First Friday Shot


Reader ‘Kane’ informed me this image appeared on the official website of the Friday The 13th remakes’ smokin’ hot female lead Amanda Righetti. It appears to be the very first photo still seen anywhere. TeeHee!

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20 Responses to “ First Friday Shot ”

  1. I had it in mind that since the picture was not on any horror site, I wanted it to show up on this site before

  2. At her official MySpace, Amanda has it in the category “My Photos” with the description: “2008-2009: emerging from the lake after wakeboarding, shooting in austin texas”. Could be an official still photo, but could also be a private photo. Confusing! :P

  3. (Don’t mean to rain on your parade, just saying that the positively official stills have only been posted at the Platinum Dunes Blog thus far).

  4. Wakeboarding and water activities at Camp Crystal Lake?
    Does this mean Jason will kill someone out on the lake itself? Remake of Final Chapter death, perhaps?

    We shall see in February.

  5. At her “Official Website”, where I discovered the picture, it is under ‘Friday the 13th’, but still I’m not sure myself if it is an actual still or just a set photo, but the tone tells me its a definite still. And I have been hearing that ‘adult Jason’ will have a scene in the lake

  6. In this picture, she reminds me a bit of Katharine McPhee

  7. So this movie is taking place in modern times since there is wakeboarding and all? I thought it was going to be set back in the 80’s. That bums me out a bit.

  8. Oh My!!!!!!! She looks ssssssssssssssinful!!!!

  9. i dont think this is a screenshot from the movie…just from the set.

  10. Even if that image is or not part of the movie…. it remaind me as the first Friday the 13th when the counselers are having fun in the lake…
    I think this movie is going to be alright because is in good hands…the platinum dunes group is not bad in terms of producing a movie, and if we know that the director is Marcus Nispel for my personal thogts this movie is going to be nice…not great…just nice….
    i really wont to know when is going to be realese the teaser and the official traielr and more shoots of the movie..
    PD: Amanda Righetti is really beautiful

  11. If this was the old board, this topic would have been over-run by “I’d hit it” pictures, by now. :)

  12. It’s not a still from the movie. It’s on Amanda’s Myspace page, and it’s her personal photos….she also has one of Brad Fuller & his wife(On the boat)

  13. Pretty Cool! Can’t believe they are waiting to release the movie until next year. Post production can’t take that long; I guess it is just a tradition to release it on Friday 13th.

  14. You all have to read the trhead to “Teaser Trailer To Debut At Comic-Con?” They are outta control in there! They are insulting the crap outta eachother LOL!

    Amanda…She looks like a good lead.

  15. I’ve been serching for a few hours in different websites more info about the characters in the new Friday the 13th…and what i read Jared Padalecki (clay) is going to be investigating the deaths who had been ocurred there and also searching for his younger sister Amanda Righetti (whitney), sow i think aftyer read a lot of simple sinopsis and what i see in the MTV screencaps i think it will combine the idea of TFC of a man serching for his younger sister and Amanda Righetti i think it will be the conseler who died at the first minutes in the first friday but she will have more history because maybe Pamela Vorhees will be involucred in the that part of the story as Pamela Voorhees and the other cast members like Dannielle Panabeker etc, will be the young conselrs who will try to re-open the camp cristal lake and they will find with clay and or big man jason who will kill them olll off LOL!

  16. How awesome would it be if jason popped out of the lake and took off someones head when they were wakeboarding.

  17. I sent her a message on MySpace, she replied: “Not an official still, just having fun.”

  18. Well it is nice to see the lead actress for the new film. She is beautiful. I just can’t wait until we see Jason though.

  19. It’s not actually Amanda who runs the page. I contacted her a while back regarding F13 and was given the contact details of her PR

  20. She is fantastically beautiful.

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