redneck Jason of Part#2(Gillette)was by far, the scariest. I think this Jason, was more of what Jason was really like ; truer to the Jason legend.

  14. I can’t say that I have a favorite “Jason actor”, but one thing I will say about Kane Hodder is that he brought alot of dedication to the role of Jason.

    The only version of Jason that I thought was bad was in Freddy Vs Jason. And I say that with no disrespect to Ken Kirzinger, he’s a very great actor and talented stuntsman. Ronni Yu just doesn’t know how to make a Jason film…

  15. kane was great and i like part 7 but most of the fridays he was in were crap not his fault but he hasnt been great luck for the franchise. richard brooker (part 3) was really good too.

  16. Gotta agree with good ol’ Scabboy: After the first five Friday’s, which is five films atfer all, I simply don’t care myself. The other Jason’s after Mr. Ted White and the pseudo-Jason as played by Tom Morgan were the last I cared for. The rest I noticed nothing about them that I particular cared about personally, and plus there was no more jump scares of anything noteable about the laughable series (although I don’t think Part VIII, cause of Renee the heroine and some interesting scenes, is the legendary bad movie it is).

    No offence to Kane; he seem’s great, ut he had a four year run and nobody will ever replace the number of times he essay’d the role, so yeah, it’s about time to stop being disapppointed.

  17. I love all of the Friday films as they have some part of the series that all Friday fans love….. perhaps minus Freddy vs Jason. That being said, I think Ted White was the best and Richard Brooker was a close second. However, Kane played the Jason I grew up with and there is no denying how dedicated he was to the part. He does need to let it go at some point.

  18. Right on again, Jasonsfury.

    I personally love Mr. Richard Brooker and then Ted White as well, and also Mr. Steve Dash, whom as we know sadly never got the reconition he desurved. And Mr. Hodder is indeed alright for his tireless convention work and mostly nice guy attitude, but yeah, he need’s to chill and just enjoy his ‘glory days’ (or better yet, since he’s a Slasher Icon, how about ‘gory days’? C’mon, you know you all love it;)), and simply not worry about playing the character anymore. Besides I’m sure he’s financially well kept with other projects these days, anyhow.

    Just my two cents …

  19. No doubt part 1-4 were the best. Kane was great in his own Jason appearance,especially New Blood,but the movies he did were comedic. I really,really don’t like Jason Goes to Hell. You see Jason as himself for 10 minutes or so. Dumb? Jason X was better! I’m glad to them see start over. I think Mears will do atleast 2 or 3 movies.

  20. Gotta say Ted White played the Jason I love best, silent, menacing, ruthless, strikes from the shadows and disappears as quickly as he appears. He was the most deadly, predatory styled true to life version of Jason there has ever been. The embodiment of a homicidal maniac.
    Kane was my next favorite after Richard Brooker. Kane deffinately put a lot more into the character than anyone else, but Jason’s on screen personality begged for it. It was getting redundant to keep him hidden throughout the film and only exposing him for the most part during the 3rd act. We already know who and what exactly is killing the kids off by then, so we see the change in the formula. Now more on screen time means new depths to the character to attempt to beef up the intimidation and scare factor. Kane just so happened to fit the mold and to be a tallented enough actor to give him that determinaton and one tracked mindset on total destruction but beefed up the intimidating factor greatly.

  21. I’ve know Kane since 1987 meeting him every year since then at various conventions and talking to him. As for the Friday series, you have to admit the Jason from parts 1-4 he’s was played very bland and sort of clumsy. CJ Graham from pt 6 was very good. But Kane though really gave Jason a personality and a rage to the character. You also have to remember 1-4 he was human, parts 6-10 he’s a zombie so the characters are very different. Kane has told me he is very involved with the projects he is in and always expresses when the scene is not fitting “JASON”. Part 7 to me was the best, most original.Also if you didn’t see the uncut kills in it! they are extremely bloody! Also remember the Ratings board made the company water down the films to an “R” Rating! I do admit Part 8 and Jason Goes to hell were awful. But Jason X wasn’t bad for what they had to work with.
    Also I noticed watch Parts 1-3 and part 5. The acting was very bad! Parts 4 and 7 I thought they finally got people who can be believable actors! Anyway, everyone has their own opinions. But in fact, Kane was the only one who actually believed and loved the character of “JASON” .With the exception of CJ the others played it was a “JOB” and it showed.

  22. Are you guys kidding me I love all the friday the 13th . You are not real fans to say all those bad things. Kane hodder played Jason to the t and he didn`t write friday the 13th so we can`t fault him for that. Nobody cared about the urban legends as long as he rose from the dead and killed that is what it was all about. The bottom line it was revenge that brought him back to play the role of the angel of death.

  23. This Friday feature sucked! Jason runs, what the fu@k!!!! This Jason was more of a Leatherface. I was not afraid of this Jason at all. Kane I wish you could have played Jason again, you made him what he is to this day. Paramount Pictures and New Line Cinema has flopped another non Kane Hodder slasher. Try using Kane again and watch Jason really come back from Crystal Lake.

  24. Richard Brooker was by far my favorite Jason. After 5/6, Jason just got too big. He was much more effective when he seemed more like a regular old lunatic in a bag/mask that was going around slicing people up.
    Also, I saw Kane at a horror convention and he was kind of being arrogant and a little rude to the fans. Seemed to have the “I’m the star of this whole thing”, ultra male attitude.

  25. Horrorbiz13 I Never seen ANd I repeat I”VE NEVER SEEN KANE HODDER Rude or Arrogant to the fans! Maybe to you he was, But Again I’ve known him for about 19 years as a friend at the conventions and he is an extremely nice guy! YOu say you saw him at the convention, well I’ve know him. Maybe next time you should go and talk to somebody first before you make comments about them. Maybe he is the “Star” Having been in four films since 1987 says quiet enough about him!

  26. Class act, have met the man @ various haunted houses, he will always be known as the most passionate Jason, the other actors were on just for the gig - Kane loves horror & you can see it in his acting.

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