Cinema of Fear: Jason Voorhees (2009) reviewed! plus Giveaway Deadline!

Recently, we gave you a sneak peek at Mezco’s Cinema of Fear Jason Voorhees from the very film you will all be watching next weekend! We’ve even given you a chance to win one! Now, it’s time to take a look at the figure on a “review” level with a large pic gallery, and fill you in on when the winner of our giveaway will be announced!

The Cinema of Fear series has been nothing short of impressive, and this figure is no exception. This release of Jason stands alone and is not part of any particular series number and is in the image of the all new look of Jason Voorhees.  The paint job is impressive and looks amazing in your Jason display. The figure is approximately 7 inches tall like previous Mezco releases. Jason is articulated at the shoulder with elbows and wrists that twist to achieve various poses. The legs are staionary and do not move, but the feet are articulated and moveable in order to maintain perfect balance with this figure which is great! The waist is a swivel waist which seems to be the norm as Mezco now and it works very well. The head is also ball jointed and has great motion. However, the mask on this release is not removeable which may disappoint some.

Once again, Mezco supplies Jason will various forms of weaponry. Accessories seem to be their specialty and it makes their products stand out. Packaged with Jason 09 are his much longer machete, his axe, and a pick axe. Jason’s machete can slide easily into the sheath on his leg.

Mezco has, without a doubt, done a very good job in capturing the look of the future of Jason Voorhees. The figure is nearly flawless with the exception of the molded on hockey mask. Some may also not like the fact that there is no alternate head this time around, while others will glady pick up the online exclusive featuring Jason in his bagged head which appears to be equally as impressive. If you are a collector of Friday the 13th figures in the 7 inch variety, you do not want to call your collection complete until you add Jason 09 to your display. It is a great figure.

With that said, I’m sure a handful of you guys want to win one of these? As I mentioned before, there is one to be given away and there is still time to enter! The winner of this contest will be announced on the very day that Friday the 13th hits theaters! Friday, February 13th! So be sure to get your entries in. There’s just no reason to wait around. You can enter the contest by clicking HERE! For more information on Mezco and Mezco products, be sure to check out their official page by clicking HERE.


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  1. hey tony i just wanted to say when your drawing a name dont forget my myspace entry lol

  2. I won’t dude. ;) I wrote each entry down individually on index cards. It has been a LOT of writing. lol.

  3. Hi i was wondering why would ya’ll pick friday the thirteenth again?????? are ya’ll celerbate jason vorees birthday and many years of makeing them???? I am a huge fan of jason voree’s and that I would like u to tell him??? this is a better view of friday the thirteenth???? from biggest fan,

  4. lol well thank you tony

  5. wow that sucks that his mask aint removable!

  6. Definitely want that figure! I like the 19″ one as well.

  7. I love this figure. I’m thinking of possibly opening mine for a change!

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