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Today I updated the Friday The 13th Gallery with 23 of Lafe Fredbjornson’s customized DVD covers, generously donated for archiving. Sick of those later Paramount releases with crappola cover art and wish the original posters were restored for them? Or maybe you need a cover for that “unofficial” 3D version of part 3. Or maybe as a nitpicker you’ve always wanted Jason Goes To Hell, Jason X and Freddy Vs Jason to perfectly line up on the shelf with the others by having Friday The 13th in their title. Well, that’s all possible now with the gallery and a trusty color printer!

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15 Responses to “ Custom DVD Covers ”

  1. Interesting.

  2. OMG! YES YES YES! i have been waiting for the original cover art for dvds, i hate the new covers for 5-8! yes, thank you! this looks great!

  3. God, those new covers from Paramount are so LAME!! Stupid fucks paid for those messes and skipped the badass original ones? Insane!

  4. Yeah. These are indeed awesome.

  5. Truth be told I kinda liked some of the new ones. But these look great too.

  6. I have the box set so these don’t have use for me. Is anybody going to post covers for that.

  7. I have the boxed set too. But I’m considering picking up the other DVD’s just for display purposes. And I would rather have these custom covers for the ones that don’t have the original box art.

  8. What? part XI, Jason Vs Freddy. More like Freddy Vs Jason, thats more of a Freddy movie i think, it starts out with and only gives Freddy’s background.

  9. It’s made that way so its a Friday the 13th title, idiot.

  10. Does he take requests? It’s a shame I can’t use these, I just have the box set and FvJ. Hopefully he’ll do box set art, or I can do some.

  11. yea i have the box set too so if anyone could make these for that i would appreciate it a lot if you kno of a link please post it i would be very thankful

  12. PLEASE READ!!!!!!!
    okay, i already said these are awesome, they print well, look great. BUT I HEARD THIS SOMEWHERE, THAT THE BARN USED IN FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 5 WAS THE SAME BARN FROM PART 3. IS THIS TRUE? can anybody look into this? please. it would be a great addition to this site and the filming location section since part 5 is empty there. i think the barn scenes are some of the best from the series and i thought this was interesting. thanks and please reply!!!!

  13. Praise the lord! The circle is complete!


  15. I found that the old VHS covers had better artwork than the DVDs, which were a but crap. And I remember this cover. Awesome :-)

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