A Tale of Two Pamela’s!

Thanks to Fridaythe13thfilms.com reader “T” for turning me onto this information.

Bloody-disgusting has reported an interesting casting note on the new Friday the 13th due out next month. Where one woman will appear onscreen (Nana Visitor) as Pamela Voorhees (Though it has been rumored that the onscreen appearance was cut in advanced screeners), another woman did the voice as heard in the trailers (Kathleen Garrett). Read on for this interesting news.

from bloody-disgusting

While browsing around on the IMDB page of Warner Bros. upcoming remake of Friday the 13th I noticed something intriguing. On the site they credit Nana Visitor as the actress who plays Pamela Voorhees (Jason’s mother who is beheaded in the original) and Kathleen Garrett as “Jason’s Mother”. We made a few phone calls and learned that there are in fact two people playing Pamela Voorhees, and here’s how. Visitor - who was the first cast - stars in the actual film at Ms. Voorhees, while Garrett shared her voice as Jason’s anger-filled mama in the full trailer that’s been online the past few months. Hope that clears the air. You can see Visitor in action when FRIDAY hits theaters February 13th, 2024.

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10 Responses to “ A Tale of Two Pamela’s! ”

  1. Interesting bit of trivia!

  2. i cant wait to see this movie

  3. I have a curiousity question, how come they didn’t cast Betsy Palmer again for either the voice over role or the physical role?

  4. Betsy didn’t want to, I guess the didn’t want another Volkswagen.

  5. I can totally buy into the woman on the right in the image above being Mrs. Voorhees. I think that’s Nana Visitor, yes?

  6. Yep. The woman on the right is visitor

  7. Interesting

  8. cool

  9. betsy palmer is getting a tad bit too old nowa days although no one will ever surpass her roll as mama she just doesnt have the physical atributes any more as to where the new movie is mostlikely to fallow the new halloween and bew a remake of the og but more modernday i cant wait

  10. I just love Friday the 13th. I don’t care who’s in it as long as Jason kills around. Well I do like Visitor-she was acting in Star Trek for several years and she did a great job so they should just kick Kathleen out.

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