Fanfilm “Dark Friday” Poster Art

I think that fanfilms have relevance in that fans get to express themselves in their affection and appreciation for the franchise. In doing so, some real cool ideas and concepts are revealed. And although most of these fanfilms never really turn out to be anything better than your or I could make with our parents camcorder from 1985, I applaud all efforts to support the franchise.



That being said, I found this fanfilm concept at Camp Blood The Blog. Dark Friday is a versus movie pitting Jason versus The Dark Knight. I really like the poster art and the concept for the story would be interesting no matter how the movie eventually turns out. (At this moment I don’t think any true scenes have been filmed, just test scenes.)

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14 Responses to “ Fanfilm “Dark Friday” Poster Art ”

  1. Woah I’m a total geek for both Batman and Jason I wonder how this will turn out. I just watched “The Storm” (the Friday the 13th fan film) and that was a pretty enjoyable 15 min feature. Both posters do look awesome.

  2. Some of the ideas that the people who come up with are very good. I think they could actually catch the attention of the people behind New Line/Warner Brothers if they actually went up to them and presented them their idea for what a Friday the 13th film should be. I liked the Cold Winter fan film where the season was winter and there was snow. I think a change in the season is something that’s very much needed in a Friday the 13th movie. It’s always in the summer in the original series. I would like to see a snow covered Camp Crystal Lake again. I guess that’s one of the reasons why I liked that particular fan film. I like this concept, I always wanted to see Batman take on Jason. A while back I read a fan fiction where Spawn took on Freddy Krueger, now if only Spawn was somehow brought to Camp Crystal Lake then that could be a perfect dark setting.

  3. Jason’s mask looks like an owl in the top poster. Batman looks like Little Red Riding Hood. Yeah, you can tell this is going to be a good fan film. I would love to see Jason swoop down from a tree and cut off Batman’s head the same way he took out those paint ballers in Part 6.

  4. this looks like a stupid idea…sorry.

    since none of the email addresses on this site seem to get to anyone, or maybe they just don’t like me or want to talk to me…so i’ll just post this here. Fanfilm “Friday the 13th: The Storm” is and has been available. I know alot of you have been waiting for it and I don’t know why they won’t post anything about it here.

    sure it ain’t perfect but it is definitely the best f13th fan film i’ve seen so far. hot lesbians, nudity, pretty good acting, and odes to some of jason’s greatest kills. i love it…and it’s in HD!!! check it out guys!!

  5. tommyblah,
    We are not ignoring you. I am not sure why you haven’t gotten a reply back if you have emailed. Anyways, we have mentioned this film before and you have even posted in that blog posting recently.

    This is a pretty well known movie since it was mentioned many months ago while in production. I am sure that is why we haven’t updated on it’s progress of late. I saw that is was finally released and I agree, the movie is awesome. Kudos to the filmakers involved.

  6. i don’t mean to come off snippy, but it’s basically buried at the bottom of the stack now, and nobody’s posted any comments to it for months…i’m sure alot of people have forgotten about it. i think the release deserves a new blog entry to bring it to everyone’s attention.

  7. Thanks Tommy!!

    I emailed the webmaster ‘Dusk’ several times while in production, and he was very into the idea of covering the short… we were going to have production updates, interviews with cast and crew, and all that fun stuff as post production went on…

    But for some reason, he just stopped replying to me… no argument or anything like that.. just plain ol’ radio silence, for apparently no reason.

    I even told him when the film was actually finished and online… still nothing back.

    Not sure what I did to piss him off. Oh well.

    Anyway, thanks for the support!

  8. Wow, I’m not sure what happened. Sorry to hear that fell through. That doesn’t sound like Dusk to not get back to someone? Anyways, I really enjoyed the movie and thought your angles were excellent! Great job. Any plans to make another in the future?

  9. man, i love this thing more and more everytime i watch it!! it’s so freaking well-done and short enough that you can get a quick watch in before going to work in the morning!! the score is very fitting for f13th…much better than what they did for the remake. that blonde chick is soooooo hot.

    my question is how can i get a download of this? i have a folder full of f13th rarities on my PC and it is a must to add to the collection! i’d hate to see the day that it becomes harder and harder to find a stream of it and i don’t have a copy to remember it by.

  10. tommy —

    email me at joepatnaud32 AT and we can discuss it… don’t want to hijack this thread.

  11. Batman? Jason Voorhees? The only problem I have with this is that I’ve never heard of it. Where can I find it?

  12. Chris, they have not made it yet. This matchup doesn’t make much sense, except for the “fear” thing. I wonder how many limbs Batman will lose. I bet the sequel will be called Jason takes Gotham. :D

  13. tommyblah,
    If you want to send an email to our website about info in the future, please inlcude my email, My email is having some issues right now. I just don’t want anyone to feel they are being ignored. Thanks.

  14. That was a good fan film, def one of the better ones I have seen. Idk about the winter setting though. I always felt summer was part of the the Friday magic.

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