What could have been! Alternate plots for the new movie!

As you are about to see there were quite a few early story ideas for the new film. Some of them sound very, very interesting while others IMO may not have worked out so great.

Have a gander below and see what you think and then sound off in the comment section below.

Also a big huge thank you to those who contributed to the IMDB FAQ page without who we would not have been able to see what could have been. This is down to them so enjoy!!!

“The Homecoming – While past survivor Chris Higgins attempts to forget her dreadful memories by returning to Crystal Lake with her teenage children and doctor, Jason suddenly returns as well with a vengeance to slice through the high school’s homecoming dance (being held at Camp Crystal Lake), as a man claiming to be his father holds the secrets to where he has been and how he was created. Request to read the script here. NOTE: This story was going to be a sort of reboot, as it told the events of the 1980 original all the way through The Final Chapter, ignoring everything else in the series. This was rumored to be the 2024 film’s plot from 2024 until early 2024. Some things did make it into the final script of the 2024 film (most notably Jason being human and running again).Ash from the “The Evil Dead” series. As Freddy plans to use the Book of the Dead to carry out his deadliest scheme yet – and possibly re-enter the ‘real world’ as a demonic force, Ash must battle him, while also saving kids in a cabin from the deadly wrath of Jason. The script was quickly dropped when Sam Raimi, creator and rights holder of Ash and The Evil Dead series, refused to participate with the idea and when Robert Englund announced he would no longer be playing Freddy Krueger.Leatherface” as well as his family when the skin-mask wearing freak sets his bloodthirsty sights on a group of teens that the hockey masked maniac has been chasing down all the way from Crystal Lake. But soon, the teens discover themselves in the middle of a battle of an icon vs. an icon – of chainsaw versus machete! NOTE: Platinum Dunes, the production company behind both the “Chainsaw” remake and the “Friday” reboot was originally going to use this as a vehicle for bringing Jason back and continuing on Leatherface’s story.The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning” as well as some of the “Halloween” remake, this was going to show the events of Jason’s life from his childhood up until the very beginning of “Friday the 13th Part 2“. The idea was also going to explain Jason’s supernatural tendencies. This story line was dropped due to the poor fan reaction from other prequels that ‘attempted to explain too much.’ NOTE: While the 2024 film is not a prequel, it shares some similarities with “The Beginning” in making Jason a human and not a monster.Jason still in the year 2525 on Earth 2. The story would pick up directly after its predecessor, and Jason would have landed in the area that used to be Crystal Lake. Not much else is known about this script, except that it would have ‘Uber-Jason‘ killing teens of the future. NOTE: This script was nearly greenlit before the released of Jason X, but due to the poor box office returns, the idea was scrapped and the huge success of “Freddy vs. Jason” all thoughts of this script were put aside.

Freddy vs Jason vs Ash – Set to be the sequel to Freddy vs Jason in which the two iconic killers from the first film would be pitted against

Jason vs Leatherface – machete slicing Jason battles the chainsaw-wielding

Bloodbath- A prison bus passing through the abandoned town of Crystal Lake gets into a car accident with two college girls hoping to document footage on the famous Crysta Lake killer (Jason). With no means of transportation for escape, the girls find themselves being hunted by not only the prisoners, but by the famed hockey-masked killer himself! They must rely on a young, handsome prisoner attempting to redeem himself in order to survive. The death penalty has never been so terrifying! NOTE: This script was rejected by Platinum Dunes as a “Friday” script but later sold, where the character of Jason was replaced with a new original killer and the setting was replaced as well. That script is currently in pre-production stages.

The Beginning – Tagging off the success of ”

Jason X2 – An obvious sequel to Jason X, this was going to have

Jason Takes Los Angeles – While being transported along a helicopter ride to a research facility in Los Angeles, a frozen Jason is resurrected by an electrical current and after slaughtering most of the helicopter crew the helicopter crashes before he can kill the one final young research intern, Ted. As Ted makes his way out of the mountains of the desert and into the city, he is followed by Jason, who leaves a trail of bloodshed and murders behind Ted. With the crooked police on his tail, a gang war heating up in his path, and a ring of adult filmmakers wanting him dead, Ted turns to a naive social worker to help save him from it all! NOTE: This was originally going to be the ninth film in the series, hoping to pick up on the trend of Jason traveling to large cities, but when Paramount sold the rights to New Line the script was put in the vault and Freddy vs Jason was made. However, the script resurfaced nearly 18 years after it was originally conceived.

The Revenge of Tommy Jarvis – After his sister is brutally murdered by a machete wielding maniac, Tommy goes on a hunt for Jason. As his wife Megan falls into great danger when he attempts to find the man who scarred his childhood, Tommy must face his fears, wise up, and think of way to protect those he loves while burying evil once and for all – as well as his deepest rooted fears! NOTE: Tommy Jarvis was originally going to appear in the 2024 film but filmmakers thought that his character should be saved for the sequels (if there are any).

Return to Crystal Lake – Jason has not been in Crystal Lake in years. His name is a legend of sorts, and the town has grown comfortable with its surroundings. But suddenly he reappears, ready to wreak havoc. After trapping a biker gang passing through, the hockey masked maniac quickly gets up to his old habits and does what he is known for in Crystal Lake – killing! NOTE: The Biker gang from Part III” were going to play a large role, as one of the Bikers in this script was the younger brother of Ali.

Part XII – The idea was to have a sequel that would also not acknowledge the events of any film from Part VII through Freddy vs Jason (excluding Jason Goes to Hell and Jason X). The idea was to put Jason back in Crystal Lake, have him chase teens, and give the series that nostalgic 80’s feeling of the original seven movies. Many aspects of this script made it into the final version of the 2024 [i}Friday the 13th but. unlike the 2024 film, this was to act as a sequel and not a reboot of the entire series. NOTE: The entire first segment of the 2024 film will be very similar to this script in its entirety. This was the original script for the ‘reboot’. ”

So there we have it! Personally I really would have loved to have seen the return of Chris, Tommy and Megan in those sequels. How about you?

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34 Responses to “ What could have been! Alternate plots for the new movie! ”

  1. wow. many of them are crap.
    well..i love the JX 2…i know i’m a moron…
    jason vs latherface sounds cool!

  2. I would have loved to see Tommy back, as well. Another battle between him and Jason would be cool. Glad to see some of the better parts of these proposals made it into the remake. Can’t wait to see it!

  3. The only ones I even remotely liked were Bloodbath and part XII. And that’s even a slight like. I do think Bloodbath would make an interesting movie. But it was a very smart move to not make it a Jason movie. Seems like they were trying to be too different and that’s not what Friday the 13th is about. I mean…look how ideas like this turn out. Halloween Resurrection anyone?

  4. Your right Tony…I like XII and I like the VS (b/c I am a nerd for those) but the X2 and

    I wann see Tommy Javis back, and why not get Feldman to reprise the role! He’s not really doing anything.

  5. they said tommy could be used in the next installment.

  6. I liked The Homecoming. It would of been nice to see Chris again. It would be nice to see a surviving female F13 actress return!. I also like the idea of Tommy Jatvis coming back. That’s about it.

  7. A lot of those were absolutely horrible ideas- glad they did not use them. The only one worthwhile was the Chris Higgins plot. Any crossover would have also been lame, IMO.

  8. I like JT L. A. , Tommy returns, Bloodbath, and Leatherface

  9. I can’t wait for this new movie to come out! I think a sequel to Freddy vs. Jason would of been great. I read that Fangoria magazine shortly after the Freddy vs. Jason movie came out and there was a poster fold out that had a picture of Micheal Myers saying “I got next!” What was that all about? Jason vs. Leatherface would be a awesome idea as well.

  10. jason x was the biggest piece of crap out of the entire series so to do another would have ended the series all together or just made it a certain straight to video release…i like what they are doing with the actual film to be released…..but i must say that i would love to see freddy vs jason vs michael….biggest icons ever

  11. Ny only question though is why haven’t ANY survivors like Steven, Megan, even Tommy resurfaced? Where do they go? A follow up to Jason-X- NEEDS to happen to. (imo)…it could definately start a side-franchise for fans of it’s own…

  12. it would be awesome if they made freddyvsjasonvsmichael

  13. Yea we never got to hear how Megan smelled when Tommy had his head down there in her car….

  14. yeh i would be ok with jarvis and the biker gang one….Jason X2, though? No.

  15. I am also glad to see that the good parts from XII would be used and other such proposal’s. it would also be cool to see Tommy Jarvi again. But the fact that they left him out would mean a possible sequal, of course thats only if this one is good. However, JX2 would be a HORRIBLE mistake, just like the original JX! Poo Poo movie!

  16. Thank God none of those were selected. A reboot is what is needed. Although I love all the films, the sequels grew progressivly worse . A good remake is what we need to keep this series going

  17. Well I found an error in the Jason X2 one. It said in the year 2525…. It’s actually the year 2455 when Jason X took place and not 2525.

  18. years ago a friend of mine wrote a great script that took place after manhattan jason finds his way back to crystal lake tommy reads about it in the paper and knows jason is back so he and megan get in touch with all the survivors from previous movies ginny,Chris in his script killed herself in a nuthouse, trish,tina and nick all of them got killed excpt tommy and megan also i remember Jasons father being involved and getting ripped in half anyways itss sounds a little hokey but it had great kills if i remember one involving Jason using a gun in his own way by shoving it down a cops throat I remember Ginny got killed by jason lifting her up and smashing her face against his mask

  19. “Well I found an error in the Jason X2 one. It said in the year 2525…. It’s actually the year 2455 when Jason X took place and not 2525.”

    In the year 2525,
    If man is still alive,
    If woman can survive,
    They may find- Uber-Jason!

    In the year 3535…

    Anyhoo, thank goodness we’re getting what we’re getting, because most of those sound absolutely terrible.

  20. i want the sequel to make the teens get ready for the lake for the kids like the first one. The remake shows only teens going there to party and then get killed will the next have teens get ready for the lake and then find the people died from the last one. RIHT

  21. I hope to someday see Corey Feldman reprising his role as Tommy Jarvis in a future Friday installment. Last I heard, he was highly interested in doing such a thing. But i’m kinda wondering if something like that would appeal to the mass audiences. I know us diehard Friday fans would love that, but would the average movie-goer of today even know who Tommy Jarvis is? I feel like it’s something we’d never really see from a big budget mainstream future sequel. They’re probably looking to just start over and create all new Jason storylines and mythology.

  22. yeah to F13 fans Corey Feldman is somewhat of an icon. As far as the rest of society is concerned I think he has low credibility as an actor and is hardly taken seriously. I mean he has most recently found minimal success in “reality” TV. I’m all for bringing the character of Tommy into the new series if there is to be sequels. But I highly, highly doubt there will ever be a feature film released in theatres that says “Starring Corey Feldman” I’m all for bringing him in for a cameo though.

  23. People beware of the reboot!! The new Friday the 13th is NOT about reopening a camp or anything doing about a camp. Just teens having a party near the old grounds of Crystal Lake. That’s it. The main idea behind the original F13 was the summercamp and it’s NOT it the reboot! Shame! Shame! Shame! Beware I warned you.

  24. how abpot a direct sequel to part VII,now that would be an awsome idea.

  25. A direct sequal 2 part 7? …VIII:JTM IS isn’t it? I mean we see Jasons dead body (once more) twisted up in the chains and boat dock Tina’s dad brought him under @ the end ofpart 7.

  26. Some cool ideas, some ok, some not. I’m such a big fan of Jason and the series, they could honestly make every one of these ideas and I’d be in line to see them-LOL But yes, the remake is starting everything off fresh. But to bring back Kane hodder and continue the “old” series would surely generate much interest and fun in itself,….as long as Jason is back. And the remake looks very solid. Lget’s all support it, and bring on part 2!!!!!!

  27. OOPS_Let’s all support it…..

  28. A direct sequal to part 7 would be the best of ALL THESE ideas. Everyone (true Friday the 13th fans) knows where the ranchise went down hill. Jason takes manhatton sucked. You don’t take jason away from Crystal Lake. The remake is still the best idea. The new Jason Voorhees will be the best. I’d also like to get some feedback on how everyone thinks the remake will end. Just some guessing and wishful thinking. I hope they don’t mame him like they did Leatherface. I mean they chopped his arm off. If they do that crap to Jason i’ll go nucking futs.

    I CAN’T WAIT TO READ SOME REPLIES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. In JTM, he didnt really go away from crystal lake, the boat was there in the first place….they came there and took him away

  30. The new movie is gonna rock! They gave jason a big hump on his back to get more of a deformed look for him.

  31. Yeah, I read these before on imdb.com. Some are crap and others seem pretty intersting. I never liked the idea of FvsJvsAsh, even the comic book version. It just doesn’t fit IMO. Jason vs. Leatherface has potential, the comic book version of that was ok. Who knows what the next versus flic will be, but for know we get Jason the way he was ment to be on Feb 13th!!!

  32. Now why couldn’t someone have bought and filmed my script, “Friday The 13th Part 69: Jason Takes Traci Lords”

  33. I have a question. Does anybody know how at the end of jason takes manhattan he reverts back to a child and in JGTH he is an “Adult” again? Or are we pretending JGTH and Jason X didnt happen?

  34. The return of Tommy Jarvis would be nice but I think that Corey Feldmen reprising the role just wouldn’t work. Thom Mathews pretty much made the role of Tommy Jarvis his own and if the character would resurface then I feel that he would be right for it.

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