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My good friend Dustin alerted me to this on DVD Active. The original Friday the 13th DVD is being re-released by Paramount. Street date is September 9th retailing at around 15 bucks… “The upcoming F13 re-release has a lenticular cover that morphs into Jason’s mask. You know, the same mask he doesn’t get until Part III.”

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  1. Yeah. Someone sent me a link to a story about this earlier. Pretty ridiculous that paramount slipped it in a box with a hockey mask on it. Someone who is VERY misinformed on the series made that decision for sure. This is just a ploy to get some easy money. It’s the same bare bones release that Paramount has released already in a new case with a slip cover. Lame. We need some Friday the 13th DVD’s with a ton of features.

  2. The creator of the DVD cover must have never seen the original F13.

  3. Whoever made this must\’ve thought this was a DVD for \’New Friday\’ or something. Either that or they haven\’t even watched the damn movie.

  4. Haha, of course they’ve seen the movie. But this cover exists for the very same reason the remake exists - part one is hard to market without being able to exploit hockey mask Jason.

  5. uh yeah jasons not really in the movie (I dont count the ending as him being in the movie)

  6. I just want to say thanks to the people who run this site for actully giving us something new as much as you can! this is the best Friday the 13th website on the net! keep up the GREAT WORK!

  7. I really wish Paramount would release a nice special edition UNRATED version. An uncut print is readily available for those with region free players (or bootleg copies), so I dont see why they wont just release it. But if they didnt do it for the box set, I doubt they’ll do now. It’s an old problem/argument…….

  8. that mask is from part 8 jason takes manhattan not part 1 dumb ass

  9. well ill tell ya paramount sucks if they wanted 2 make some $$$ they should have agreed 2 releaseing trick ‘r treat this october instead we friday fans r getting another dvd we all have already

  10. Thanks Shaun! We do our best.

  11. You know, if Paramount REALLY wants to make money on a Friday the 13th DVD, they should make a CE! I’m talkin’ about new HD transfer, both 1980 and Uncut Versions, new 5.1 mixes, great extras, the works! Instead, we get this! Let’s hope Paramount has plans to release a CE for the original’s 30th Anniversary.

  12. I agree with Anthony D. A high definition edition would be great!! And who doesn’t love uncut?? And I forgot about how it’s been 30 years since the original.

  13. This is obviously a marketing ploy, besides, anyone who’s a true fan of the franchise already owns the box set with all eight films and many extras.

    Why the hell would anybody rebuy the first film?
    I remember Anchor Bay did this with Halloween, released the same DVD from 1999, but made a new colorful cover for it.

  14. At this point I would take something loaded with special features. The joke of a boxed set they released didn’t really give us much that we didn’t know already, it wasn’t a horrible release but nowhere near what it should/could have been. I’ll remain patient.

  15. Maybe they’ll actually release the original theatrical cut this time, instead of a version with a trimmed down Mrs. Voorhees decapitation scene.

  16. What I would like Paramount to do, is to rerelease the boxed set, but with something different, all of the movies uncut and unrated. Also with an extra disc with hours of behind the scenes footage. I know there’s some out there, it’s just a matter of them putting it all together very nicely. What I would like to see in the special features is how each actor who portrayed Jason had to sit hours in the makeup chair while the make up artists made him look the way he did in the films, and also I would like to see break downs of how each kill was put together. And a DVD Rom where the scripts of each Friday the 13th film is available to read. I noticed they had some fun with the Jason Takes Manhattan script where they had to change the title and the name of Jason to Ethan. Stuff like that would be nice to see in a re-release of the boxed set.

  17. There is an alternative cover that morphs into Crazy Ralph wearing a thong. lmao Que Crazy Ralph’s potty mouth.

  18. This is why they did it. This DVD comes out not too long before the remake hits the theaters. So with all the hype and a cover with the iconic hockey mask on it, the ploy is that people will be buying it up in lieu of the upcoming remake.

  19. So does this mean that Pam gets to have the mask? LMBO

  20. They just want to have Jason’s face with the words FRIDAY THE 13TH everywhere people shop for movies so they can built anticipation and excitement for the new movie without a huge marketing push. People will see this and say “oh yeah there’s a new F13 coming out did you know bla bla” word of mouth. Remember PARAMOUNT has put $$$$ in this new movie and it has to pay back.

  21. i would enjoy an uncut version of part 7 with all those extra and extended scenes edited into the movie but it should be set up like the jason goes to hell was set up so you can watch the regular one or the uncut one. i also read that in the new movie the “hood” or pillow case from part 2 would make a return does anybody kno how true this is or have a link to it

  22. ha ha in australia we got all friday movies with the gore un cut mikey

  23. I don’t think so Jordan, our part one here in Australia is uncut but the rest of the series are pretty much direct ports of the whatever prints were used on the US editions.

  24. yea ive seen the extra scenes but theyre all in terrible picture quality and there is no way to watch the movie with them just added so it would be cool if they made that happen

  25. I Guess I Have Something To Wait For I Cant Wait!!!!

  26. Yeah!!!

  27. So what’s new about the release? You can already get the film uncut on region 2 and this comes with a documentary. Is this just a pointless cash-in or will there actually be anything of worth on it?

  28. It’s just a pointless cash-in.

    As Dusk said, the uncut versions of 2-8 do not exist on DVD, anywhere, and I doubt they ever will. Paramount claims that the cut footage no longer exists, but I’m not sure I believe that anybody actually ever looked for it. Buechler told me in an email several years ago that the Part VII footage existed, and that he would be willing to do a director’s cut, but I guess Paramount was unable or unwilling to go along with that. As for the rest of the films, who knows?

  29. There’s some footage in the box set, at least they scraped that together - but I’m really curious about the TV version of IV, how does it differ, and is it available anywhere (bootleg or otherwise)?

  30. what up with you joe and all this thong shit?
    if your not a fan of the films then get the fuck out!!!

  31. I wonder how many people actually think that Jason with the hockey mask is actually in the original Friday the
    I bet there are even a lot of horror movie fans that are fooled.

  32. Anyone who thinks the hockey mask has anything at all with part one need to rewatch the first three movies again. Paramount is just tryin to wrangle in some extra cash. Cheap bastards,..they should of issued a kick-ass box set the first time around, with way more interviews, in depth convention coverage, etc. Just cool shit that WE THE FANS want to see!!!! I know that takes time and money, but hey, its almost thirty years later and f13th is still goin strong………..

  33. oops! ..”anything at all TO DO”…..

  34. This just in! Hockey mask IS in part one now! Paramount have done some quick CGI work for this DVD!

  35. If you ask me, Paramount is being stingy. They just taking the same dead animal and putting it in a new box. It’s stupid. New Line is much better at the Friday the 13th stuff. Jason Goes To Hell got an unrated cut along with the theatrical in the initial DVD release; Jason X had bonus features; and Freddy vs. Jason had a second disc that was LOADED with shit.

    If Paramount wants to make money from us, they would re-release the boxed set with the uncut versions in a HD transfer, an extras disc, and team up with New Line on it so JGTH, Jason X and Fvs.J are in the same set.

  36. I hate cashmount.Friday the 13 part 2 screams for unrated ed and the assholes won’t do it.No one buy this cash grab.

  37. The silver lining is that Paramount is eager to cash in on the new flic… maybe we’ll get a Blu-Ray box set when the new one hits video.

  38. If they can find ALL the shot footage from superman 2 for dick donner to finish his cut of that film I\’m pretty sure stuff from the F13th-series do exist.

  39. A question by the way, How come Paramount is helping out in producing this film?

  40. Because they own the rights to the 1st eight films which includes characters and scenarios along with remake rights.

  41. I remember when there was a petition running around to get Paramount to release an Unrated version of the film a few years back…if it didn’t work then I doubt it’ll work now. Let’s just hope for New Line to be in charge of the DVD Release of the new film…One thing is for sure, I’m glad New Line Made the Nightmare Series. They jam-packed the new Nightmare On Elm Street DVD with lots of goodies not seen in years including new documentaries. With our luck, they’ll release some bullshit TV Special they had for AMC 2 years ago for AMC’s Horrorfest. That’s probably the best TV Edition of the film we’ll ever see.

  42. ROBIN- - - -I bought a bootleg copy of part IV with all the extra TV scenes edited in for like 10 bucks at a horror convention. all they extra scenes are just sarah and doug getting to know each other, and one more little special fx gag tommy shows rob in his room. nothing special.

  43. i would love it if new line would buy 1-8 off of paramount. new line would hook it up. paramounts box set is garbage. i want to see 2-8 uncut, the alternate ending to part 3, documentarys, jason actors interviews, dead teenager interviews, gah. the sun would shine bright the day something like that gets released.

  44. If you’d ask me, Paramount’s print to the original Friday The 13th is pretty dark and not as cleaned as the Warner Bros. Region 2 / 4 DVD release! I actually was able to obtain ‘Work Prints’ of Parts 4 and 7, but in reality it’s just the original theatrical released films with all of the uncut gore and violence intact. Also, most cult horror films released through DVD through Paramount have always been bare-bones releases (example: Phase IV, The Deadly Bees, etc.). I agree that New Line should buy out all of Paramount’s Friday The 13th films, because at least New Line does a yeoman’s job with their ANOES DVD releases, etcetera, etcetera.

  45. Hey roy burns. If by “alternate ending to Part 3″ you mean when Chris is decapitated, they actually never filmed that from what I’ve read and heard. I believe it was in my Crystal Lake Memories book. But that would have been a really cool ending to actually get to see!!

  46. i think they will end up having spent more making the lenticulars covers than they actually make off of selling these. the only chance they have of selling any is if someone who is completely clueless or knows little of the series sees it and thinks there’s something special about it because jason’s mask is on it.

    what i wanna know is how did they pitch this rerelease idea to the higher-ups at paramount? …’hey let’s release the same exact barebones DVD with a below-average remasterting for the 4th time and just add jason’s mask to the cover. it’ll sell for sure!’ wasn’t there anyone with half a brain listening to this proposal? you would think someone would be inclined to say…..”why?” because as soon as you ask that, you realize there’s nothing to gain from it.

    i’m not allowed to repackage crappy work from my past to make more money off of it at my job. i would probably get fired if i tried to do that. so i propose whoever proposed this release lose their job.

  47. since i lost my other original dvd i got this and i like the cover EVEN THOUGH WHOEVER MADE it DOESN’T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THE FIRST ONE!!

  48. Paramount is releasing special “Unrated: Deluxe” editions of parts 1-3 on Feb 3rd ‘08, along with part 1 on Blu-Ray as well…


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