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jasonrambo2.jpgI only now came across this Interview with new Jason Derek Mears, where he discusses Jason right from the set. While we wait for the no-doubt carefully timed release of the first shot of Jason in-costume, I thought it would be useful to strip out all the details from the interview and post them here for clarity.

First off, he paints a mental picture of Jason that is similar to First Blood’s John Rambo in both clothing and righteously vengeful personality. He also confirms what we all should know by now, that Jason is still a mama’s boy, and that he transitions from bag-head to hockey mask.

Visual Details:
Hockey mask eye hole - prosthetic eye which may get an eye-blink CG’ed in.
Body type - lean, because he lives in the forest surviving on animals.
Upper body - fake skin suit, crooked spine/hunchback.
Jacket - long, sewn-together combo of a hunting jacket & military style jacket.
Tshirt - full of holes, can see skin underneath.
Hands - long nails.
Footwear - regular well worn combat boots.

Read on for SPOILERS of some of the homages to previous Friday The 13ths, and hints at a crucial change in Jason’s personality!

Friday Homages:
Jason comes crashing through a window, grabbing a victim (Friday The 13th Part 2).
Jason tilts his when he hears somebody say his name (The Final Chapter).
When Jason first puts on the hockey mask, it is shot from behind (Jason Lives).

Assorted Scenes:
Jason enters a bus looking for a hiding victim.
There’s a rain sequence.
Jason enters a tent, about to kill a victim.
Jason hacks a female to death with the machete.
Adult Jason will appear in the lake at least once.

Lastly, this Jason does not seem to be retarded. He is more intelligent this time around, like a hunter - and goes to great lengths to set up characters to be killed in ways you don’t initially realize as a viewer until it’s too late - around the same time the victim does.

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72 Responses to “ Jason Rambo ”

  1. this movie may turn out to be one of the best. lets just hope. at least better than the last 5 or so.

  2. Huge F13th fan all my life cannot wait for this one PLEASE GIVE US A GREAT MOVIE@@!!!

  3. Some people I know complained about this remake at first, but I think that not only does it sound amazing and an improved look at the Jason character, it gives us, the true fans, a whole new series of films to watch over and over. Lets get it on!!!

  4. Oh, i like this idea.

  5. All of this sounds pretty good. I can’t wait to hear more.

  6. I don’t know…HUNCHBACK? Jason is SO much scarier when he stands up straight. Also, he ISN’T retarded? Why? That was kind of the whole point of the story. “Retarded psycho kills teens at a camp.” But, hopefully, the director knows what they are doing.

  7. I think we’ll all be pleasantly surprised on Feb. 13th!!!! Sounds great!!!!!

  8. I’m liking everything with the exception of the hunchback. As long as he doesn’t run like Eegor or something it’ll be ok I guess. The outfit sounds a tad off. But I’ll have to hold off judgement on that.

  9. I just hope that he doesn’t do the Kane Hodder stick the chest out I’m a big bodybuilder Jason and just sticks more towards the Richard Brooker / Ted White style of Jason not that these movies should be remade any way.

  10. Interesting. I’m so glad they’re going with the very human Jason from the early movies.

  11. Jason was never retarded anyway, just deformed. His intelligence is never explained in the series, but how could he be retarded? Think about it. How could he have set up those bodies to be discovered? In Final Chapter, he nails Crispin Glover’s hands to the door frame. He’s a hunter, a savage who lives in the woods and only seeks solitude. That’s how Derek Mears seems to be portraying him, and that is a huge relief to me.

  12. It\’s been a long time since we\’ve all seen the human Jason, and im glad he\’s making a return give the whole decaying-hulk-o-a-zombie Jason look a rest for a while. They\’re on the right track.

  13. No jacket!!!

  14. Haha, I talked about this a few days ago in my post on the \

  15. Ugh, it only posted half of what I said. Bleh…I said I talked about it a few days ago on the New Jason Betting Pool thing.

  16. I agree with tony carrol, i hope he doesnt look like a retard walking around becuase i will be laughing everytime he’s on screen like i did in HATCHET cuz ahaha Kane hodder had a hunch back and looked retarded but funny too. Also, what the hell is with the army suit, thats gonna be gay as hell. Has anyone every seen that jason fan film when he’s in the snow and wears a army white snow jacket and looks dumb, i hope thats not how he looks.. AHHHH JUST GIVE US A PICK ALREADY OR A TEASER TRAILER

  17. And man i bet the first pic of jason is gonna be a very misleading article like “JASON FIRST LOOK” and its jason as a kid or dumb bag head jason. not the one everyone wants too see hockey mask jason

  18. rambo aint got shit on jason

  19. this is going to be soo good, Kane Hodder was the best Jason ever, but its cool to see after almost 30 years, the series is reverting back to a primitive Jason. As a side note to a previous comment, if you notice him in part 3 and 4, he does have a hunchback when he stalks some of his victims. Either way, Mears is great for this role, cant wait.

  20. Finally they decide to get rid of the retardation assumption. I don’ even think he was in the originals, there seemed to enough evidence that he had more intel than a retarded person.

  21. too bad kane isnt in it but atleast their going back to the roots of it and rebuilding it from the ground up unexplained zombie jason was cool until part 8 after that its like the fucking scifi channel was writing them goes to hell and on sucked jason in space what dildo thought of that shit freddy vs. jason was fun but why the hell would he be afraid of water the new writers hopfully get their storys straight with no more supernatural jason powers just plain killem all wicked cool silent stalking hot bitches jason\’ll do

  22. The hunchback thing bothers me. I’d hate to see Jason limping around like an inbreed woodsman like those “Wrong Turn” bad guys.

    Not gonna get worked up though. Maybe it will barely be noticeable.

  23. I got to say this movies sounds like it will be one of the best remakes to date. It sounds like the directors and all understand how important this franchise is to its fans.

  24. i am still a little nervous on how the movies is gonna be, but this sounds great. i still don’t like remakes, but it is time for a reboot to all the classic horror flicks so they aren’t forgotten outside the horror community. i accept the remakes and reimagings(rob zombie!) now. i see hope for this movie with a good cast (i love derek as jason) and jason’s look sounds pleasing as well as homages to other films. i hope that they will continue to make sequels to this film so we can enjoy two different versions of the series. these movies and characters won’t die, i know they’ll keep o coming back.

  25. Mark me down as another that dislikes the hunchback idea. I hated the sort of hunchback that Jason had in Part 3, and this one sounds like it’ll be even more pronounced.

  26. Yes people the hunchback may be unpopular but i\’m just greatful that there is gonna be a new F13 movie.I remember getting this excited about F VS J and being unfulfulled at the end result.However the production team behind this appear to have the best interests of us Jason diehards at heart and here\’s hoping will do the series justice.Who knows this time next year the remake could have a sequel in pre-production.so to end my rant let us not judge until we see the end result.[We may even prefer the new Jason].NAAH.

  27. i like the idea that JASON will be “leaner-meaner” like a even more brutal jason, im ok with the hunchback thing..i always thought jason looked big n scary in part 3 (my fav jason movie) i think the new F13TH IS GONNA KICK ASS! Derek Mears, is gonna be the best JASON ever I think. It’s about time, the F13TH series, is finally going back to “CRYSTAL LAKE” back to it’s roots, back to jason’s woods. hell yeah…

  28. AWESOME!!!!!!!
    so he is going to be like pt3 and 4
    crooked spine/hunchback like pt3
    long nails, lean like pt4
    I like I like
    hope he runs

  29. Baz, I do hope your right about a new sequel coming quickly. During the 80s, we got a new Jason movie practically every year. Since Newline took over, we’ve gotten 4 (counting the upcoming remake) over a period of almost 20 years! Ridiculous. They better be ready to start pumping these things out!

  30. BIG F13 fan. I can’t wait for this movie to be out and I like what I’m hearing so far. This may turn out to be my favorite.

  31. I hope Jason gets back to outer space again. That was hilarious. So many awesome lines in that one.
    I just hope this remake (homage) is better than and bears no resemblance to Victor in Hatchet. Kane Hodder is awesome, but that movie was rediculous.
    Derek Mears seems to have a good build and head shape for the part.
    If they really want to do a remake it should be about the mother…a sweet old lady with man hands that goes pshyco on some horny teenage twenty somethings. What’s Kevin Bacon doing these days. He could make the proverbial cameo.

  32. its ashame mears has the perfect bald head to be jason but they are covering it with hair and he is ductaping up girls and taking prisoners back to his cabin the last thing these guys are is being is true to Jason.I know what you are sayin Jason had a cabin and hair in part 2 but bag head jason with cabin and hair would have never been remade. Jason became big because of what happened in the following films with his look and his personality

  33. “Since Newline took over, we’ve gotten 4 (counting the upcoming remake) over a period of almost 20 years! Ridiculous.”

    That’s not really a problem in itself, it’s that the films weren’t any better and in some ways worse that was the problem.

  34. hannibalking,

    I agree. The Newline Jason films havent been all that great. Even Freddy vs Jason was very, very flawed (in my opinion). I think the remake is gonna be very good, though. I dont agree with all of the choices I’m hearing, but I just have to let some of that crap go.

  35. the movies definitely werent the best ones in the series but new line seems to care more about the movies by giving special editions and documentaries it took people writing letters to paramount to get them to release that box set with that less than spectacular extra disc while every newline movie has had extra features and everything so over all im much happier with newline having the rights

  36. nohair,

    Where has it been said that Jason will have hair in the new movie?

  37. set visit on mtv.com and another website that escapes me right now…. MIKEY J who gives a rats A!# about extras ill take a good friday over any extras.New lines movies have been horrible if they cared about the franchise they woulda stayed true not make Jason a body hopper or put him in space.

  38. My first reaction to a remake of pt1 was sadness. I, a major F13 fan, want more sequels, but no remakes. As more info is released about this one, I’m learning that this is going to be a completely new story/SEMI-retelling of pt2-4… with the form of Jason, and the whole environment/”feel” of the film restored back to the old-school original 4 films.

    I am VERY happy with this and can’t wait to see this new F13. WOOOO!

  39. … one more thing, I want to state, that as much as I love Jason… I was getting tired of Hulk-zombie Jason, Original Jason is going to be so refreshing. :)

  40. Hmmmm…..I dont remember it saying that Jason is gonna have hair on the MTV set visit. But if he does end up having it, I think its a bad idea. I’m tired of Jason having hair! I dont even want a few strands!

  41. I dont think Jason was ever stupid in previous movies - mean he killed dozens of Victoms without them knowing he was there and lived in the middle of the woods and survived… he was a huge mama’s boy which is why some of his enemies could trick him . I dont mind him being a little smarter but lets not forget he was a deformed and often very isolated kid who was protected by his mother .

  42. rambo was a killer like jason but jason [and this seems to be the part people forget about jason] is a bad guy sure he was misslead to kill in his youth [because of his mother death he didnt realy know what death was thats probly why he keep her head and his past victims in his shack] but im sure sure after a while he would of figured out that they didnt come back so to keep on killing like he did he must of liked to kill those teens and he killed in his own syle never using guns [an ak47 wouldnt look very good on jason anyway] rambo kills because he haves to and for that reason i think they should change his cloths.

  43. p.s. rambo would look kick ass in a hockey mask

  44. hair,no hair this jason is gonna rule.[i can feel it].i remember being a kid and watching these films for the first time and loving how the character evolved from bad ass psycho to stalk \’n\’ slash zombie.so i think they have taken the character as far as they can and the reason for the redux is mainly to reintroduce jason to a new generation.by making this a success it could guarantee sequels.let\’s face it good or bad,we will still be going to watch these movies we fell in love with.to end my rant my rant jason has to have a slight makeover now and then to keep him fresh and appealing.i see him as horror\’s answer to james bond as every one has their favourite version of the character.[being a scotsman mine\'s sean connery].

  45. Hello, I’m new to this but I Think its dumb with this hunchbacked Jason. What made Jason was his look and his supernatural streangth. Now they want to change him, Make him weaker character. I loved Jason with his bones showing and skin ripped. I do like the older movies as well but now you have to explain why Jason is a hunchback now. Why he is weaker. I could be wrong..but when movie makers play with the Icon’s looks and personality traits you usally have a bad movie on your hands. I hope I will be wrong…I’ve been a big Friday the 13th fan since the 1st one came out.

  46. I am so tired of reading about how Kane was the best Jason. In my book Brooker (prt.3) was the best. He ran, he was meaner, he was real sinister and he looked the best. I can\\\\\\\’t stand the zombie Jason. I also HATE the fact that they had him weare gloves. Why the fuck would he bother with gloves!! And what was up with part 6 and the utility belt? Retarted!! Then in Jason goes to Hell they had his shirt tucked in with a belt!! BRING BACK BROOKER JASON!!!! And I hope in the remake Jason runs.

  47. “Retarted!!” - Now, that’s just awesome. :)

  48. Sounds very cool.

    I doubt the hunchbacks gonna be really bad, I reckon it’l be like Part 3’s Jason, he has like a small hunchback.

  49. this sounds like its going to be the best Jason yet. I cant wait; Its about time sometone did Jason the right way.

  50. Gawd I hope so, this sounds fucken sweet, but I will keep my excitment down until I see a trailer.

  51. He wore gloves because Kane Hodder wears gloves no matter what. Mr. Hodder is a stuntman with severely burnt hands. Everytime I’ve met him he wears gloves. He’ll shake your hand, sign an autograph, pose for a photo while strangling you…all with gloves on. I agree with Phil. I have a preferance to Richard Brooker. Don’t get me wrong, I like Kane Hodder a lot. I just liked Jason in part 3 the best. That being said, my favorite movie is Jason X because it’s just fucking hilarious. Earth 2 has a camp Crystal Lake. That rules!

  52. I agree, Jason X is extremely funny!

  53. Kane doesn’t where gloves all of the time. Lokk at his latest movie Hatchet, he didn’t where in theat movie.

  54. Phil, I agree Kane was never my favorite Jason, he was just a little too WWE for me. I prefer Brooker & Ted White.

  55. Kane will always be my favorite Jason. His movements and mannerisms were great. And he really cared for the character. If Kane had been in Freddy vs Jason, Jason wouldnt have gotten his ass kicked so badly. I understand its all about taste and personal preference, but I gotta say, Richard Brooker was my LEAST favorite Jason. I thought Ted White played the best “human Jason”.

  56. I admit that Kane did care for the character and his enthusiasm was infectious, but that’s not true that Jason wouldn’t have had his ass kicked so badly in Freddy vs. Jason if he had been involved as the actor can only do what the script and director tell them.

  57. Maybe that’s a reason why Kane didn’t perform as Jason in the versus movie, I don’t know, but I wish he had. This Jason (Kerzinger) was too slow and totally not what Jason is all about. jason could run, just like in part II, III and IV. it made him more scary.
    Jason X was very funny, especially K.M. I still have to laugh when she’s lost her head and says after jason’s blown away: ‘I’d klap if I could….’ great actress.

  58. hey jackaharts you do know that in the 1st 4 films which this remake is suppost to be that jason is a human right, all he has is the mongloid head and the weird fingernails. He didnt start to be a zombie until part 6 hense the title jason lives so sorry to be a nerd on ya but your wrong and the people making the movie is right because their staying true to the original 4 except the whole dumb hunchback look

  59. ALERT SPOILER AHEAD..I dunno if this is new news..but it is to me. I just read a interview with NANA VISITOR aka “the new PAMELA VOORHEES” , and she says…she’s not in the movie long, she get’s decapitated, her finger’s get chopped off, and then JASON “cradles” her decapitated head..WOW!! sounds like a great “opening” to the film. or “flashback”…this new F13TH just keeps gettin’ better, an better. I wish “Platinum Dunes” would update their blog page already…there has’nt been any new updates for a while. geez..at least give us a teaser poster. I HOPE JASON RUNS IN THE NEW F13TH..RUN JASON, RUN !! lol sounds like forest gump.

  60. Yea bro to each there own Penhall. Kanes movements is what I DIDN\’T like.

  61. jason voorhees is rambo that too best movies forever!!!!!!

    I HOPE BEST FOR FRIDAY THE 13th in movies!

  62. staying true to the original except the hunch back thing hockey mask with hair on his head, ducttaping girls and taking them prisoner,hell he will probibly talk in this one why not its a reimagining.how human was he really in 3 and 4, crushing Ricks head with his bare hands, survived being hanged and an ax to the head

  63. this movies going to be awesome i can’t wait for it it looks killer

  64. they should make a game to don’t u think?

  65. YES!! I would die for a real good F13TH game like, a p.c. f13th game…that would be cool.

  66. I dunno why people are bothered by the hunchback.., i mean the hunchback is original to the series, parts 2-4..? i think the hunch fits jason’s presence,well, he is disfigured n’ all, i just hope that in this new friday, the “padding” near the hunch is’nt as noticeable as it was in part 3. I still stand by part 3’s jason…i think hes been the best jason thus far till Derek Mears, i like when he just casually walks out onto the deck, n’ shoots that aero or whatever it was thru her eye…awsome! if Derek does that along,with running after his victims this F13TH is gonna kick ass, plus the “hidden tunnel’s” in this new f13th…that sounds intresting.

  67. Hunchback/crooked spine??? I don’t know that seems a bit odd to me, have to see a image of him to understand what they mean by that. Also I never really thought of Jason as being retarded,yes he was deformed,but he understood what he was doing and why. He seemed like he was just made to be a HUGE “Momma’s Boy” cause his Mother doted on him as you can tell in Part 2. Plus he understood how to use all of the weapons he used in the films to make his kills, so I wouldn’t say Jason was ever really retarded.

  68. This movie better not be retarded, where as in freddy vs. jason, that hit someone or something and it travels 100 yards. This movie should be made as realistic as possible and give respect back to the franchise. Have it be the classic jason in the classic settings and be conclused with a classic Friday the 13th case scene. The best of the Friday the 13th movies are part 3 and The Final Chapter and i think that this movie should reflect upon those movies and have alittle less predictability, where as in the more recent movies there is no suspense and jason kills his victoms in a snap of the finger. The movie doesn’t have to be particularly gorey, just full of suspense.

  69. I agree Phil, they should dispense with the comic book feel and go back to the gritty feel of the earlier ones. That’s what they claim they’ve done so we’ll see

  70. A horror movie doesn’t need gore to be good. I hope even in this day and age someone can make a film with more suspense than gore, like the original Texas Chainsaw…barely any blood. On the other hand, this is a Michael Bay movie so I’m sure that alot of gore is inevitable. Let’s hope it doesn’t suck.

  71. Hunchback? Jason was STABBED in the back with a machete at the end of part 2! Your posture would be a little stooped if you had an 18 inch blade rammed into your spine, too. And whats all this confusion about zombie/human Jason? Correct me if I’m wrong, but Jason hasn’t been human since he DROWNED in Crystal Lake when he was a boy. That’s why his MOTHER killed the counselors in the first movie.

  72. Oh, and Kane Hodder IS the man! Undead or otherwise…

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